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I am a tiny business owner that is looking to grow my business using Instagram so when I bought this book I was hoping to get a handbook of tips and tricks how to do that. This book will none of that. Instead it offers flippant advice like " when you take a picture, make certain to follow the outlines of where the eye is going to get a great shot". That's it. No explanation of what " the lines" are. No explanation for why that's important. And then the author follows it up with a few pictures from her Instagram accounts (including an attempt of herself with Pharrell) - not sure what that experienced to do with " following the lines ". In the end, it seemed more like an omage to herself and her best Instagram images than a " how to grow on Instagram book". It would've at least been tolerable experienced she shared her personal stories about her challenges and successes with Instagram, but she doesn't do this either. There's a great deal of " become your best", " take great pictures", " love what you do" type speak. Since for personal encounters (i. e. when she's not bragging about a time when some fashion artist paid her way to some elusive island vacation so she could post it on her Instagram account) all you'll get is an " oh, but don't do that, I did it once and it was horrible. " My last beef with this book, and admittedly it is just a nitpick, is the woman use of text language and hashtags in the actual text. At one point she actually states " document your life in a way that enables you to proud (#word). " Really? Why the hashtag? Maybe I'm too old to get it- who knows- but the only thing I got from this book was annoyed., I bought this as a gift idea for my sweetheart as I'm off at university and we're at present in a long distance relationship and I wanted to throw together a package for her on Easter. I picked this guide because I thought the colors went along with some of the photographs of the cherry blossoms I would taken around campus (I'm a photographer so I somewhat like things to be aesthetically pleasing) and because she's amassed quite a following on Instagram through her own fashion pictures. I thought this would be an excellent, practical present. She loved it and now reads it from time to time after browsing it's many detailed color prints, but mostly it resides on top of her dresser, matching the pink and white theme of her bedroom., Honestly, was pretty surprised I ended up enjoying this book.

Though the first few pages were kind of pointless (if you already know Instagram as well as lingo) she does offer a lot of great suggestions in words of sides and goals. The author really has thought carefully through the Instagram product and it makes sense why she is so successful. Wishing the author the best of luck and wish she enjoys the fruits of her efforts.

I even recommended the book to a few friends who don't really use Instagram but would like to get started on it. This was a quick crash course for them. Happy to share: ), Aimee Song, thank you for putting this book together! It's an easy read and makes expanding your brand much easier with an easy page-by-page guidebook to elevating your Social Media platform! Go for it!! Dive in., I am so pleased I bought this book by Aimee Song. The girl gives us a glimpse into how she obtained 3. 9 million followers on Instagram! Absolutely essential read for an social mass media flower wanting to blossom., As a fairly new Customer of Instagram, this book gave good insight on the different tools you can use in Instagram, using it with a purpose, captions, tags and picture techniques. Highly recommend it!!, This book came out at the EXACT moment which i needed. If you're looking for key insights how to take into account upping your instagram game, photographic inspiration or even just permission to relish the hell out of your selfies.... THIS REALLY IS YOUR BOOK. Aimee did a fantastic job and I simply can't wait to see the things i create because of her fabulous book and insights. Now... if only she could teach us a thing or two about Snapchat: ), This book is so helpful for many who would like to learn how to take beautiful pictures and achieve their Insta-goals. Aimee does an amazing job at teaching you about many matters such as taking selfies, fashion, food, flat layouts, decor, picture editing, etc. I really enjoyed reading Get Your Style and am definitely recommend this book! Good luck! < 3

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