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I am going to always feel sad for Celia what she went through. This is the awful and ugly side of history of the You. S. Of America. I actually thank God there is absolutely no more slavery in our country and I pray it will never return. I actually also feel that the slave owner got what he deserve. Maybe this is one of the reasons the Civil war started out because of the evil of the white slave owners., This riveting and slim book tells what it can of the story of Celia, a slave in whose tragedy played out in rural Missouri in the 19th century. As he gives us Celia's tale, McLaurin obviously explains the history of slavery in Missouri and how it intertwined with the nationwide politics of slavery. Reading the book for that alone is well worth it.

A Missouri farmer purchases Celia from an operator whose name is still unknown. The evil of Celia's new bondage is cruelly and fatefully forced, even as she and the woman new master travel back to his farm. Exactly what happens to her starting from that point is a reflection of all the evils of slavery. And the proven fact that there is so much about Celia's life and her identity that cannot be recovered is 1 of those very evils.

To not be missed!, A work of art on survival. Love it., The author does a fairly good job of any situation analysis going back and forth (often at dizzying speeds) between the murder case, the political landscape at that time (The Missouri Compromise), and the effect this case probably had on society at the time. No doubt, it brought a lot of media attention because the author got nearly all of his material from newspaper accounts. The author will try to be dispassionate but how can you be when covering the tale. There are a lot of unknowns in the case that leaves someone to thinking what really took place but a smart reader can infer., On the whole, I really enjoyed this book, and I actually think it is a worthwhile read for someone already well read on the slave history, but it is such a narrow occurrence that it may not be useful for some just getting beginning to dive into American slavery. It is the story of Celia, a slave who murdered the woman master in Missouri, but it does not give the vast historical understanding that some other texts can. With that said, it was a good read, and another worth reading if you are already familiar with the slave south., I actually read this for a history class and believed it to be a really good and descriptive account of captivity and the justice system. If you're considering history, then this would be a nice read because it doesn't read like a history book., "Yet the lives of smaller figures, men and women who lived and passed away in virtual autonomy, often better illustrate certain aspects of the major issures of a perticular period than do (others who achieve national prominence)". The introduction my Melton The. McLaurin sets up a well researched and thought out work concerning the life of a female servant, caught killing her operator for raping her over a period of years. The author does two very important things very well in this book. This individual demonstates in very real words the hopelessness of women in particular during this sordid period or American background he places in a timeline point of view just before the outbreak of the Civil Conflict when tensions were high, especially in her "home" state of Missouri, where the stakes could not have been higher with the question of the development of slavery into recently admitted states was being hotly contensted. Although it would be impossible to dispute that she would ever get a fair "trial" McLaurin astutely walks us through a real defense team doing their best in a time period where VIRTUALLY ANY notion of fairness is null and void and, specifically, why this is the case.

This book is essential read for any serious students of the "peculiar institution". It truly is impressive how the author takes an "anonomous" life and displays how and individual could be and was handled as property and degraded to the depths of our ability to understand while weaving in the fast moving antibellum period and the legislation, politics and feelings of the time., This book was inexpensive and came very quickly.

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