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You will find really two books in this but I will review the first. It's about a pack of were wolf's but the stay hidden to outsiders. Summer time is new got the city when she happens onto a killing of a local drug dealer in the alley behind the bar where she works. She sees the two wolves change from men to do the killing, then change back again. Needless to say she actually is in deep trouble. The storyline kept my interest and I feel I could recommend it to anyone who likes just a little light reading., Juniper Hart has written an interesting book with well developed characters. Can't say as I cherished the ending, but it was well thought away and a nice way to lead elsewhere. We did love the story, figures, and writing. I will be reading more of her work., Utterly the most effective books I've read. Typically the story was great complete of love and
Compassion with lots of twists and turns that keep you on the advantage of your
Seat. Couldn't put it down, kept coming back again to it all weekend long.
An actual page Turner. Adored it.....
Will be pumped up about reading more book's by this writer., Ms Hart provided a quick paced tale with several twists that would have done Jeffrey Deaver happy. Considered five stars, but a number of typo type editing errors and somewhat more character development would have been nice. Worth a read., Juniper Hart has written an awesome paranormal mystery. It consists of visions, kill orders, violence, abuse, betrayal and relationship. Who is the drug kingpin? Will they finally be able to find him this time?
Summer Garland works at the Cherry House serving drinks and seeking to avoid conflict. Whilst emptying the trash she witnesses a murder by men who turn into wolves. Kidnapped and scarred to death she satisfies Damon.
Damon is the alpha dog of the pack and unhappy that to of his pack kidnapped the woman, until he realizes the girl with his mate. Will this individual be able to save her from death? Will they find who desires the leaders dead? That is action pact and worth 5 stars. " I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced visitors copy without pressure to do so"., This is actually a collection. A single book and one storia by the author listed, plus another freebie history by a different writer.

The main story and novella weren't badly written. It thankfully lacked lots of annoying grammar and editing issues to detract from the telling. While We personally would have enjoyed a slightly different closing on the main story, and I think the They would was somewhat lacking in foresight sometimes, it was generally a good read for this genre. The dialog sounded pretty natural and distinct to each character, something that helped make it more lifelike. Was this the best writing We have come across? No. But it was a lot better than most I've seen for this kind of story. While I uncertainty I'll reread it, We certainly don't bemoan the time I spent on it.

The freebie history by another author, that I could have done without. The writing, sentence structure and editing was very poor. The way the relationship flipped from fierce to true love between the H/h failed to flow well. There was nothing to make the transition make sense as it happened. Only in hindsight do the pieces fall collectively, so it came off like a rough draft. As well as the dialog! Just awkward and stilted. The figures didn't sound like normal people, especially due a lack of contractions in their speech (i. e. "I will" instead of "I'll", that sort of thing). The storyline was like cube of swiss cheese, jumpy with plot holes., 1st of all I was gifted this great book for a honest review. I loved it. Summer time had a pretty tough life with her ma always blaming everything onto her. She even had it rough at school with being bully. Summer finally leaves home after college graduation. She still have bad luck with friends and jobs. Summer witness a murder outside her job, where the girl with then grabbed. Summer meets Damon and instantly they are attracted to each other. Can't say any longer then it would spoil it for you. A fantastic book., When Summer time was initially kidnapped I thought I was relaxing back again to enjoy a nice little kidnapping and some sizzling romance, but We forgot you never judge... well I wasn't expecting a really good kidnapping with lots of thrilling action and then being shocked then the ending just totally throwing out me away. The unpredicted surprises will keep you fascinated as Damon transmits the pack out on a killing order to save the town and chooses what he should do about Summer, but then he knows someone in their little town aren't be trusted. I recommend Damon & Summer's quest to all mature and dukun readers. Enjoy while We wait for a "Birch Mountain Alphas, " book 2 to become available.

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