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The book is very comprehensive, although it seemed to drag in the direction of the finish.

Interesting that the source material appears to be largely Casey's interactions with reporters and writers. Relatively little from past players and coaches.

The biggest failing is that I finished the book wondering about what made Stengel successful as a manager. The majority of what I actually know is that he or she managed great players and handled the press well. I wanted more., Appel's time with Stengel helped make this book a very interesting read but he or she obviously minutely researched the early career of the man and honored his playing career as well as his salad days at Yankee manager. I actually learned what a good player Casey was as well as an gratitude of the fact that his early reputation as a lttle bit of a clown was most likely not justified. Fortunately Appel and Casey themself are able to detail how the man was able to overcome the various labels applied to his early managerial career especially. His application of platoon baseball lives to the present while his ability to earn significant monies outside the game verify the fact that he was nobody's fool! Appel brings the total man, inside and outside of baseball to life., The book provides some good insights into Casey Stengel's professional and personal life. I was especially moved by the information of his post hockey life and the challenges he had with both his own and his wife's medical issues. I was a little distracted by the author's writing style that seemed stilted occasionally. Upon the whole, it was a good read., Genuinely THE definitive Casey Stengel biography, and also you would expect nothing less from writer Marty Appel!

Once i was 8 years old, I recall watching a New York Mets game with my dad, and through a rain delay WWOR TV demonstrated some old Mets footage from 1962, their initial season. Prominent in the footage was their first manager, one Charles Dillon Stengel, and his double-talk, or " Stengelese" was both amusing and confusing to an 8 year old fan. I asked my dad why a baseball team would hire someone to be their manager who was such a clown. My dad's reply was along the lines of " not judging a book by it's cover, " and he explained to me a lttle bit about Stengel's career as both an excellent major leaguer who once played for his beloved NY Giants, as well as his very successful career with the crosstown rival Yankees. I was intrigued by this man, able to simultaneously entice people to his personality yet, underneath the facade was obviously a brilliant manager who was able to take the lessons he learned from old masters like David McGraw and expand upon them and make them his own.

A quantity of years later, I had formed the great fortune to receive a duplicate of Robert Creamer's bio of Casey back in 1985, and like everything Creamer wrote, you could look at it as a " definitive work" on his subject. However, since his Casey bio was written, the ability to get information and conduct research has improved exponentially and therefore a great offer of information that previously wasn't available about Casey's early playing career was now readily accessible.

Marty Appel's research, as always, is astounding, leaving no stone un-turned, and his hard work paid off as he could access an unpublished manuscript written by Casey's late wife, Edna, which offered great information into both their connection as well as a wealth of additional information about Casey's long, illustrious career. A truly three-dimensional portrait is highly offered of this amazing man, whose career spanned from Christy Mathewson and Babe Ruth to Mickey Mantle and Ben Seaver. The span of Casey's career could certainly lead to a rousing game of " Six Degrees of Casey Stengel! " But why another book about Casey? Well, MLB Network started out a series of specials, entitled " Prime 9" not long after debuting, and in yr an episode entitled " Baseball's Greatest Characters" named Casey their number one Greatest Character. The seedling was planted- writing the definitive book about Stengel; the thought of finding new information about Stengel was the challenge, but no moreso then writing publications that deftly and concisely, pithily covered the complete history of baseball's greatest team (" Pinstripe Empire" ) or crafting a biography about the late, great Thurman Munson (" Munson: The Life & Death of a Yankee Captain" ) many years after assisting Munson write his autobiography. I am happy to report- for all three publications, but in particular with " Casey" - problem was accepted, and problem was MORE than shipped upon with amazing success!!!

The advantage of reading a book written by Marty Appel is that, while employed, you hear the " voice" of the subject matter shining through at all times, perhaps the best thing you can say about a biographer. Appel's words not only bring Casey and an incredible cast of characters to life, but they allow you to experience events as if they were happening in front of you, without judgement, without agendas, devoid of anything other than the subject and his circumstances. Appel has crafted a work of biographical art, adding new information to a man of whom there's been no shortage of publications and articles written about over the years, some 42 years after his passing. This shouldn't shock anyone who has read any of Appel's previous works, especially his recent books " Munson" and " Pinstripe Empire. " It's ironic that you of my very favorite writers specializes in Yankee's historical past, of course, having recently been named the youngest PR Director in baseball historical past when iconic Yankee's owner George Steinbrenner appointed your pet to the positioning in 1973. Ironic, because I was raised and remain a raving fan of the NY Mets (some would say " raving mad" ), which in itself should tell you just how great of an author Appel truly is. In fact , I actually have purchased a quantity of copies of " Pinstripe Empire" for fellow Mets' fan friends, and also to a person they raved about this incredible portrait of a truly reviled (and often hated) city rival. I've now purchased an equal number of replicates of " Casey Stengel: Baseball's Greatest Character" for the similar people, and I aren't wait to hear how much they've enjoyed this incredible book.

Judge for yourself- go ahead and, wrhether you're a fan of the Yankees, Mets, any hockey team, sports generally speaking or only a fan of great biographies, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The life of Casey Stengel was, and always will be - amazin' amazin' amazin' amazin' amazin' amazin' amazin'!!!! Thank you, Marty Appel, for demonstrating everyone why..., This is a useful volume for those who want to know more about the unforgettable Casey Stengel. It contains much information about him and his times but for some reason it fails to present this information in a fluid and organized manner. Being a biography it lacks the power to transmit to us the essence of the man. It is an account of his life more than a picture of the man. Still, I have liked reading because I am a great fan of Stengel., A good book about a baseball legend. I actually started following baseball when Casey was running through the league along with his enormous Yankees. I hated your pet then but always adored him. I admire your pet more so now that I found out how tough he previously it. He was a character who extra much
to baseball, and this book will have you laughing, and sometimes feeling unhappy for this one-of-a-kind., Excellent book on the life and times of the man who some thought a genius, and some thought he was a clown. But his years as Yankee manager showed he or she knew how to handle. Good book by Marty Appel, A good but rather superficial biography of quite an interesting character. I was hoping for more detailed analysis. This particular one seem to be a lttle bit too much an overview of events and is in my viewpoint to highly favorable of Casey

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