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I possess read and appreciate Jonathan's books " Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Quantity 1-3" and was pumped up about his new book by which he analyzes 54 poker hands, which he played during the WSOP 2014 Main Event. I truly believe I can become a better poker player by getting insights into the thought process of a professional poker player and this is usually specifically what Jonathan gives in his new guide. For each hand he defines his position, their stack size, blind sizes, and what he understands about one other players. Regarding each phase (pre-flop, flop, turn, river) he explains his thought process plus why he is performing what he is performing - checking, betting, elevating or folding. Jonathan has no problem to publish regarding the hands he did not play optimally and exactly what he would do differently.

I like a whole lot that he offers 4 options in order to chose from for every period in each hand plus while I was studying I always thought what I would do before I compared it with Jonathan's action. It's amazing exactly how much I learned simply by doing that and I am really surprised exactly how often I would did the opposite from Jonathan. Well, that explains exactly why he is a professional plus I am an novice. The great thing is usually that Jonathan explains their motivation for every move plus that helped me to become aware of several non-optimal selections I make also to improve my poker online game.

After finishing this guide I wished that Jonathan would have caused it to be actually deeper into the primary celebration (even to the ultimate table) because I desired to find out many more fingers.

I recommend this guide in order to everyone who wants in order to study from a poker professional and be a better poker gamer., Jonathan is an incredible poker instructor and is usually able to make clear their concepts in a clear and concise way of which allows you to end up being " in his head" even though the poker hand is usually going on also to believe like a professional poker player. His deep collection strategy presented here is usually directly on the money with regard to tournaments including the WSOP Primary Event and will educate you on how to survive in such a grueling discipline of players. Anyone who performs poker seriously sees that in order to win the WSOP Primary Event you not simply must be a good poker player, but you must run well for over a 7 days in order to make it through this kind of massive field of players also to just cash in this is pretty a good accomplishment.

The thing which great about all of Jonathan's books is of which you don't only read them once. To acquire everything out of them, you need to keep rereading them so as to reinforce the concepts plus strategies that are required to survive in poker tournaments. His quiz file format is great as it enables you to make your own own choices and examine yours to his. Moreover, if he played the hand incorrectly he will admit it and inform you why! How many poker books will do of which? I can't recommend this specific book highly enough plus be certain to check out there his other Tournament textbooks if you wish to earn cash enjoying poker., As all best poker players will explain to you, in poker an individual "play the player". The particular WSOP Main Event is usually filled with players starting from "world class" in order to "your average player". The beauty of this book is of which Jonathan Little explains their thought process depending on their opponent's style.

Just like mentally stimulating games, you always need in order to think a few techniques ahead prior to making a proceed. Jonathan shows aspiring poker players what his considered process is on all future streets before he makes a move upon any given street.

Also the book is well laid out in chronological buy so you get in order to experience his journey very first hand. He lists fingers that he played nicely, as well as fingers in which he thought he misplayed. I think the best part of the book was the hand examples where he totally missed the flop. Most poker books deals only with how in order to extract values when an individual make top pair or perhaps better. In this guide, Jonathan goes through exactly how he proceeds with these "missed flops" based upon his opponent's perceived range and playing style.

General, an EXCELLENT book well worth reading!, This is the well written summary of 54 hands played simply by Jonathan Little inside the 2014 WSOP main event.
The main celebration, while not the " hardest" in poker, is the dream of every serious poker player and still is usually on the radar on most pros due to the excellent structure and range of play levels.
Jon walks the reader through each hand in a quiz style, giving us valuable insights in order to his thought processes in the event.
For me, having read his some other tournament books and putting them into practice, I think I would play the majority of hands more or much less the way he did. The eyebrow raising fingers were definitely those of which I have learned something new from and they will caused it to be worth the value of the book.
This is not an e book for the newbie player - you need to have at least the fundamental comprehension of the importance of position, stack to weed ratios, bet sizing concerns, opponent profiles and tournament stages to derive greatest extent value. All these and more, you will get from Jonathan's other books., I've see the JL secrets of professional poker tournaments textbooks and absolutely loved these people. Yet again, Jonathan hasn't let down me with his new book! The fact that book is usually set up is fantastic and allows the reader to actively participate plus learn how a topprofessional deals with certain spots. Even if you've already read the secrets of professional poker tournament books, you'll definitely learn really the lot of new things and find out how poker tournaments (and tournamentstrategy) have developed over the years!
Definitely a must read!

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