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I actually bought this for my daughter who currently is seven with the thought I might have it stored away until I experienced like she was ready to start out talking in more fine detail about puberty, maybe at some point in the next year or when she is eight. I developed on the earlier side, as did my mother, so I am anticipating the lady may start pre-puberty in the next year. I actually am so glad I actually decided to learn through the book before showing it to her because I actually have decided to go back it and look for something else. As another reviewer mentioned, this guide has a lot of content that could actually CAUSE insecurities about the woman body rather than prevent them.

What I like about the book:
It is simply written and easy for a younger girl to understand. It talks about puberty in a generally positive way. It has fun illustrations that would appeal to my daughter and does talk about all bodies being different and so on, BUT…

What I DON’T like about the book:
As of now my daughter has a very positive self/body image. She is very comfortable in the skin the lady is in. From my observations, most girls in the target age of this book, 8-11, haven’t quite become the message yet that they should be looking critically at their own bodies or judge others for how they look. When they read this guide, though, they WILL be exposed to these concepts. While my daughter does have a positive self-image at the moment and we have worked hard to develop that, I also know (and remember) how fragile that can be at the tween stage and the power of suggestion is huge at this age.

Right here are some examples:
My daughter has a beautiful speckling of freckles across her nose. Many people around her have commented that they love them. SHE loves them. She said to us a few months ago that she wished she experienced MORE freckles. In this book, on page 36: “I have freckles. I hate them and wish I actually could get some lotion that would make my freckles go away. I actually need help! ” While she loves her freckles, I could see reading this she may commence to question how she feels about them. I possibly could imagine the woman thinking, “Wait, are freckles considered to be unsightly? ”

Page 50-51, about three questions are about girls’ insecurities of having a flat chest, then this one: “I have bigger boobs than most of my friends. Because of this, my friends are embarrassed to be around me personally because they think Im very ugly and fat. I used to be very popular, but now I find myself dorky and unhappy. ” Yikes! Really?? I actually developed breasts prior to my friends and was definitely insecure about them, using large shirts, etc., but NEVER did I ever think my friends wouldn’t like me personally because of them. The information that people might not like you because of anything having to do with your physical appearance is awful. I know it is rampant in our culture, but I really would like to keep my young daughter from being exposed to this idea as long as I will. I realize the book is intending to prevent these sorts of thoughts, but the question itself may get ladies wondering and thinking about these things, not to mention re-enforcing the information that if you are fat, you are unlikable.

In the same vain, pages 62-63, titled Entire body Talk, all four questions from girls are about how precisely other girls are thinner; how to stay slim; getting thinner; and evaluating your own body to your friends'. Talk about re-enforcing the idea that thin is ideal! I am aware the answers talk about all bodies being different and never to compare yourself, but these questions themselves might get our daughters pondering about whether they are thin enough and that it is normal to compare their bodies to their friends'. Yes, I realize she will face these issues at some point. I just feel there is no need to get these thoughts proceeding at this kind of early age.

This is getting too long, but just know there are other parts in the book talking about comparing you to ultimately others physically; calling someone pizza face because of acne; insecurities if you haven’t gotten your period yet and are not considered a “woman” like your friends, etc . Again, I know that these are presented as questions and the guide is telling the ladies not to do those things or feel these ways, but the power of suggestion is so strong.

I wish there was a simple book about body changes/puberty which I could read to an eight year old girl without proceeding in to explicit details about sex. This book would be much better if it just stuck to the facts about physical changes during puberty, how to care for yourself, etc . and left out the question/answer section. The questions seem more appropriate for the second book for older girls (if even), not the target age of this book. I noticed one recommendation in another review for " Achieving for the Moon, " by Lucy H. Pearce. I will try that and then leave an update here., My daughter, as far as the lady is concerned, is strong, athletic, and has a beautiful body that she can trust. The very first page of this guide starts with " Its a struggle for any girl to ask questions when she's dying of embarrassment... "

My daughter is in no chance embarrassed by her body, but this book over and over again tells the woman over and over again to not be embarrassed. We know that these tween years are the years that will erode self confidence for our girls - I really feel like this book will feed into that.

This plants seeds that freckles may be ugly and that other kids could make fun of your bosoms and/or braces. Apparently, if you're also going to have halitosis as you get older and offers a two page spread about how precisely to shave those hairy hip and legs. Girls need to really to screw up their courage to talk to their parents about needing a bra. It just made me really unhappy to read.

While the technical information is right and I really enjoyed some of the instructional material about using pads and choosing bras, the approach to a ladies emotional needs certainly feels like it was written 20 years ago. Actually if your daughter *is* embarrassed about her transforming body, I still ponder if this would provide a new punch set of concerns for her. I'm surprised that this is still such a popular book.

I actually will upload a picture of the extremely first page. Upon it, you can observe that it is written to be upbeat, but there's a theme of self question and being embarrassed by these changes. The same tone continues throughout the whole book. It is not for people.

We have settled on _What's happening to me? _ by Usborne, which had a much more matter of fact approach to what is happening, with very similar content., I received this book for my 8-year-old for Christmas. Sensitive issues about body changes are becoming a hot topic around here even as we begin to deal with pre-puberty. Because she is such a huge bookworm I thought this would be a great starting off point for the woman to learn about body changes. I think that this is one subject where you really have to take into consideration your own child's personality and decide how to strategy these sensitive topics. Along with that being said Specialists her to read the book on her own time and then we could talk about any questions that she has, departing the ball in the woman court and leaving the door to conversation LARGE open.

The book has definitely given her the courage to talk about something she was very not sure about. She understands the woman body now and is actually excited about the changes happening (I was NOT as a child BUT nobody gave me a book such as this or discussed to me about something! ). I think the book has given the woman courage to ask questions and even given the woman vocabulary about the issues she otherwise wasn't positive how to articulate, if that makes sense. I actually think it also made her aware of other changes that she was not even aware about. No matter how you decide to make use of this guide or other material it is imperative that you not embarrass or belittle your child. It is also imperative that you will be there for them and get suggestions appropriately and honestly. Easily ever feel that something is inappropriate to talk about then I honestly tell them, " This isn't something that is appropriate right now but we will talk about it soon! " And then don't go back on your promise.

Some pretty amusing " kids say the darndest things" occasions have also happened as a result of guide. She knows that they are private subjects that stay at home so she's very comfortable saying things to all of us that might make others rose or stutter. I won't go into that here but I'm chuckling right now as I type this, thinking of the things she's said!

Ultimately I want to which we're a super conservative Christian family. I found nothing in this guide that I felt was perverse or misguided or inappropriate. It is simply an anatomical book about changes that happen in early puberty. God created these wonderful bodies of ours and it's important to understand the changes *before* they happen. If will be certainly something in ANY guide that people don't exactly concur with then we use it as a teaching instant and explain that a lot of people think dealing with thoughts or friends " this way" is okay but this is how us chooses to do it. If I am made aware of a serious injury in a book or one that is most definitely not Godly then we discard it but this book was well written and we have been pleased in how it offers helped build our daughter's confidence in an unsure and sometimes scary time in a young girl's life! We will be getting the version for old girls when she's a little older.

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