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I really like any book that has a cat in it and this one has four. Unfortunately, they have very little regarding this story. Another problem: the murder doesn't occur until 2/3 of the way through the book. Until then, you have two rather silly women running around afraid of their own dark areas. Finally, two corpses show up and another is so random it just had me shaking my head

Usually these little cozy mysteries make me laugh and hold my interest throughout but this one was a very difficult read and d was glad when We got to its very bad, poorly written finishing. I don't know or care if this publication will have a follow up because author is off my reading list., Really 2 1/2 stars... The bit boring but is actually the first book in the series. Hopefully the mediocre will have a more complex story and detail of characters so is actually not so easily real. If you're into homicide mysteries you'll know who the killer and objective is from the the 3rd chapter on.... and you'll be right. And if you're looking for a replacement to the defunct " Kitty Who" series by Lillian Jackson Braun, this publication is not it, even though you'll notice a very blatant similarity in why the character moves to Erie, Indiana and the conditions of the will. Next month We may try the second book in the series as a free Kindle Prime download but I won't pay money for it., This is the first cozy mystery I have ever read and have to say that it was a fast read for me. That said, I felt that the ending was too rushed and predictable. One more thing that annoyed me was the constant guide to the cats' breeds. After the first talk about or two, it isn't necessary to continually label them as Siamese or Abyssinian. I get it. The particular scene where one of the cats happens to Google a search phrase related to the homicide was totally unrealistic.

Despite its flaws, I liked the story enough to finish it within a four-day weekend and will read the next publication in the series to see if there are any improvements., This is delightful book about pet cats. The background takes place in New York and Erie, Indiana. Katherine Kendall is surprised to learn has inherited her Great Aunt's estate is she will live the house for one year and treatment for an Abyssinian kitty. She already has 3 Siamese. A refusal means she will get nothing. If Abby dies, during the year she gets nothing. The plot is not hard to follow; there is no sex and very little violence. I disliked to put the publication down. Like cats you will enjoy this publication., Katherine has just inherited her great aunt's Victorian house in Indiana, but the will stipulates she must live there for just one yr and also manage her aunt's cat, Abigail. Following this, she would receive an estate worth forty-four million dollars! After browsing the town for a weekend and meeting with the lawyer, she chooses to move there and returns to New York to pack up her three Siamese cats and belongings. For that drive back again, her friend Colleen moves with her and with their arrival again the house, things quickly switch mysterious. A body is found in the cellar, doors are left revealed, personal items are lacking... someone or something obviously doesn't want Katherine to stay. We fell in love with the antics of the four cats and the storyplot itself moved along at a nice pace. The only criticism would be i felt the image resolution was clear and then revealed almost too suddenly, but overall an enjoyable read. I am looking forward to reading another story about Katherine and her cats., OK--I love mysteries and We love cats and so i was really looking forward to this book.

Unfortunately, this was just too much of a " copycat" from Siamese who solve crimes by pulling textbooks off the shelves (and finding facebook pages? ) to the fact that someone inherits a mansion and millions from the long lost relative and has to live there for a certain amount of amount of time in order to get the money.

The " mystery person" was never really in question and while the cats were cute and fun, We am not going to get many more of these books unless they are free from the library., This is a trivial piece of writing. The characters are cardboard, the plotting is simplified, and the cats are designed to be adorable, however they are merely stage-dressing. I wouldn't consider reading some other work by Karen Anne Golden., I love this series. It reminds me of " The particular Cat Who... " series by Lillian Jackson Braun. I will definitely read the other 7 left in the series and any more which come away. While I marked " some violence, " absolutely nothing is overly descriptive; just noticeable this due to murders. Suitable for even younger readers (say pre-teen and up). It was a good, quick read.

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