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Among fewer than 50 medical professionals in the US certified in cannabinoid medicine by the Amer Assoc of Cannabinoid Medicine, I would recommend this book to physicians, other health care professionals, policy makers, and patients. This book summarizes and communicates the express of the art of cannabis medicine as of roughly earlier 2013. It is much simpler to read and in ways more practical than such academic books as " Marijuana and Cannabinoid Research: Methods and Protocols" edited by Prof. Emmanuel Onaivi (whose work is advancing knowledge of the CB2 receptor in the CNS) or " Cannabinoids in Nature and Medicine edited by Didier Lambert. Backes' book bridges and updates the clinical knowledge in these books as well as less academics and non academic publications including multiple chapter writers in " The Pot Book" by Julia Netherlands or Martin Lee's Fumes Signals, and Irv Rosenfelds's classic, " My Medicine, " respectively.

The usage of Medical cannabis in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA goes back to the pre Civil War era, as reprinted in the late Dr Todd Mikuriya's " Medical Marijuana Papers", pre-WW1 medical and pharmacy books, and summarized by Dr David Bearman in " Demons, Discrimination, and Dollars" (and expanded upon his soon to be posted illustrated. much expanded version.

As the unscientific, critical motivated stigmas, and legal status of Cannabis-based medicine is rapidly changing, this book as well as others should be considered essential reading by those who care for those who suffer, those who think that people ought to not be criminalized for growing a handful of therapeutic plants to treat insomnia, neuropathic and other types of chronic pain, reduce opiate use, alcoholic desires, PTSD, traumatic brain injury/stroke/cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injuries, (search pubmed for research by Prof Yosef Sarne), and enhance feelings of well-being.

Backes discusses the importance of the united states federal patent, " Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants", cannabidiol (CBD), other emerging cannabinoids: THCA, THCV, CBN, GBG, CBD, CBDA, and CBDV, and a few terpenes.

An omission includes the implications on benefits and risks by the confounding a vast amount of cannabis, including literature assessments by undocumented and underdocumented contaminants of smoked or consumed plan by pesticides, other chemicals, fungi, and germs. (Reference and the scientific presentations by natural chemist Jeff Raber)

About me: A semi-retired medical doctor who has spent the bulk of my career as a drug safety expert and clinical researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, I am looking to license my published patent application for use of the plant and/or separated cannabinoids to deal with nerve agent neurotoxicity: " Use of Cannabinoids and terpenes for the treatment of organophosphate toxicity" Attention VC: based on the rules of the
FDA's CounterACT program, my patent meets the criteria be developed into a FDA-approved drug without costly and time-consuming human trials!

Info on therapeutic use of cannabinoids and terpenes in this guide should be updated every couple of years as practical cannabinoid medicine is advancing rapidly on the west coast USA, in Israel (thanks to the pioneering operate the endocannabinoid system by Prof L. Mechoulam), Spain, Scotland, Uruguay, in Canada, and Britain (thanks to GW Pharma), and indeed around the globe where science, a true doctor/patient relationship, and medicinal grow research are permitted., Getting a 2014 release, this has some of the most up-to-date information about the medicinal applications of cannabis, in spite of the fact that even more details has been released because the final edit of this book.

The guide is not cut upwards into a bunch of chapters, but four freely defined “Parts”.

In Portion 1, you get a conglomeration of cannabis background biology, but quickly switches up into how cannabinoids work in the body and how they even interact with some recommended and over-the-counter medications. An excellent explanation of terpenes and exactly how they augment the impacts of the cannabis in your body is here too. Possibly the best book dealing with the “adverse effects” of immediate and long-term use, along with a good few paragraphs about “over-medication” or that bad trip.

Part 2 is interesting in its own right. It is entitled, “Using Medical Cannabis”, and goes through all the basics that a beginner would have to figure out on their own. Short of having an experienced user to guide you, this is practically the next best thing. Good few pages on contaminants, insect poison, and other adulterants, especially useful for underground users depending on an unregulated black market for their medicine.

“Varieties of Medical Cannabis”, Part 3 is a complete section on common strains and exactly what they are used for. Basically have a complaint, it is with this segment. Many of the strains mentioned are all old standbys. With all the creative crosses and expands, you find many non-name and designer strains becoming utilized in the medical cannabis community. More information about that, crossed with the terpene section, might have been best to allow a nuanced understanding of how that is linked. You are left to extrapolate everything on your own.

Part 4 is where the component and value of this guide comes in, with the “Medical Uses of Cannabis”. It is a fairly comprehensive list of varioius ailments and medical conditions that are dealt with with medicinal cannabis and the corresponding strains great for those specific conditions. This particular covers many of the new hot-button studies just lately covering anxiety, Alzheimer’s, autism, fibromyalgia, Hep C, MS, Parkinson’s, and PTSD.

When you have a family member that is looking for good science based information on using cannabis medicinally, this is a fantastic primer.

Most of the information is out there on the internet, but you have to put the pieces together. This is all packaged for you in a simple to read, casual format., I purchased this guide as I have a family member who have been suffering from Osteoporosis. Traditional pain killers have not been effective and/or are too strong and/or have other unpleasant side affects, so was hoping this guide would teach me more about how to effectively use cannabis to help control pain.

I found the book smart, well-written and informative. I would suggest this book in people with medical problems where traditional methods of managing pain (and other things) have failed, or those would you rather pursue a more natural route., It`s about time that research has begun on the general analysis of cannabinoids in the metabolic process. It certainly appears that there are many possible outcomes of a positive nature in the medical using cannabinoids and even terpenes to health issues. It may be that dosages of a much smaller amount than previously thought tend to be more efficacious. But that is yet to be seen. Perhaps the educational level of society in general needs to rise somewhat in order for it to simply accept these ideas. The book will help in that consider and contains been long overdue., Good book, An excellent overviews! I appreciated the endocan info. The best of the nontechnical materials but does not restrain back on the more difficult functional info. Highly recommended., Well written, very in depth., Excellent book for the medical marijuana patient, or anyone interested in learning the advantages of mmj. Covers a sizable area of topics. Effortless to understand. A must for patients and anyone who wants to learn and understand the truth about marijuana and is actually medical use.

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