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The primary justice who presided on the 2000 recount played that pretty straight in recounting events of another controversial election. Rehnquist was the great legal mind and not an author. So this specific doesn't necessarily have advantages that jump off typically the page, but this guide nevertheless pulls back typically the curtain on the great political theater of the 1876 selection and its aftermath., Properly worth reading. Shows the way the losers of an selection find it difficult accepting defeat. Continue to plays out in elections today., Within this book, William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the American Supreme Court, looks at typically the disputed presidential election associated with 1876. In that selection, which pitted Democrat Samuel Tilden against Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, disputes within the election in typically the states of Florida, Louisiana, Oregon and South Carolina triggered each of individuals states sending in not 1, but two competing models of returns! As presently there was no constitutional provision to cover this eventuality, the two parties set upward a commission to decide how the returns should be treated, and, as this kind of, determine who would become President of the Usa States. The commission found for the Republican Party, which left the Democrats embittered, with charges associated with fraud and election robbing which have echoed down to this very day.

Firstly, I must say of which I found this to be a very great history. Mr. Rehnquist goes into great depth to give the reader the grasp on all aspects associated with the controversy, giving a great enormous amount of info on the proceedings and typically the men and women involved. In reality, it is not too much to say that he or she gave too much information. As you go through typically the narrative, the constant, and rather lengthy, digressions get started to get a little wearying, making the historical past somewhat bloated and sketchy feeling.

But, that said, I did find this specific to be a very interesting look into that dispute, and I now realize a good deal regarding it i never performed before. The Chief Justice deals with it within a very even-handed manner, pointing out the hypocrisies and underhanded practices perpetrated by both parties; like the Republicans’ utilization of an all-Republican Returning Board in Louisiana to reject some 13, 000 Democratic votes(! ), and the Democrats’ blatantly against the law double return from Oregon and the terrorist suppression associated with the African-American vote throughout the South, spearheaded by simply such groups as the Ku Klux Klan.

Overall, I actually found this to become a excellent, if somewhat bloated history. If an individual are enthusiastic about reading a great even-handed look at typically the disputed election of 1876, then I do suggest that you get this specific book., William H. Rehnquist was a great American -- scholar, lawyer, open public servant, jurist -- nevertheless here he shows his mischevious side on paper the book about a c crisis of 1876 instead of the one which he has been at the center associated with in 2000. I may imagine that goofy smile going into overdrive as this specific great man dictated this specific work. It is unfortunate today that we possess not done much to recognize Rehnquist's contributions.

Within 1876 the country and its elected officials were a lot more divided than we saw in 2000 after 8 years of Clinton/Gore tactics. Both Hayes and Tilden had reasonable claims about the electoral university nevertheless Congress was at a stalemate to resolve this. Regarding this one election the particular leaders divised a commission scheme to include several members of the Supreme Court into this mess. Eventually the commission solved in favor of typically the Republican Hayes and Tilden was put out to pasture. Not that Hayes did much with typically the opportunity; there was even speak 4 years later associated with dusting off of the old battle horse US Grant to return to office.

Rehnquist is not much associated with an historian. There is usually no new analysis or perhaps commentary on these activities but rather a recitation of the facts presented evely, albeit with some content commentary on the capabilities or perhaps qualifications of key players.

What the Chief adds here is a historical view of the function of the Supreme The courtroom. He speaks at duration about how the role and the duties of typically the Court has changed considering that the Revolution. There possess only been a handful of periods when Supreme Court justice took on extra-judiciary obligations, such as negotiating treaties, leading war claims tribunals, or most famously looking into the murder of the President. Rehnquist reviews these types of occassions and the issues they will presented with his distinctive sense of the function of the law within our society. Fortunately we appear to get survived all of them all although it looks unlikely that any is going to be proposed in the long term given the court's work load and reluctance to become involved in issues of which will probably come before typically the court later.

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