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Exactly what a great story! Having been raised, at the exact same time frame - in a Jewish neighborhood, as a only child (Gentile)(goyim) I can really relate! My Dad possessed a body shop next door to the dry out cleaners (after WWll - having served in Europe). 4 out of 5 shops were owned by Jewish families - my Dad being the exception! Medicine store, small grocery, dry out cleaners, metal shop were all owned by Jewish families! The owner of the dry cleaners resided above his store and had a little dog with three legs - I didn't know having been a holocaust sirvivor until much later in life, as well as the owner of the drug store! In my teens, I worked for the operator of the drug store part time - I think my Dad arranged that one, because he would help the other families when they needed body and fender work done! It's was a great period in my life and would be fun to swap stories with Dr. Silverman! One of my Jewish friends gone on to get his masters in mathematics, nevertheless , unlike Mr. Silverman, he or she did become an accountant! Having been one of the few people, that I ever new, that didn't want to find his ass with both hands, but could add any set of numbers in head instantly! I use to help him with car fixes, because he didn't even know how to change a car tire! Later, when I was in the military and had access to some Secret files (at least secret @ that time, but not now) is when I saw films taken after the soldiers arrived at the campements! To describe what they were is impossible! That's when I became an Atheist! I wasn't brought up religious anyway, but that put me over the edge! This book was not only funny, but. Really held my interest. I think anyone, would really enjoy it - I could not put it down., I could not wait to learn this book.
Did not read it on my wife's Nook.
Herb Silverman's clever as can be.
A Jewish atheist, just like me.
Both our families were somewhat poor,
Bt funds for college were there for positive.
Both our mothers were overbearing,
So many things Herb and I are sharing.
Plant deserves praise and acknowledgement
For starting our Secular Coalition.
For all those considering a secular choice
Read this and listen to Plant Silverman's voice.
Harold L Saferstein, MD, A hilarious book. But , at the same time a sad commentary on certain segments of community who believe being an atheist or humanist is comparable to being a demon. This book shows obviously that there is not necessarily a correlation between being ethical and religious. Humanists, overall, appear to be more considering behaving ethically than religiously. Bear in mind that just because something is legal doesn't suggest it is ethical. The book is well well balanced and no person should be offended by it. Silverman does an admirable job of describing his life's journey from being brought up in the north to working as a college professor in the south., If you like a good story of a man's life, this book is for you. As for his strong convictions about religion, Herb Silverman outdoor sheds light on many of the issues which may have bothered the majority of us who use our brains to question all things we experience along the way. Their conclusions have been helpful to me, and will be to many others who care to to question the things regarding God and religion that individuals were taught as children. Well, we aren't children any longer, and need to appear things as an intelligent and knowledgeable adult. This book will help you work through those things., Herb, I wish I got known about you sooner. When it came to Silverman atheists David was the only name installed to mind. But after reading Herb's book I realize Herb was a firebrand atheist years before David came on the scene. Excellent storytelling about a lifetime of revolutionary atheism. Keep up the great work Herb!, As a mathematician who lives and works in the South, but was not born there, the tales available felt so common there were times when I wished to interrupt Plant Silverman and say " Wait, my story is better! Let me explain to you this one". This particular is a wonderful book., This is an enjoyable and informative biography centered not is without a doubt Herb's life,
but on decades of his reasonable thinking about religion and ethics.
That is hard to go against the opinions and culture of the people you live amongst.
Herb was not only able to exist in the conservative Bible Belt,
with his neck intact, but took and is still taking action to effect change.
The world is a better place because he or she is in it. I highly recommend
Candidate Without a Plea., This is certainly one of the best books i have find out about not beeing a religious person. It's written with a sense of humour, common sense, and a sense of reality. You feel the author is here in the 21st century with his eyes and brain open up and both feet on the ground!

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