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1st, I have to say I love the play on words with typically the title and Sweeney John. It sets the period completely for this adventure associated with Atticus, Oberon and Granuaile at a carnival. Right now there is something ominous concerning carnivals, and Hearne requires full benefit of that ambiance to weave a story that occurs about mid-way through her training.

Our trio gets lured directly into a “freak” tent that isn’t just ripping people off of their money, but of their life. Atticus faces off towards a Grim Reaper who is literally creating heck on Earth. The story is inessential to typically the series in general, but is highly enjoyable none-the-less. Sometimes, an exciting adventure minus the high stakes faced inside the novels is just exactly what readers need between installments., I never descend directly into fan-girl babble-unseemly in a grandmother-when I review Kevin Hearne, but it's difficult. Really difficult. This is a story instead of a novel, which I would not really normally review, but We like this author a great deal I have to say at least something. When you are already a KH fan, you really know what should be expected, so by almost all means buy this. When you're a new viewer, I'd advise starting with Book One of many Iron Druid Chronicles. This little interlude takes places between a couple of books inside the series, and, while that offers you a decent preference of Hearne's style, that might be fairly confusing because an introduction. So simply know that Kevin reaches the top of typically the Urban Fantasy mountain; this individual is a delight and a pleasure to study. In case you are looking for superb UF and you're not really reading Kevin Hearne-Rectify that ASAP. He has heart and humor-and a significantly entertaining style. I do it-geeked out fan-girl. Warned you!, There are zero more books to study; I have completed almost everything out there at this time of review. But this story was enjoyable because it was a jump into the earlier to read a lttle bit concerning the primary characters before Atticus had completed training his apprentice. A good story., I really wish this author would write some new books in this series. I really enjoyed e dry book inside the series and am needing More! Great author defiantly worth the time to read But do commence with the first guide to get to understand the characters, An advanced Flat iron Druid fan this is an excellent development of the characters as well as the Iron Druid universe. It almost makes me wish Kevin would do more short stories and fewer publications., Nutrients! If you cannot get enough of Atticus, Granuaile, and Oberon, you will enjoy the little bit extra this story gives., Kevin's novels are a great fun read. These kinds of short stories fill in the gaps and bring a fuller photo of Kevin Hearne' t Iron Druid world., It can nice to have an additional story about Atticus wonderful adventures. This one showed up just in time with regard to Halloween that aggregates to typically the experience. I may never go to a haunted house again after reading this adventure plus its particular, if I get typically the choice between heaven or Hell, I am not really picking Hell~!!

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