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Oh, my goodness!!! What a thriller. Ms. Leabhair never, never disappoints with the girl books and this one demonstrates that point. There is quite somewhat of drama in this one but oh yea, so exciting. Jordy and Robbie have an instant attraction to one another but Jordy already has a girlfriend. What!!! However, that works out fairly quickly and leaves the 2 ladies able to form a working relationship with each other. Of course the working relationship contributes to another kind. The puzzle is who is the serial murderer/arsonist? The book moves really fast and the whole thing will take place in only about a week of their lives but what a week it is! This author will pull you right into the pages and she just doesn't let go until the end. Naturally, this is one fabulous read. If you are cautious to download this----just do it. You will be so glad you did. Will be anxiously anticipating the next book in the series. Thank you, Mairsile, for another great book!!!!!!, Well crafted with a decent amount of action. I get so fatigued of investing in domestic drivel. And although this book did have the (somehow required) wise, older people who, of course, understand all and are totally accepting, it did have a good storyline. We found myself wanting to read more and happy to note that there will be more books with this creator.
I had been pleased to see that every sentence didn't start with " she said" or " she did" and that the author understands how to use long sentences.
We did have a little trouble understanding how an investigator who was expected to be so wonderful at her job could do so many stupid things. If you're proceeding to make a solid, kick ass character, then make her so. Also i found her to be a little sexist... wondering if her new girl enjoyed looking at pics of attractive, almost porn women. Genuinely?
First book I use enjoyed in a long time., I cherished this story. It had changes and turns and incertidumbre. I finished it in less than a day.

The characters are believable and likeable, even with their flaws, which add to the story. The conclusion was satisfying and could lead to a new section in the group of the lives of Robbie and Jordy. I hope it will.

I read the Kindle fire version, and I don't know how this works, whether these things are often fixed, but the book was riddled - RIDDLED - with errors. Spelling errors (" leach" when the writer meant " letch" ), many instances of this kind of problem. " Cubical" instead of " cubicle", and errors in continuity: " And am obtained to have my own room with a beautiful pink canopy bed". " Aw I gamble you looked sweet in your little pink canopy bed", I teased. " Exactly how did you know it was pink? " the lady asked. These lines were written in sequence. " You know, after what we have learn today, so feel I, " Jordy said. (Should be " learned". ) There have been several errors like this one.

The author needs a completely fresh pair of eyes to read the final product before publishing. These errors would have been/should have recently been caught.

All in all, the story was great. The errors lost me a bit, but I desired to know how the story would be fixed., Really liked the tale. But again, doesn't any author have people to edit the books for them. I am convinced that schools stopped teaching pronouns after the 1970's. Seriously, it is one of the easiest rules in grammar. It seems that every book I read today simply massacres that rule. Folks, please, take a class in pronouns.
Story was great however, I think this should have been generally speaking fiction. Did the creator forget the genre. Favorably lacking in the sexual intercourse department. But seriously, a sweet story. If you are buying sexless novel, you will love this one., The was a great suspenseful story. I cherished the two characters Robbie and Jordie. I was hooked practically from the start. The character development was excellent and the plot was riveting. I am looking forward to the next tale coming up about the next serial killer they are chasing. Well done!, We must admit I did not read the first book, but this one definitely stands on their own. Some hot sexual intercourse, some tender moments, plus some great mystery. This book will host your attention from begin to finish.

The creator did an excellent job informing this story., As usual, Ms Leabhair gives with a story worthy of A 5 STAR REVIEW. Congratulations!!!! I absolutely love the characters Jordy and Robbie can" t hold out for the 3rd in the series in 06. Kudos to you Mairsile!!!, This is a great story, a thriller that keep you guessing. It's not an intimate, nor spicy or charming but it's very well written, and it's worth reading.... I'll be awaiting the second one.

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