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Few books that take place in the center ages give you a such a generous picture of every day life. The frequent proximity of animals, the crowdedness before the solitary bedroom made its debut, the odd mix of fun and celebration in the great hall with the fasting and penance that religious life introduced, the clear view of marriage as anything but an affair of the heart and the challenge that child-bearing meant for even those who made it through -- all of that is clearly drawn.

Fewer plausible for me was your informal way Birdy took the bruises and beatings that were administered almost as matter of course by her father and the lack of real soul-searching as Birdy their self harmed others (either truly, as when she established fire to a happy that someone was in or when she thought she had harmed the girl cousin George and the girl dearest friend with a charm to destroy their love for one another. ) Possibly the times made that much of a variation (this is a place that is hard to prove or disprove since we now have little record of the hearts and minds of these girls and women) but I cannot think of any moderns who would not think a little more deeply about these things. Although she is drawn here as " plucky, " Birdy's attitudes are often difficult to credit. Lastly, although Birdy is often described as managing illness there is no clue as to how she could have learned those skills. That would have already been interesting as it's hard to imagine her listening to a teacher rather than just being sure she already knew the best thing all the time., This really is my favourite novel from my childhood. I read it a lot I had to buy another copy because the first fell apart. I love Catherine. She fights to be herself in a place where she is expected to be a certain way. She learns to work around the constraints she's been given. The lady never stops trying. Plus she lands herself in some hilarious situations alongside the way. She demonstrated me what it was to be independent at an age where I actually wasn't sure what that meant. This book also inspired my love for medieval England and English history. Suggest, especially to anyone with a new daughter., Birdy is a female ahead of her time. Stuck in well-to-do medieval manorial life, she tries to invent ways to get away both the place and the people surrounding the girl. Birdy is funny, sarcastic, wry, observant, sensitive towards folks she respects and merciless towards those she disdains. The story, written as a diary, movements smoothly through Birdy's tests and schemes and responses. She's someone the readers would like to know personally, if only for the hearing what she would say next. But probably no reader would want to switch places with Birdy and feel caged for life as Birdy does. In the end she does escape, though not in the way she expects in order to the extent she'd choose. Right now there were serious limits on women then, even for those who had money. The one aspect of the tale that I found difficult to believe was Birdy's acceptance of her dad's physical brutality. I would think she'd suffer more inside herself because of it. But that's my only caveat about this book, which I definitely enjoyed., I enjoyed the book very much. Typically the thing that makes me wary of historical fictional is the trap of planting a modern-thinking person into a historical period and go from there - I find this false and jarring - which novel definitely averted it. I found Catherine convincing and endearing. Getting only general education in history, I can't offer any reliable opinion on historical accuracy, but I actually didn't identify anything certainly sticking out. The framework of the story is a journal a fourteen year old Catherine creates about her life. I actually liked the way Catherine developed and grew upward, and the way the supporting characters turned out, seen through the merciless black-and-white of teen's eyes. I actually recommend it!, Very amusing and very descriptive of life in medieval Great britain such as dung alongside with herbalist in some of the medicinal plans, the out house, I actually loved Buddy she requires on life with such energy and the New orleans saints and their feasts days are quite imaginative and some gross. Buddy can both read and write very unusual for the girl day also in the girl way of getting reduce the sisters her dad (the beast) has attempted to Mary her of too at the age of fourteen. It's not all fun and mischief there are is the worry of losing her mother in childbirth and being the one to physician the wounds and problems not only of the household but the village as well. If you love stories placed in middle ages England you'll love this book., My 10 year old daughter read this. It was, I do believe, the girl most challenging read yet. There is a whole lot to understand both in terms of vocabulary and in terms of how people lived in medieval times. And a lot more I had to explain that people were engaged and married (and weary children) at a very young age and that it was acceptable for a parent to hit their child often. A little bit of an eye-opener for her, but she's a mature kid and requests when she has questions, and it also was OK for us. She loved the book, and gained valuable insight into the life of a girl surviving in another as well as place., Whoever came up with the idea of Kate Maberly performing it was a genius. Kate's clear voice, sometimes sweet, sometimes impish, is simply exquisite for this young heroine. Her English English is an added plus to bring a touch of reality to the fictional character. Kate and crew, congratulations! well done!

In addition to enjoying this clever sound book, American kids especially might have fun trying to pick up a little of Kate's amazingly clear accent (for occasion, the word " adventure" comes out something like " ad-vench-a" with a strong " ch" like in " church" or " itch", and with no " r" sound at all). It might surprise some kids to know that Kate can speak a typically American dialect flawlessly.

This sound version, which won a well-deserved Audie award, needs to stay in a hard-format print for a long long time to come., Very amusing. Quite interesting with an innovative concept. Never thought of those things from a young girls perspective! It held my interest on several levels!

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