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" Captain Corcoran's Hoyden Bride" is a sequel to Annie Burrows' historical " Devilish Lord, Mysterious Skip. " The heroine Aimee is the virgin God Matthison wins but won't claim after a cards game with her contemptible father. Aimee takes his money and flees to what she supposes to be a governess' position. Hungry and thinking Matthison is on her path, she finds Captain Corcoran, a scarred naval hero who is really seeking a wife. Misunderstandings and suggest spirited relatives are overcome by real love and they live Happily Ever After in this well-written regency fairy tale.

Aimee and Septimus' story stands by yourself. You don't need to to read the first book but We enjoyed the moment when I attached the two stories near the ending of the book. Annie Burrows' publications are always first published in the UK by Generators and Boon and are at times published out of sequence in the US. I came across this book as a Kindle e-book and the first book of the two second-hand on Amazon. Burrows writes a clear narrative with strong supporting characters to make an enjoyable read., Aimé e Peters has run away from their accommodations after her father gambled her away in a card game. Seeing an advertisement about a position of governess, she applied, with falsified recommendation documents. Thanks to her very unusual upbringing, she will know some strange people like forgers. She really wants to become respected, and being a governess will give her that at least, or so she thinks.

But the situation she encounters in Yorkshire, is far different from what she expected. The woman employer is not really buying governess, he needs a wife now he's suddenly gotten the title of Earl, and this individual has no intention of scouring the London golf balls to find one. Chief Corcoran has been at sea the majority of his life, working his way up to ship's captain, until he god badly hurt fighting the French. Plus now, becoming an Earl, this individual won't be in order to go back to active obligation. Now he's estates and tenants to look after. But this individual won't forget his faithful crew, who will be thrown away by the politicians as they are no lengthier needed.

Aimé e won't understand at first he is offering marriage, and thinks he is offering for a mistress. Plus as she did refuse that position more often in her past, she actually is want on fleeing in the night time. But she doesn't get very far, as the woman flight is noticed. Because she hurt her ankle, there is no way she can leave that night to return to the posting inn, or even to London. But when the confusion is lifted, and he or she has time to think about the Captain's proposal, she is relieved. In the end, he is handsome and rich, and she so longs for security.

When her mommy eloped with her father, her grandfather cut the woman off. Her parents took her all over The european countries, from one city to the next, until their debts were too big to pay, and they needed to flee in the night time. As a minor nobleman's son, her father rejected to operate for a dwelling, but he was not so good at cheating with cards either, that they were doing not catch him at it.

And so, a marriage of convenience is made between Aimé electronic and Captain Corcoran, but it will not be in name only. Plus it seems to start out of very well, until Septimus finds the fortune pounds sown into her clothes. What is she hiding from charlie? Why doesn't she confer with him? He aren't avoid her at night time, but he sure can ignore her by day, even when they move into the Earl's main residence, and have to deal with the Dowager Duchess and her child on a daily foundation. At first Aimé electronic is content, being the sort of wife this individual thinks he wants, but she wants more. And what will happen when she is confronted by her previous?

I really enjoyed this book from the start. Aimé e does not behave like it is expected from a staid governess or a softly raised girl; she was fun to read about. She is practical especially things, but she can also dream and is not afraid of much. The sailors who are Captain Corcoran's servants are great secondary characters, and provide a nice background. Plus then of course the Captain himself. Who is portrayed very lively, and has been burned badly by his first wife. This makes him very untrusting of Aimé e's motives and jumping to an incorrect conclusion very often. But Aimé e takes it all in step, and she holds her own against his accusations. We liked them together, the two are not looking for love, but finding it nonetheless. Aimé e has no idea how to run a household, but she is determined to learn. Unfortunately, the Dowager Duchess really hates her, and does her best to make her miserable.

We had fun reading this book, and I do recommend it if you like a lighter writing style and your historical romances outside the ballrooms of the ton. We am looking forward to reading more of Annie's publications.

8 stars.

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