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Anything to consider if you are approaching case interviews as a budding consultant... rarely will an business hire you to solve a problem that you can resolve in an hour. Victor Cheng demystifies the interview process, but if you need to feel confident read between lines in this book. Hidden within the discussion is a problem-solving mindset that is methodical, iterative, and using the deep understanding of why businesses work in a market place. These processes are akin to the project management based methodologies. I would have liked to see more discussion about how professionals engage with stakeholders - instead of merely saying " it is good to walk your interviewer through your thought process because they want to know how you are thinking about the problem... ", We started my case practice with other case materials and books, but We always wound up getting "good but not there yet" feedback. After dealing with this book, the biggest benefit I acquired was understanding what every bit of case meeting means. Why am We supposed to develop an hypothesis early? Why I need to be structured? Why unnecessary delving costs money or "job" in my scenario? and exactly what it means to be a consultant? It truly helped me to significantly change my approach for case interviews. Instead of mindlessly doing tons of cases, I started spending more time on critiquing the case I performed against the benchmark We developed after looking over this book. Voila!! I "understood" what they look for in the interviews. Having a good business intuition and problem solver is one thing, but for a career terme conseillé like me, understanding how to channel and emphasize that talent in contacting world is a different beast altogether. Should you be just like me then this is the first book you should start with if you decide to follow consulting as a career. Mind you, this book won't have cases so that you can practice, but it will provide a good foundation to think the right way to approach a case., A strong, simple first reference to start preparing for case interviews. We really like how Victor explains the mentality of a standard consultant, which sets the theme for the whole book. Victor only has a few structures to memorize which can be still powerful and, once mastered, can get you through the majority of your case prep. Nothing substitutes for actual practice cases but this is a great guide to pick up to help you understand a case interview when you have never noticed of one before., Very good first book for preparing for case interviews, you will need to get some additional books/material for practicing cases. Remember you will need about 50-100 hours of practice depending about how natural the process comes to you. This is a good introduction and a pleasant read, if you can get past the author's lack of modesty., I assume I should not be reviewing this before We know whether this helped me land a job. Nevertheless , I can already now say that this book states quite evidently the main dos and dont's of case interviewing, along with the explanation behind all of it. Some times the approach is a lttle bit dumbed down and slow, specially when it comes to the maths/analytics bit of the book., I would highly recommend this book for anybody needing to get into Consulting.

The book is well written, and has a lot of regarding what professionals do. In addition, it clarifies why case interviews are employed by consulting firms, and emphasises a way of organized thinking to leverage offered frameworks for insight; instead of the other way around.

This was particularly good for read after watching the free videos through Victor's website, and access to handouts is also amazingly useful.

Once again, a perfect read for anyone wanting to get into consulting., I would recommend this book as a place to begin for any recent graduate/senior looking to go into contacting with no prior experience. Victor Cheng tosses all the fancy frameworks apart and leads you through the thinking process that is key to fixing cases and that firms actively look for in their candidates.
That being said, sometimes the explanations seem " dumbed-down", and other times it sounds like as if Cheng's limitless plugging in publicity for his website... yet overall, this book helped me personally tremendously as a rookie in a liberal arts program., I used victor Cheng's website as an introductory to case interviews. I felt the book is more into reasoning why the structure is impotant, more examples of the structure, and reinforce the structure into your brain so you can make those winning points into your habits. the video is more focused on the practical skills a candidate should have and less focused on the structures. As I gone through the book, We realized building the structure and exactly why such a structure is the main talent a consultant should have. a good example is the MECE discussed well in the book but not in the videos.

I would say this book is a must-have. and you should use that to reinforce your reasoning of building a structure for your case meeting preparations.

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