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Top quality boxer Ed Latimore is actually a heavyweight in mind since well as body. I actually know what you're thinking: This is a guide written by a professional sportsperson. It's going to comprise of just dumbed-down platitudes and nonsensical feel-good slogans that mean nothing.


Ed is clearly a very smart man using a keen observational grasp associated with human nature, what motivates us, and what will get in our way. In addition to the thing that trips us up is generally ourselves. This is what I think sets Not really Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower apart from other self-improvement books. Its recurring themes are self-control and self-discipline, and Ed provides outstanding hints for achieving these types of things without sounding cloying or hectoring. Or conceited.

Yes, it's a guide based on Tweets. Well-written Twitter updates. Require Tweets are springboards to more nuanced discussions. This book will surprise an individual, entertain you, and a lot more importantly, inspire you. The worthy conjunction with any self-improvement library., It is said you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Whether it be through Ed's Twitter or this guide, I think it's worth giving him some of your current time. Ed's some guy with a fascinating background and someone who seems to know how to get things done whether it be boxing, social media, writing, or perhaps whatever else he models his eyes on next. If you're familiar with his succinct Twitter, I'd think of this book as a long form version associated with his tweets. It's filled with good advice, point of view shifts, and straightforward queries that will assist you reevaluate your very own priorities to live a a lot more honest life with yourself., This specific is a really good book for guys. It will be motivational for all areas of life, not really centered on it subject. Not really for people who like to claim all their difficulties are as a result of external elements beyond their control., Stuffed with sound suggestions about existence and dealing with existence issues., Excellent book! No more than halfway through so much. I like the way the author breaks up the information, that way I can chip away a small bit each day inside the morning. A fresh guide that definitely motivates., Fantastic read!, I became mindful of Ed like many on twitter. At very first I was skeptical of the book because at 56 years old We are fairly set in my ways and as a baby boomer, simply not connected with a lot of the masculinity and " red pill/blue pill" type dialogue that goes on inside the Twittersphere. I however found Ed's book to go far beyond that and have not only a lot of great advice that can be applied from any age, but I actually found quite a number of of his " doable advice" points things that I will attempt to " try again" on things I have done before earlier in my existence. Even on advice I actually have heard before, to hear something again that I may not have thought about within a while and re-evaluate in another way based upon where I sit today in my life will be important. Ed's book provides a way of generating things relatable and things I don't find impactful around me, i simply proceed on to the next chapter in the guide., I bought this over a whim browsing recommended Amazon books, and I am glad I did. Typically the format of this book will be my personal favorite- insights/thoughts/concepts that are extrapolated upon within a couple associated with pages or less, this kind of as The Art associated with Worldy Wisdom or Aesop's Fables (the insights in this book are aimed toward the present day man). The author also gives " real world" examples to attempt out to apply his concepts, like Robert Anton Wilson in Prometheus Increasing. One could pick this upwards, flip to any web page, and read something within a single described area, that they could meditate on all day.

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