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I just fell in love with this read I chuckled I cried it just warmed my heart I actually truly enjoyed the read immensely I was just amazed as the writing was exceptional, Basic character types were well developed... Story ranges good.. Guess I'll never look at a fireman the same way.. Overeat read... Worth the price.., The book had me personally rooting for Jeremy and Bailey. Loved it!!!!!, Weston Parker’s latest novel is a spectacular display of heart-wrenching feels, frustrating chaos, humor around every switch, coupled with a nice ovary busting single father still in mourning, to a copious amount of inferno blazing sexiness that even this Captain of the Firehouse could not quell the blazes too!

Oh, I liked this one, no, Wait, I actually did not merely like this novel, I. LOVED. THAT - now the type of love have for this yummy, emotional beast of a tale... Hmm, well why don't put it this way... There is a chocolates peanut butter brownie made by a local food handling business it is the best thing ever.. ( pretty sure I die of bliss a little each and every time I have one ) I actually have to stop personally from visiting over and over again a month because fitting through doorways and whatnot is ya know- important.
Captain Hotness the following is ranking right up there with the brownie! That will is a tall order in my world. *winks*
The blend of emotional turbulence and the budding relationship between Jeremy and Bailey and the adorable Austin was an attention grabber and center squeezer right from the start!
Walking in line on through the storyplot the absolute frustrating madness got me crazy right combined with the well-developed characters- it was great!
Speaking of well-developed characters, the extra characters, are just as impressive (Rhys, Ellen, Nina and perhaps even Mrs. Bennett.. *eh*) they kept the storyline fun, twisted and even more interesting!
The fan your face worthy hotness is off the Richter scale- but what originates from those hot times, can make it all, even more, read-worthy! ( Continue to hotter than Hades though! )
Inside my opinion, this was a passionate, heartbreak to put it back again novel that flowed seamlessly, one which I was sorry to see end, but made me in a much better place than I was when I actually started.
Weston Parker knocked this one out of the recreation area!
Definitely, will be rereading Captain Hotness!
Deserves A lot more than 5 Stars!
#OneClick Material, Wowza what a great guide. Captain Hotness that title kinda claims everything. This particular book is smoldering hot but also so emotionally touching. Jeremy lost his wife two years in the past and he hasn’t been able to move forward. His mom is setting him up with the worst dates possible. Although avoiding another disaster of a blind date this individual sees a beauty from her backside. He or she is instantly drawn to her and her fine a$$. Shock it’s his best friends little sister but she has all grown up. This particular book gives us love, loss, second chance love and all the panty melting heat we’re use to from Weston Parker. I actually received an ARC to voluntarily read and give my honest opinion. I actually really enjoyed this guide. Such a great tale and so well written. I suggest it., Jeremy’s mother had set him or her up on a day at a very expensive restaurant. It was pain! The blond thought this individual was wealthy – she was definitely set for a shock! As he sitting at the table holding out for Sadie to come back, his mother called. He was annoyed that at 32-years-old, his mom was so involved with his self confidence. His wife had died and this individual was not ready to push these women on his 5-year-old son. Any time Sadie returned, he recommended he take her home. When she couldn’t convince him to go to his house with her, she got out and threw a shoe at his car.

Bailey was not happy with the results of the woman painting efforts. She needed professional training. And now she would definitely be late getting to the Blackhouse Grille where she worked well as a manager! 1 of the waitresses was telling her about a guy she met online. But Bailey had no good stories to share with the woman in return. She hadn’t met anyone she was considering – nobody other than her brother’s best friend, Jeremy. But she was always the little sister and he would not pay attention to her.

The particular guys at the open fire station liked to tease the Chief about the dates his mother aligned for him. The stories he told kept them amused. Jeremy took a phone call and was surprised it was his best friend, Rhys. He was coming to visit since his sister, Bailey, got moved up that way. Jeremy hadn’t seen the woman for 10 years now, when she was 16, all legs and pigtails. But the Grille was only about a kilometer from the station and he designed to drop in and say hi. Will be he prepared to meet the grown-up woman that child grew into? Is this individual willing and able to let someone new into his heart?

This was a very well-written book that flowed easily along. The particular story line was really good, and the humor was perfect – I trapped myself chuckling aloud quite a few times! The particular characters were well developed and “real” individuals who you could love being friends with. Bailey’s friend, Ellen, was awesome and an amazing character. She’s the one who really kept me personally laughing all the time! The banter back and forth among the characters shows a deep love and patient for every single – this is real family and real friendship. Don’t miss this book!

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