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This guide has great value to folks wanting to think read more about Jesus - his existence, the fact of his resurrection, his mental state as a first century Jew, his self-awareness as God - and the implications of next Jesus in our world today; and Simon Vance, as always, did a outstanding job reading the book; but there was something about this short 8 chapter work that made it feel considerably longer. The subject, for one, is not lightweight. Nevertheless what was ultimately unsatisfying is the oddness of Wright's expressions, calling us all to "live out in sign and praxis" "what Christ did for Israel". Any time writing on the question of whether Jesus knew having been God, Wright flips the question about what we mean by "know".... it was merely a lot of work to read the publication. Great ideas and helpful, scholarly, historical approach to knowing Jesus, but confusing when it came to implementing knowing Jesus in this world., This is one of Dr Wright's best books in my thoughts and opinions. He causes us to look at the coronary heart of the historical Christ through middle eastern eyes only to start to see the Christ of theology and the messiah of Israel. Doctor Wright provides a clear perspective about how we should view scripture through its intended meaning rather than the skewed viewpoint of the post reformation and post enlightenment periods. He or she allows us to avoid the caricature of the the postmodern Jesus with his many a la planisphère faces to see jesus as his Disciples would have seen him, as the first century world might have seen him. Through this lens, we see a deeper and richer which means to scripture that shows the meta narrative of scripture to be the story of Israel, with the climax and fulfillment coming in the occurrence and purpose of Christ the messiah. I would highly recommend this book for all., This book offers a view of the historical Jesus focusing on his foundation in the messianic Judaism of his time and the Roman occupied culture in which this individual lived and taught. I came across the author's style somewhat pedantic. In places, I came across it difficult to keep track of the discussion he was making as he related point after point of his assisting rationale. This could have recently been my fault for planning on a somewhat more informal read as opposed to the more scholarly tome. Nevertheless, I persevered and found the time and effort well worthwhile. I read " The Challenge of Jesus" while studying the Gospel of Mark. " The Challenge of Jesus" provided me with context to develop a significantly more nuanced and textured understanding of this Gospel., Here's a fresh, challenging and in the past accurate picture of Christ in the context of second temple period Judaism, the authors historical understand of ancient Hebraic worldview, their understanding of the language and meaning of the parables and the ongoing desire for a fresh Exodus experience along with Jesus sense of Their part in bringing that to fruition through the message, clearly spoken and displayed through his ministry of the in-breaking of the Kingdom of Lord brings a whole new perspective to the Gospel accounts. NT Wright has done it again!, Demanding and Thought Provoking. Written in theological language that requires some decoding., N. T. Wright is an outstanding writer, you can never go wrong. Quick delivery, N. T. Wright a most brilliant scholar has done an outstanding work in " The Challenge of Jesus: Rediscovering Who Christ Was & Is. " He answers the vit and presents the positive evidence of who Christ really was and is. He counters the present critic who would refuse the identity of Christ being deity. It is my view that this individual accepts the New Testament as being historical books which must be accepted as a " historical reality. " The writes of these books wrote from the time period in which they lived - about people who lived at that time - nearly all of all Jesus of Nazareth. I recommend this publication for a deeper reading of the topic., thanks

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