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Like a clinical child psychologist who teaches pediatric and family medicine residents to work with kids with disabilities and their families, my main mantra is " listen to the parents"! In this book Martha, the parent of a son with autism, will take on a impressive new method of teaching - TAGteach - to teach her son a sponsor of everyday living skills (e. g., walk with me) and resolve a number of problems common to children with autism. The particular essence of Martha's book and of TAGteach is knowing " how to do it. " So many times when we encounter issues with children with autism and other developmental disabilities, we understand what to do but we don't know how to apply that knowledge. Martha's book is an affordable application of TAGteach's " Five Words or Less" solution to get immediately to the behavior change and learning of the child. And it works! This specific is a most functional and valuable book that a parent of a child with disabilities should own!, I'm a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a mother of a child with autism. I actually wish I'd had Martha's very easy to read book when my daughter was first diagnosed. My daughter screamed 6 hours a day and any demand placed on her resulted in tantrums and self-injury. That took me a long time to learn how to reinforce small advancements towards larger goals by applying the principles of surrounding, chaining, positive reinforcement and task analysis. Martha will an incredible job of describing these complex concepts in very simple terminology that parents and specialists can apply immediately and in the process you will become a fantastic observer of behavior. By being able to observe, identify and strengthen obviously defined targets, you will be introduced to the principles of effective teaching which will allow you to advocate for your child or maybe the children you work with. A high level00 mother or father of a child with autism or a professional that is working with children with autism and what to apply evidence based practices with them, I highly recommend you read Martha's book. Martha has dedicated her life to teaching her son using scientific principles and in this book she generously shares those findings with those that need them., I received a recommendation to read Martha’s book at a major documentation class for TagTeach in March of 2014. I happened to be the sole participant that day working exclusively with children on the autism range. The presenter, Theresa McKeon, felt that the book would help me to understand the application to treatment of ASD. I actually went home and downloaded the book, then proceeded to read it cover to cover in a single day. Martha’s clear and detailed descriptions allowed me to see not only how TagTeach can be used to teach new behaviors, but also how effective it can be for reducing problem behaviors, something parents and clinicians alike, have a problem with daily.
Like a parent of a young adult with autism I actually fervently wish that Martha had published her book twenty years ago. As a behavior analyst in training, I look forward to continuing my work in area of autism treatment using this powerful tool for educating children in a solely positive style., It is just a functional book. Clear steps able to be followed by all parents, but also exceptionally useful for specialists working with families in similar distress. What it means for me though is that this is a lonnnnng journey. That gives parents hope that you can make changes, nevertheless they are not going to be thorough wonder approaches. When I informed a parent how long it took her to get her boy to sleep, she was amazed but realized what she necessary to do to help her own child. The words of a parent, especially one with this insight and rigour, are far more valuable, to my clients, than patients of the specialists. This person has been doing it, been there for the girl boy and achieved what few would say could be performed. I also gone looking for " Don't Shoot the Dog" and found it great partner piece for Martha’s cherish of a book.

Dennis Sparrow
Mature Psychologist Better Start Education Services,
HANDBAG (Hons) (Psychology), BSc (Physics), BA (Secondary Education).
MAPS (Member Australian Psychological Society), This is a very good book.

The son is doing token panels for a little while, and we are using a clicker to mark some things this individual does, where it is hard to offer him the token at just the right moment.

Like, he is working on playing Chocolate Land, and it helps him to understand to stop at his color. (He likes to temporarily stop at the right color and then keep going sometimes, and sometimes this individual hesitates before he has gotten to his color -- now he understands we will click when he are at just the right place. )

Costly easier marker for your pet sometimes than other ways we have to show we really like what he is doing.

Especially when he is not right next to someone.

I see many times, that he begins to do something well, when we want him to do something without other people right next to him, but he doesn't do it all the right way to the conclusion (to get a token or piece of candy). But then how do we condition it???? This specific will let us re-enforce some beginning steps to condition behavior.

Honestly we have only used it for Candy Land up to now, b/c somehow (oddly enough) my son has just made a big improvement in " come here" and looking towards me from a distance when I call his name. But I actually wish I had formed had it 6 months ago as a tool! I am looking for more times it will be helpful to us.

My son's counselor is interested, too, she likes it. I have not brought it upwards at pre-school yet, but I am going to at his parent-teacher convention. I believe it could help him with walking in line independently.

Some feel totally comfortable with the method without talking to my son's therapist (who said we could utilize it with a token table or piece of candies, which I am acquainted with) and also I actually looked at a Karen Pryor book from the library. I think I actually just necessary to see it from some different directions and then I comprehended it more.

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