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Problems 1 to 7 of Captain America is collected in this graphic book collection. The past appears to be coming back to haunt Captain The usa. He keeps having sensations of memory that may or might not be true. A mysterious killer is stalking his old opponents and friends, including both the Red Skull and Jack Monroe (Nomad).

While the story is so good, it also doesn't feel complete. I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise since it is merely part of an ongoing monthly series. The problem is that it isn't very even a full arch in that series. In reality, it feels similar to backdrop for the real history to come. So while it is needed to be read, it also leaves you feeling unsatisfied as well.

The artwork also appears to be off somehow. It is like the artists are not comfortably drawing Chief America unless he is wearing the mask. From other times, it appears as official features are focused on but then are slapped onto a universal head. This causes the artwork to have a flat look.

So I would say this is a decent part of your comic book selection with the death of any couple of characters and the setup for another. Just don't expect it to be one of your favorites., Excellent history telling. Brubaker is great. Steve Epting, the key performer, is amazing. And Michael Lark who does the flashback sequences is really great as well., Captain The usa is one of the oldest comic book superheroes around, and for good reason: he is a stunning metaphor for justice, recognize and duty. Very few characters in any medium convey such a strong message of doing elaborate right. However, in the Winter Soldier, Book A single, the question becomes: is he still relevant?

Ed Brubaker's acclaimed run on Cover starts here, weaving a tale of political conspiracy, World War II flashback sequences, romance, friendships lost, and mystery. Brubaker makes use of the fact that Dorrie Rogers is steeped in history to his advantage all throughout his writing, making several references to the Sentinel of Liberty's earlier exploits in conjunction with modernizing the character. His writing is superb and consistent throughout, with very few lulls in the story.

The artwork is strong, and Steve Epting's effort should be commended as highly as Brubaker's work as a writer. The two work very well in tandem to create a somewhat darkish atmosphere around a much more jaded Cap than we're used to.

Speaking of which, this isn't very your grand-father's red, white & blue extreme patriot Captain America. This is a man who likes his country and can do anything to protect it, but appears to be worn down from everything that's happened to both America and himself. He trudges forward almost begrudgingly, and the reveal of the Wintertime Soldier nearly breaks his psyche.

This is a great book, the one that really offers a new, interesting point of view of Captain America that has become the standard heading forward. It's subtly intriguing, and while not world-shattering, certainly a solid read from learn to finish., Cap with all smudged memories. A murdered red skull. Shield skullduggery. A mysterious enemy. A good ex Soviet with an axe to grind. Even more Ed Brubaker greatness., EXCELLENT BOOK, Such a gritty, dark, beautiful story. As a huge cap lover, it can feel hard to find a history that is worthy of fitting the character and exactly what he deserves, but this is by far the best cap story We have ever read., Anyone seeking to dive into Chief America after The Avengers And Captain America 2 films have a great jumping on point here. After the first pair issues it becomes apparent why Ed Brubaker is considered one of the finest writers in the comic medium today. Dorrie Epting Was also a great choice for this run on Cap. His art work sets the scene beautifully., LOVED IT!!!!

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