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I had been extremely fortunate to read an advance copy but my reviews of any Amazon products are objective. I do NOT accept anything for a good review. I am an Amazon Prime Member plus its important to always be objective and honest to all Amazon members.

Anyway, I read a good deal of books when not remodeling homes. In fact, 7 within the last two weeks, all by different authors and all different types of fiction and writing styles.

When I first started reading Prompt, Used to do know that this was a sequel so my interests were focused about how the author would bring immediate recall of characters and events; and then take me into his new sequel trip. To my surprise this novel gripped my interests immediately and became a quick page turner. Typically the details in this book are amazing. It was like reading a James Rollins novel. Being retired military and having many interesting experiences I discovered Michael's details to be extremely accurate and nerve tingling. I actually kept thinking, WOW, this is unbelievable. The movement is fantastic. You get hooked, then intrigued as details unfold and then real emotional on several occasions. And finally, Jordan brings it all together with some more breath taking times that brings the reader happiness and needing more. You get to enjoy the times of parachuting out a airplane. To feeling such a needed miracle would be like. To be able to what it would be like to bring primates home to their natural habitat and not some zoo. And, you get that adrenaline rush of such a Special Forces Jewellry feels on a quest of unknowns.

What makes this Michael's best work is how mature his writing has evolved. Sure, he has written other great books, but this is his best work. This novel shows writing skills exhibited by many bestselling authors. His researches, his details, his ability to keep readers intrigued are but a few of what Michael has evolved into. No staff; Simply lots of hard several hours of work by one individual. One new author, I hope many will embrace and help launch as our next best seling author. Thank you. Tony, In this well written history several people are attempting to keep the secret of the mountain that has already cost many lives. However, many of what was there has been obtained and now to learn who and where it gone. Also needing to find the monkey that got the DNA in the body. There is some setting up at the beginning of the book but well worth reading to have the full picture of what is happening in the finish. There’s also the puzzle of the IMIS computer and if it’s a glitch or that the computer is picking up something they don’t realize. What’s nice about this book is definitely similar to real life, not all things happen the way we plan those to. Keeps your interest create for a very good story that is extremely entertaining to read., I enjoyed this book, even though the story line is " away there" more than the first two books in the series. I recently suspended my disbelief and gone along with the storyline. There was more violence in this book, which I didn't really like, but that didn't stop me from finding out how (or if) the two past SEAL's were going to get free from their predicaments. I actually have come to enjoy the characters (human and mammal) and enjoy their successes and feel bad for his or her failures. If you enjoy action and adventure, with a good medication dosage of sci fi, I actually think you will enjoy this book., Oh my gosh! There is certainly more espionage and intrigue in this story than the other two. There is also more action and battling. The scientific breakthroughs balance out the adventure and action for those not impressed by that aspect. I thought John Clay's amazing survival was overkill; however, only George R. L. Martin is foolish enough to kill off his major characters. I was going to wait until morning to start out book four (it's now 2: 40 AM). However, after that ending, I am starting it now. Who needs to sleep anyhow? Sleep is for the weak., These books are 'hang onto your chair adventures. ' I think I even broke into a sweat at some point when our character types were on a huge batch in Brazil. I really enjoyed learning much more about Azucarado. The idea that we can communicate via our technology with other types sets the imagination rotating. Grumley has an amazing imagination which he back with science. I love an author who is willing to take the time to give myself technology behind the process. Although I possess no military experience, I have a son who is in the Military. Some of the things Grumley claims in the book are things I actually have heard my child say. I can't hold out for the next book. I certainly hope that there will be much more in this series., Again you kept me hooked well into the early hours of the morning! I caught myself several times tense or keeping my breath but most importantly I forgot about the discomfort from a recent surgery. This has been a great series with solid characters and a great storyline which will keep twisting & turning, which makes each book thus much a website turner. Looking forward to reading the final in the series. We have been telling everyone that will listen, they have to read these books b/c they are missing a wonderful treat., If you started at 'Breakthrough' this novel is sure to please! Mr Grumley continues an outstanding career with 'Catalyst'. It can be said here and now that Grumley has reached a status shared by many more well know authors that benefit from alliance with big publishing houses. Cozy now with the development of a detailed storey, this individual takes the reader into fiction that borders often on the not so distant reality that technology promises. An animal lovers book to be sure. Interesting characters served with fascinating action, one can only call it science fiction for aspects of the unexplainable yet easily imaginable. Hold on to you're hat and buckle up because this payment of his series will take you for a trip at full throttle! You may be waiting for the next E ticket ride which will offer an chance to try his other works outside this genre and very likely happy you did. Bravo!

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