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This book is required reading for anyone seeking to understand His home country of israel today. The title is unlucky, as it doesn't actually convey what this guide is about. Disguising himself being a German reporter (the creator, originally from Israel, addresses Hebrew, Arabic, English in addition to German), he travels all over Israel and the West Bank, interviewing people through all walks of life, from illegal immigrants in Tel Aviv to people of the Knesset, Bedouin farmers, Palestinian activists, Judaism settlers, European NGO people, soldiers, prostitutes, taxi drivers, journalists, rabbis, foreign diplomats, waiters - you brand it. They have a genius for getting individuals to open up up to him, and also a wry, absurd way regarding looking at the world. Typically the access having been able in order to obtain is breathtaking: frequently at great risk, he or she talked his way into high-level PLO headquarters, a great Israeli battleship, placed themself in the middle regarding a violent demonstration, in addition to hiked all around the West Financial institution with Palestinian politicians. By means of it all, his really like of his subjects is palpable. If you study only one book concerning Israel, please make it this., Just finished reading through " Catch the Jew" by Tuvye Tenenbom. Numerous books are actually written upon Israel and the Middle East, but this guide has the special message to share. Typically the writer was born in Tel Aviv into a great ultra-Orthodox family. His father wanted him to continue family members legacy and turn out to be a rabbi. This had been not to be. At the age of 25 years he left Israel for your US in search regarding getting a college degree after spending his young years researching in a yeshiva (An ultra Orthodox Jewish spiritual school). He achieved this particular. He went to university in the US after learning British, achieving degrees in pc science and arithmetic as nicely as the arts. He or she became a rather non-conforming journalist which book is the result.

He returned to Israel for 6 months on assignment to create this book after living much of his time in the US and Australia for 33 years.

Tuvye had travelled extensively in Israel and Palestine meeting very interesting people to both sides. He met Amos Oz, the famous Judio writer, Jibril Rajoub the Palestinian " strongman", who else lately has become involved in Palestinian sport supervision, Hanan Ashrawi, a Alfredia Palestinian member of typically the Palestinian Authority. He furthermore visited many Palestinian residences and did not locate the poverty and insupportable living conditions as reported in the media. He or she adopted an alias being a German reporter, Toby, checking out “human rights abuses” regarding Palestinians in the West Bank. He previously an outstanding rapport with the Palestinians he met, making interesting observations in the truth how a Palestinians see it. Had his identity include been blown he might have faced real risk to his life. He or she met left-wing self-hating Jews, like Ittamar Shapiro, who else takes tours of naïve Italian students to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in addition to giving his own instead warped interpretation of typically the Holocaust. Ittamar receives repayment from EU funded NGOs as well as other folks from various so-called “peace movements” which, according in order to Tevye, is out in order to " catch the Jew" abusing Palestinians under occupation.

Tuvye claims to report simply what they have seen in addition to experienced in the travels. He or she does not take attributes and breaks many taboos and beliefs in the creating. The book has to be approached with an open mind without any preconceived ideas of the one side or the other in typically the conflict. The Palestinian-Israeli discord arouses great emotions upon both sides. Tuvye furthermore exposes many untruths of the extreme leftists, who have got molded their ideologies upon Palestinians without having also met a Palestinian, will certainly have a bone in order to pick with the creator.

The book is easy flowing, very humorous in parts and holds a person's interest throughout. Nearly every chapter ends with the creator feeding the stray pet cats, which live near typically the German Templar Guest House in Jerusalem where he or she stayed.

This book is very recommended to those who are interested in Israel in addition to its hostile neighbours. Typically the author's easy-going, readable type connects well with typically the reader. The humor in the book also provides to its readability in addition to authenticity of the human gamers, some of whom tell the truth and several who believe in falsities.

The book deserves the 5 star rating. Personally, I found the book absorbing and a actual page turner., This book was an amazing study, but left me feeling sick to my stomach with the manipulative fictions & overall hatred being funded in addition to carried out mostly by simply European, but also American influence against Israel in addition to Jews specifically, to typically the tune of billions of dollars/Euros/Shekels. The role that international "journalists" and so-called diplomats and "peace" activists play in this charade disgusts me utterly. The secretive, hypocritical ICRC and EL is criminal, but these people apply this label simply to Jews. It appears that creating International Legislation does not require faith with the creators themselves, in addition to their public face regarding "peacemakers" hides a dark, sinister reality of hatred for Jews, plain in addition to simple. Thank you for the mountain of information, Mr. Tenenbom, regardless of the chance to your life. We pray that Jews and all who support Israel will certainly read this, and that it will wake them up to the extremely real and powerful danger to Israel, and without a doubt, to all Jews just about everywhere., A brilliant expose regarding human perfidy, duplicity, in addition to silliness in and concerning the State of Israel. Tuvia doesn't have to attract conclusions -- he allows those he interviews in order to reveal themselves by their own own words and activities. The section around the Palestians in particular was disastrous, revealing the advocates of the Palestinian " cause" because frauds and liars. And he does it in a great entertaining, almost stream-of-consciousness kind of way.

In terms of Tuvia's conclusions regarding the upcoming fate of Israel, I think it is important in order to understand that Tuvia is surely an unbeliever and that his / her opinion is an honest one according to a globe in which Jesus, typically the Messiah, does not come back to maintain the promises regarding God to folks He established aside for Their own purposes. Fortunately, Jesus is coming back, and the people regarding Israel will not become destroyed. Otherwise, I think that Tuvia's opinion might be a perfectly legitimate one given the existing trends. If you have no Messiah coming, how WOULD typically the people of Israel make it through the increasing power being turned against their extremely existence? Even within His home country of israel, the Left seems well prepared to give up typically the idea of a Judenstaat altogether. Their Zionism is dead.

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