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I do believe you either really like Kurt Vonnegut's writing or you really don't. There shouldn't be a middle surface with a mind as brilliant, sarcastic, irreverent, amusing, weird, (and on and on) as his. He noticed the horrors inflicted on men by men as few have. I do believe it made his writing fearless, and it made him want to hold up a huge carnival mirror for us to gaze into. I really like Vonnegut. I suggest you determine for yourself. In case you only read one of his books however, I recommend " Slaughterhouse Five", with " Cat's Cradle" an in depth second., I remember a buddy of mine telling me I had developed to read this book back in 2k, since I considered myself a sci fi literature fan. This is a well-dated book, however the tale is extremely profound. There are certainly parts that are silly and non-sensical, however the overall work is a thought provoking masterpiece. I am going to not make a foolish statement like " this book will change your life". However, I am going to say that for many who read this book it will change the way they presume on some level also it might change their life to some degree... I actually know it did mine., I've been a Kurt Vonnegut fan since I actually met his work in Slaughterhouse Five. This story joins the mediocre as being an outstanding read. It's quick chapters give it a format that seems almost like a superb collection of short stories. And I've enjoyed Vonnegut as a short-story artist in 'Welcome to the Monkey House'. Vonnegut's irreverant fiction retains me spellbound., A guide which leaves you enriched for reading it. Their a story that starts off on the backdrop of the atomic bomb and finishes with an equally dire man-made science influenced catastrophe however in between is filled with ironic and idiosyncratic humor, unconventional figures and empathy for your condition - all narrated in the backdrop of a rasta-inspired faux-spirituality. That is a heady cocktail that strips bare the pretensions of science, religious beliefs and social structures all at once (and in a reasonably small book too) without once coming across of preachy or full of it!

Some could find this guide to be 'meaningless', but I believe that is 1 of themes of the guide itself - it does not seek absolution for the figures or an epiphanic understanding or 'truth' for the narrator - all such pretensions are slowly ended up away and the book's cataclysmic ending is a natural consequence of the ambition and apathy of various types of people., Cat's Cradle is arguably Vonneguts greatest work, although I actually haven't read them all. It's about the ending of the world, and starts on the wedding anniversary of the ending of the world for the Japanese, the day the atom bomb was decreased on Hiroshima.

Our protagonist, Jonah, is writing a book about the ending of the world. This individual ends up interviewing the offspring of the daddy of the atom bomb, Dr. Felix Hoenikker, an eccentric, seemingly uncaring daddy who, unbeknownst to most, also makes "Ice Nine" before he dies. Glaciers Nine causes everything to deep freeze. It precipates the ending of the world.

Prior to Ice Nine takes over, and freezes the world, Vonnegut takes us on a whirlwind tour of the hearts and minds of a slew of zany characters, from Newt the midget, son of The Father of The Atom Bomb, to a secretary who disdains anyone who "thinks too much, " to a philanthropist who turns out to be the complete opposing, to a zillion others (almost too many) among. We are taken to the island of San Lorenzo, a Carribean banana republic run by way of a paranoind, eccentric dictator that is totally at the beck and call of the USA, that is certainly where things really get weird.

This specific book is split up into 127 very short chapters, which makes it not only easier to read and remember, but also managed to get easier, I'm sure, for Mr. Vonnegut to write.

1 of the main points of this story, if I understand correctly, is that religious beliefs, in this case "Bokonism, " is incredibly much a hodge-podge/hocus-pocus bed of magnificent lies. In the end, the founder of Bokonism, Bokonen, confesses himself it turned out all a complete joke, not to be taken sersiously (how would someone please take seriously a religious beliefs where people make love by rubbing their ft together? ), but I actually won't spoil it by telling you what happens among.

Mad scientists and their nervous secretaries, midget kung-fu, foot sex, countless hungry, skinny, stupid local people, one beautiful, "healthy" native, fat businessmen here to save the world, large jungles, waterfalls, underground bomb shelters, earthquakes, tornadoes, fireplace and brimstone (don't inform Vonnegut I said that), horse faced flute enjoying enfent terribles, and much, much more. Oh, and I actually almost forgot. Ice Nine. How could I overlook Ice Nine?

This guide is a parable for the ending of time., Every person should read this guide simply for its insight about how to begin a religion. Bokononism is the perfect religious beliefs for beginners plus its probably better than yours. That embodies total honesty that is to be found in no other religious beliefs. The " Books of Bokonon" get started with this sentence. " All of the true things I actually am about to inform you are shameless lies. "
You may pick this book up and read it faster than " Old Guy and the Sea. " But you won't read it just once... Cradle unfolds with more meaning each time delete word.

" Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from Lord. "

What's wrong with this work? It is addictive. Every time I actually read it I think " I could have read something totally new! " Then I'm glad I did not., The history of human stupidity is here written. It is a necessary tale, or even a fairly one. That's Bokononism., This specific book was a great and strange tale. I actually really enjoy stories that surprise me and switch out to be something I didn't think it would be. I am already a fan of Kurt Vonnegut's writing and Cat's Holder really shows how he or she can create a seemingly other world that still exists in our own. I felt like I was reading something by Get rid of Palahniuk as a result of story's unusual but captivating qualities. A person continue reading because the storyline and this world take you in and you have to learn where it leads you. I do believe if you like a reduced story based with somewhat of science fiction and an interestingly odd tale to share with you will enjoy this book.

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