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This can be the first book I have read by this creator. Excellent story and well written. The reason I gave it 3 stars was because of many typographical errors, misspelled words, and very poor proof reading. The story involved a great deal of medical lingo. If I did not have a medical backdrop, I doubt I could have understood the storyplot. Experienced it not been for this, I would have rated the book 5 stars. I will try one more book by this author, hopefully will not find as many errors., Despite the fact that the premise of the book was excellent, and the first several chapters were well written and intriguing, as I read on, I discovered inaccurately used words that any editor should have found and corrected. I was willing to dismiss those, but then the author ceased trying to find new ways of describing the figures facial expressions ( they smirk a lot, in situations where smirking is inappropriate), their actions and even the scenes. I felt like I was proofreading a high school present student's rough draft. Then i noticed that the author experienced made nearly no work to analyze the content of his book, and that we were being handled to a skimming of the surface of what could have been a fantastic courtroom drama. In the end, I only survived two-thirds of the book before the poor writing became too much of a distraction. And Now i'm a math teacher! I can't imagine how much i'd have read if I was an British teacher!, I found this guide to be well-written with well developed characters. The particular story line is believable and fairly fast-paced. The particular young lawyer, Shane Lazlo, takes on a negligence case after football star Tyler Bentley is wounded during a game and shysters talk him into having a knee substitute. This replacement is untested, so in essence Tyler is a guinea this halloween. The replacement disintegrates which makes an amputation of Tyler's leg imperative. The particular defendants (" bad guys" ) are choir boys compared to Ute Mine de plomb, the " enforcer. " I found the court descriptions plausible and the ending was expected but a new twist or two. I noted very few misspelled words, which is refreshing in e-books. I think Dustin Stevens, creator, has a great future!, Several reviews commented about the bad editing, but I believed the story could be interesting so I got it anyway. Negative move. Not only were the sloppy edits a terrible annoyance, but the story itself was not much better than a porly rsearched high school job. Even the story might be sophomoric, nevertheless , there is simply no justification for the careless enhancing. That may be an insult to readers; a direct slight saying, we don't think you'll notice it and we dont want to take the time or trouble to produce a good product. There are much too many other similar stories readers can enjoy without being insulted., First, this is a good read. I enjoyed the storyplot line and characters.

Nonetheless it is factually inacurate to explain any knee implants as being made of polymers. Yes, the wear surfaces are, but that is all. Some minor difficulties with implanting uncleared devices without IRB oversite, but that will likely have been too much detail. The Perry Mason occasions were fun too., I don't read many novels. I'm a genuine crime junkie & I like bios. This book sounded good since I work in the medical industry. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. So much of it read as if it was a true story. Extra factors for making the specialized parts appear right & much of it believable. Unfortunately in our world today this can happen & something similar probably has. Of course there are parts that read like a novel but that you as OK. Completely enough to keep myself interested. I'm glad I selected this one., As typical Stevens delivered a winner. He never disappoints. I have read every history I could from Stevens and he never disappoints. The particular characters come alive and you may identify with their lives.... you can find something to relate to. I loved everything about this book. Great stuff as usual.... keep up the truly amazing writing., 4 stars since it is formulaic Stevens, complete with evil enforcer lurking in the shadows. Otherwise it is well crafted with believable characters and scenarios.

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