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I can't tell you how much this book improved my snow skiing. It's a bit dry to read, but you're not reading it for enjoyment, you're reading it to improve your skiing. Each chapter he has these little tips that summarize his tricks, Those tips have improved my snow skiing 10 fold in just around a months really worth skiing., This book is both wonderful and goofy. The wonderful part originates from Chalky's having thought plenty about skiing and body mechanics. He is very humble, just like a baseball coach who knows having been a mediocre player. There are DOZENs of useful nuggets. I find his language and idiosyncratic capitalizations corny and distracting, but despite this, this is by far the most useful book or teacher of skiing that I have run into., Great book, very happy I purchased it. This helped me realize what I was doing wrong., I admit that We got lured in by the simple title. The publication is poorly written with dizzying details about techniques that are far better shown than described. I did not find it useful and will look for a better publication., I simply finished taking skiing lessons from Chalky White in Beaver Creek and purchased his book there. After i came home We purchased his kindle version as well. He is a wonderful teacher and a good writer. We say that because this individual can show me ski like nothing before, and his publication is just what he teaches on the slope. He or she makes you understand in simple phrases and details. If someone told me personally he is good We will probably do not think about it much. But after reading the book and taking the lessons with him, We found the most valuable thing in skiing. Like We told Chalky after first couple of hours into the ski lessons that the whole experience was very special to me personally. I have make an effort to improve my skiing techniques in many many years and have taken a great number of ski training all over the world but still stuck in the low intermediate stage. After the first morning hours of lessons I can already master the skill of balancing on the skis and making becomes easily. My biggest worry in skiing is the steepest of the hills and with Chalky's simple systematic teaching I really could actually coming down the slope like I was a pretty good skier. We was shocked I really could do that. And during the whole day in my mind on the slope is that We had to share this with the world so that people know that there is such a teaching existed.
I really hope everyone will have an opportunity like me to be able to learn from Chalky. Like in his book he just simply lists his seven secrets in skiing. He or she keeps it simple, basic and easy to keep in mind. It is no-nonsense and he is kind and patient. He is the most effective teacher in the world! Like I said this ski trip was very special to me because never ever in my mind that I can make parallel turn easily and I can do it now. It is just a magic for me. I hope you will read the book and when possible go ski with Chalky. Everyone should be able to ski with fun!!!!!!!, We have been skiing for many years and have always experienced leg pain. I have always thought that I am in fairly good physical form, so there has to be something theoretically wrong with the way I'm skiing. I decided to look for a good instructional book on kindle and stumbled on his " The 7 strategies of skiing". The publication was well-written, easy to follow and very useful. ?nternet site read the publication, I noticed he was an Instructer at Beaver Creek where I regularly ski. I thought it could benefit me to follow the book up with a private lesson with Chalky. The lesson implemented the same process as his book and was absolutely the best thing I possess ever done for my skiing ability. Today, no more leg pain and i feel like I can enjoy the activity more then ever. Therefore, buy this book! It's a must if you want to become a theoretically sound skier. Thanks Chalky!

Will Fair
Waco, Texas, I go back to this publication at the start of the ski season to remind myself of body position etc.
Good tips., Before We offer my own evaluation of the book Chalky White's The 7 Strategies of Skiing, I will allude to the largely inaccurate, nasty, vindictive and totally unnecessary one star review written by RLP. Even though I purchased a copy of the publication here on Amazon, I are unable to see that it issues one jot that some other reviewers acquired the book through some other means. At least all of those reviews are constructive and give potential book buyers a far more accurate notion of the book's worth than RLP's dross and disrespect. We now offer my own overview of Chalky's book from the perspective of a long time professional sports coach who also loves snow skiing.
We was an American sports coach with more than 30 years experience; my very own training in that field, has helped me to fully appreciate Chalky's approach for success. His focus on sound technique as the foundation needed for all levels of skiers, makes complete sense. Searching for ways to improve my own skiing ability, Chalky's publication is a valuable tool, as well as a great read.
His emphasis on the significance of "balance" is key to technique in all sports. He offers the viewer proven guidelines to "fine tune" and move easily to the next stage. Chalky White's The seven Secrets of Skiing is a must read for those skiers, beginner to expert. Also, the book supplies a resource for skiers attempting to rectify technical problems as they occur. The particular author's ability to constantly refer readers back to `bare bones' fundamentals is, perhaps, the biggest step to his success as a ski instructor and writer.

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