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This particular review works for all four volumes of the Omnibus collection as I feel the story, and quality of the books is consistent throught.

The particular book itself is stunning. The pages of the book are really solid and printed on white paper, it is much higher in quality than some other manga I've seen. You will find color illustrations dispersed throughout the book in three seperate sections (probably dividing the original volumes). The bulk of these color illustrations are in the rear, there are about 30 in each volume of the Omnibus. These illustrations range from full and double page spreads to colored doodles. The cover has similar thickness to that of most softcover books but very matte.

The story and character types are very endearing and interesting. It is a very simple manga to follow but has enough plot to keep the reader going, I never found myself getting bored. Like many CLAMP works there is a give attention to exploring many associations and the art is detailed and perfected. The particular story is about a magical girl, Sakura, who by making use of her friends collects a series of magical cards in order to find her true strength. There are a great number of episodic chapters that deal with the fun of being a girl exploring and enjoying the entire world, but also chapters that talk about thoughful questions. If you are knowledgeable about the magical girl type this book is unique in many ways as it adds new changes to the many staples of the genre. The particular story has a satisfying, yet open ended, summary and I would recomend picking it up, especially with it's current revival in the works!, This was a really enjoyable surprise, since the crash of the manga publishing company that was Tokyopop.
This was a nice value! It's three of the books put into one, for a price of two books sold seperately. Good binding on my new copy, steady and smooth paper for the black and white pages, so no concerns of yellowing pages like with the cheaper papers that's usually used when printing manga (which is actually a newsprint-like paper).
There was also the beautiful edition of color inserts in the book! All stuck in at certain points, like a few to seperate volumes one, 2, and 3, and 30 additional color inserts in the back!
It's a really nice omnibus for the price!
Now the problems (and these are just nitpicks).
There aren't translation records in the back, which is odd considering all of the references to Japanese culture available. Thinking of this is a reprint of the series, if a new reader would have been to pick this up, they could not catch some of small things that you might need to know. There are some cultural things that can certainly be googled (i. e food, clothing) but there are also certain cultural things within the book that readers might not catch or find them to be strange without proper explanation (i. e. marriage and era of consent in Japan). So some translation records would've been nice.
Another weird thing was the strange inconsistency between the use of English and Japanese writing. For instance , on some pages, a number of the Japanese writing has been left on some pages with a translation to the side of it. And on other pages, they replace the Japan text with English, as expected. I don't know if this was completed preserve some of the art, but it felt pretty inconsistent.
Especially since, looking at the original Tokyopop translation, it's the EXACT SIMILAR dialogue, but it's been edited into the book differently.
Final nitpick is the font options, because, in case you are going to pick a font, it's gotta fit with the art style, because the text IS part of the art, of course, if you're translation a book to British, you have to choose similar fonts. The regular typeface for the speech balloons is fine. But then there's the strange typeface choices for side dialogue or monologue boxes, and the font that's using when the character is chanting a spell. Let me tell you right now. Unless you're going to use all caps for some medieval cover art text or something, ÉCRIT from Microsoft Word is not the best font to use in a manga... or VIRTUALLY ANY comic book of the sort. There are PLENTY of creative baptistère out there that I am sure would fit much better.
Again, those are just nitpicks. The translation is still very solid, and little to nothing was altered. In case you are looking for a great collector's item for this magical girl classic, definitely pick this up.
If you're just getting into this series, you CAN pick this upward, but I'd suggest trying to find the original Tokyopop printing, at minimum for the first 6 volumes. Since this omnibus is a reprint, then the Tokyopop printings must cost you some back-pocket change. And it'll have translation notes for you, so BONUS!
Several and a half superstars., I was ecstatic when I came across this omnibus after all it was a childhood favorite! The story remained the same from the original but there were a few scenes I may remember. I. e. Sakuras friend is dating the teacher? Don't recall that and there's more focus on how Tomoyo feels about Sakura. None of it bothered me I just didn't recall it in the original., Cardcaptor Sakura was one of my favorite comics as a kid, so I picked up the ebook format to indulge in some CLAMP nostalgia. I'm impressed how well this story still holds up. In many aspects it's a straightforward magical girl narrative, but below each of the fun of accumulating cards and sporting frilly outfits lies a story filled with a remarkably complex group of character types navigating through many relatable and difficult life problems. CLAMP's beautiful art only adds to the charm of the story.

The ebook version is surprisingly well done. The text is not hard to learn and overall there usually are any strange scanning artifacts or moira, which seems like a no brainer but I've purchased some e-format comics in the past where the quality was so low that the text was nearly illegible. I wish the pages were a little higher resolution so you could zoom in and appreciate some of the pretty detail in CLAMP's panels, but otherwise well done., This omnibus is great. The pages are high quality, the spine supports the size of the book, and the pictures are beautiful. My only complaint is that there are no translation notes. There are cultural dissimilarities and nuances that are lost in translation that, if you may know, you completely gloss over. Pop culture references are lost and it's frustrating to see that they aren't mentioned in records at the end. Additional than that, this translation is great.

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