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To begin with - I feel like many of these reviews both negative and positive were written by people who didn't even browse the book - so be wary of that.

Before reading this book my fashion dilemmas were as follows: I have a really weird designed body for starters and I've always had uniform jobs so there was never a need for me to pay attention to my fashion. Until I relocated to LA that is and started out having non uniform jobs and now having the need to attend high account parties. OMFG!

While previous years I have made a vague attempt at getting a fashion clue - many a book and publication assume that everyone is a double zero with a limitless budget.

So I just threw in the towel. I avoid remember what prompted myself to buy this book when so much other fashion advice just got me feeling like a loser but Used to do.

And it did indeed change my life and train me how to see.

This guide is different in that it doesn't see or explain fashion as a one size fits all approach. It describes fashion from the strategy of "who do you want to see in the mirror and why" and how to genuinely tailor your fashion to fit your lifestyle and your unique body type and self image.

I'm not sure where people are getting that this book is for size zeros wanting a classic look? I'm not trying to bash other peoples perspective but I'm shaped like a bull frog and I'm a size twelve and this is the first fashion read that didn't make me want to jump off a link.

So props to the author for not saying "skinny jeans" are the response to everything as I have heard other authors say.

And i also can't thank George enough for helping myself feel pretty and confident again for the first time in 2 decades., PROS: I'm not very good at fashion, but I've been reading a lot of fashion books lately. So significantly, this is the best one I've read. The particular first few chapters are mainly about one's perspective and personal blocks to dressing well. This part of the book got some amazing insights. Regarding example: " Hiding won't relieve us of the gaze of others--it only highlights our discomfort and awkwardness, making those our visible qualities. " Just how many times have you noticed somebody else (or you yourself) dressing in something cheap or dowdy or faded in the hope that no one will pay attention to you--and then realizing that person holds out in their awkwardness? As a shy person, this idea made a big impression on me. That does make sense that dressing in traditional " wallflower" attire actually attracts some attention--and negative attention, in which. Brescia also really does a great job explaining how our goal should be a harmony that pleases the eye rather than some type of perfection of every detail.
Most of the rest of the book had more specific advice. The most helpful part of it to me was the listing of " wardrobe essentials. " I have read a lot of lists of these kinds, and I dreaded reading another one because I expected it to be yet another listing of unachievable, expensive near-useless items that maybe career women in NYC use but no one in little towns like mine would ever use. Brescia's list, though, was the most inspiring I have ever read! Just how this individual broke down articles of clothing made a lot of sense to myself, and I could see how almost all of the items on the checklist were usable and trendy even in a smaller town like mine. This could be simply a coincidence--maybe his sense of style appealed to mine, and that's why I found the checklist so helpful. It might not apply to most women; I'm not sure. Brescia's chapter on color made a lot of sense to me as it explained why high-contrast skin/hair hues (like a dark redhead with pale skin) look better with strong colors and contrasts, while honey blondes need milder contrasts in color.
CONS: Brescia considers a few arguments against putting on makeup and high heels and tries to countertop them (for example, this individual explains why you shouldn't be lazy or think it doesn't matter). He never addresses the most important arguments I have heard against such things, though--namely, that they damage your body. I get lots of harmful chemicals in my food, water, and air, so I really avoid need to be adding some to my epidermis (and even " natural" makeup contains some fairly bad stuff). Wearing heels harms the feet, legs, and spine although you may wear them correctly, and tripping or twisting an ankle is much more likely in heels. Also, it's just plain hard to get around in heels--trotting to catch upward to someone ahead of you, jumping up to reach something, changing path quickly, walking on gentle ground, and a lot of other commonplace activities are difficult or agonizing in heels. Brescia never even brings up these objections, and he certainly doesn't counter them. (And if " elongating the leg" is so attractive, why don't men wear high heels, too? ) That was probably the most frustrating part of the book for me. He performed a great job selling me on why I should update my clothes and jewelry, but makeup and heels fell flat. Another difficulty I got was with the color categories. They sounded great, but I had formed trouble foreseeing out whether I was in the " brunette" group or " tawny brunette" category. Since the color palettes were pretty different, I really needed to know which one I should apply. I tried looking on his website for some pictures, but all I really could find was a long choice of TV interviews. I just need some photos of women based on a hair colors with labels of which category they hailed from. He had a pair of drawings in the book, but there weren't enough for me to identify my shade of hair.
OVERALL: Although I had a few things to nitpick, this was the most helpful fashion book I've read currently, and I plan to put into action a lot of what I read. It offers some helpful psychological evaluation, a lot of specific fashion advice, and an easy-to-read writing style., This particular book WILL change your life! George Brescia is a genius with his tips, rules and cutting corners for dressing yourself and feeling fabulous! As a new mom who has struggled with the slow means of regaining my pre-baby determine this book has been a godsend! Over a professional level, this book is helping many of my clients. I work with actors, helping them with their marketing and personal branding. The idea that our clothes help explain to our story and 'speak for us before we do’ has the energy to transform my client’s professions and truly change lives. Thank you George for writing such an useful book for all types of women (and their husbands! )., One of the best " wardrobe" publications out there. What talked most to me was his explanation of " learning to see. " Brilliant! And means it when he claims to email him, he answers quickly! This book may be worth the money and the time, and will save you money and time. Don't skip it., This is fun and useful. As a curmudgeon, I can't give it 5 stars because I find effervescence in writing irritating. The author has some considerable insight into the best use of color in one's wardrobe that I've ever read for all hair colors and skin tones. It's especially good for those of us who have granted our hair go white. Many other books about building or rebuilding wardrobes seem to ignore anyone over 45. Worth reading., Very thorough. I have both the Kindle. and paperback versions, purchased both through Amazon, and use them different ways at different times, The book version is easy to reveal and the Kindle version is easy for taking with the rest of my library wherever I want to go. Best of both realms. This author is a little bit over the top in places, as in what might attractiveness more to show-biz clients, but has sound advice in the main, and is unendingly enthused about our wardrobes. Once this individual gets you in the spirit of looking great you don't want to settle for ordinary clothing and accessories again. You may have fun reading this., This particular book is a good wake upward call about how you present yourself through your clothing.
Full of great advice and understanding of the strength of wardrobe., This particular is a very good guide book that will help one finds the style and empower oneself through the right choice of clothing!

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