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Cell Signal Processing presents a new well-structured and comprehensive discussion of all of the elements in cell signalling. The book supplies a exceptional resource of information as well as structure to understand the intricacies of many of the cellular signalling mechanisms. That is a great desk reference which one can arrive back to time and again to be used within systems modeling as properly as other applications.

That starts with a easy summary of the elements of cell signalling and talks about the response dynamics leading in order to the temporal characteristics of signalling, especially the easy biochemical switch. Unlike Klipp et al  Techniques Biology: A Textbook  , this book presents a high level description of the signalling as opposed to developing and demonstrating the specifics of the mathematical model and its real dynamics. Again using Klipp being a backup would become perfect.

Chapter 2 talks about some of the cellular energy considerations and the discussion on protein phosphorylation is exceptionally good. The introduction of protein kinases and their importance within transduction is well located and sets the phase for later development. Chapter 3 discusses the major development of cell signalling in addition to this is a good vehicle in order to demonstrate the development of various specific signalling elements.

Chapter 4 discusses the protein kinases in more detail plus the inclusion of many medical applications is exceptionally good. As an example the dialogue on p 163 concerning the use of aspirin is really a nice blend of the practical and the scientific. This specific type of discussion is diffused throughout the textual content and makes for enlightening elements.

Chapter 6 is a good presentation of signal transduction also it gives a new full description of exactly how the signal paths usually are activated.

Chapter 9 is a very well done presentation on signals controlling mRNA translation, key to many cancer pathways. For example the discussion on the mTOR pathway, p 337, is quite enlightening since the clinical discussion of diabetes about p 343. Chapter 10 discusses mitogen activation which is essential for understanding the dynamics of cancer pathways. The discussion of NFkB is well done about p 409. This is extended to the application to cancer on l 415. This again is a great blending of the science and the application to specific medical makes use of.

Chapter 12 is about cancer and cell whistling. It focuses on cellular cycles and signalling in addition to is an exceptional complement to Morgan's  The Cell Cycle: Principles of Control (Primers in Biology) (Primers in Biology)   book. Chapter thirteen discusses apoptosis. This is a good complement in order to the cancer discussion in addition to the cell cycle. Chapter 17 is a quick discussion of systems biology. It might have been broadened yet it could have eliminated beyond the scope of the book.

Overall the book covers all the whistling pathways and demonstrates with satisfactory detail the pathways dependencies and enables a good understanding of their dynamics. The book is comprehensive and offers more than satisfactory reference materials. I possess used this book in order to gain specific details in addition to refresh a comprehension or in order to see an different approach. It is an priceless conjunction with any bookshelf., Prof. Friedrich Marks and colleages did an outstanding work. The book is properly organized, easy to read in addition to understand. It is great that they have integrated a chapter on energetics for signaling transduction components. It makes this book not a repetition of just what has been written therefore far. The one thing authors should consider to improve may be the artwork, but in simply no way this fact reduces the quality of the book.

Victor Baizabal, PhD
Chair of Molecular Immunology and Signal Transduction Laboratory
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolá s de Hidalgo, A definite, crisp, comprehensive [at the current state of knowledge] description of cell signal processing. Friedrich Marks steps through each and every factor of signal processing in carefully bounded sections closed with summaries. He or she will do a good job of defining terms to help clarity., GOOD BOOD-NICE ILLUSTRATIONS-FOR EVERYBODY IN THE FIELD TO GET ON THE RACK AS A REFERENCE, The usefulness of this book depends after how intricately you intend to understand the sign pathways plus the roles these people play in a variety of cellular processes. Overall, the depth of the book is relatively " basic. " The images are not within color - some usually are shaded red, but the pictures and text containers throughout the book just use black and reddish since the colors. If a person can find the book for or cheaper, it is a decent purchase, and it also certainly offers a solid level of details. However, the text sets a lttle bit much emphasis about protein motifs as opposed to sign pathway intricacies. I just lately purchased another textbook that will (in my 4 days and nights of reading it therefore far) has a far superior description of cellular signal regulation. The book, published by CSH Press, is " Signal Transduction: Principles, Pathways, and Processes" by Lewis C. Cantley. It is a lttle bit more expensive to get a paperback but far worth the extra cash. In fact, I wish I purchased it inside a hardcover so it would stay longer.

A gripe I possess concerning this book by Farrenheit. Marks, other than the lackluster visual depictions, is the fact that the reference sources are not listed in the text. In the ending of every section, there is an " Additional Reading" set of released papers concerning the matters included within the chapter; however the textbook is not entirely useful if you would like to learn further regarding a new fact or concept outlined in a chapter, since you do not realize in which the fact came from. The book by Cantley has in-text citations, which often is a huge assist considering details about the paper you are interested in can be found easily using the reference list at the ending of each chapter.

If the class you are applying the textbook for is an undergraduate class, this textbook is enough details. It is going to give a fundamental introduction to cell signaling and regulation of signaling networks. If the program is really a graduate class, go with the book by Cantley., Excellent book, wonderfully illustrated, written in a new clear and comprehensive, This specific was recommended to me personally by a Prof. in Biochemistry and suggested that it is the only resource that includes all rules of cell signaling since it does not appear in any other book obtainable., It arrived in perfect condition but this is an awful textbook. Incredibly difficult to read since it was translated away of German and the grammar never fixed.

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