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This guide is uncommon in that it is written from the angle of somebody who has already retired. Normally, most books (including but not limited to textbooks about retirement planning) are authored by people still in the midst of their careers. It is refreshing to get the first hand perspective of somebody who has been through the process himself.

Perhaps my favorite characteristic of the publication is that it’s very honest about the uncertainness involved in retirement planning. You don’t know how long you will live. You don’t know how your investments will perform. You don’t know what inflation will look like. And you don’t know how your spending will change from year upon year. Unlike many other books that attempt to gloss over this level of uncertainty, this publication really spells it away for you in a no-nonsense way. Then it shows you how to go about planning in the face of such uncertainty.

I especially liked Kirkpatrick’s discussion of “lifeboat strategies” — ways that you can change course somewhat after retiring in case things (i. e., investment returns or spending) are not going as you got hoped.

The “6 Crucial Questions” at the finish of the book provide a concise, clear way to get started with planning. And I’m certain many people will relate to the “Should I Job One More Year” postscript., I wrote a publication on investing during pension, so I know the broader domain well (I like to periodically check away books related to retirement). I quickly gauged Darrow Kirkpatrick as an sincere and smart guy. It is a large plus that he is independent – when your livelihood is dependent on the financial industry and/or a certain ideology, it is VERY difficult to not be biased. Kirkpatrick’s strength is retiring early.

Since the title says, the book has one main focus: can you retire yet? However, in order to make that decision the reader needs to understand a lot about what happens financially after going, which the author consumes a lot of the book explaining.

Here are some general things I liked:
• The book is not hard to read…. conversational and well crafted (especially for an engineer: -)).
• I liked the first hand snippets…the author shares his thoughts from already going down this path.
• The key decision points are recognized well and comprehensively : this book should keep anyone planning their pension from being blindsided by unknowns.
• In the kindle version the writer includes convenient links to lots of relevant information that supplement the book. This works very well!
• The orientation is pragmatic – it generalizes some to outline the best picture, but then gets into a lot of the nuts and bolts of what you need to know and do. (Sometimes I might have liked to see more though. The author does provide more in his blog, and links to it, but I’m not certain of the extent. And the external links help. )
• The book has a data-driven mindset. This is a large deal to me. I’ve done a lot of simulation and modeling of strategies. Doing so I’ve found quite a few “great” strategies, some popular and based on noise ideas, that just do not work that well using real data.

One thing worth noting is the author doesn’t try to make all the decisions for the reader, although as I mentioned before he does a great job laying out the decision points. Many readers will like this, but perhaps not all. He provides both sides of the story where there is difference in the investigation, which is generally a good thing, but it can leave the reader with difficult decisions to make. To be fair though, there is no way to get around this completely because retirees vary greatly on their outlook and goals. Plus, the author often weighs in with his thoughts to help.

I can’t say Certainly with the author on every detail, but mostly. (My dissimilarities are probably outside the range of the book anyway, in locations where I believe it is possible to dig deeper into the data and do a lot better than regular wisdom states. )

Base line is I liked the book and believe it is a fantastic read for those seriously considering retiring and concerned about the financial aspects. Understanding what this publication is saying, and generally adhering to its advice, will likely put the reader forward of 95% of pack., It would be a bit of an understatement to say that I wish I had had a chance to read this book more effective years ago. Back then I went into a beginning pension blindly ignorant of the math and risks of early retirement. Over the intervening years I have gone down an attractive long road by (among other things) reading books and research papers (a whole lot of them), considering sites, playing with calculators, talking with advisors, paying for good planning, paying for bad planning, financial modeling myself, building my own retirement tools and software and simulators from the beginning, searching up and testing as much of the fundamental math of retirement that I could stomach (and doing a little catch-up on some old math skills along the way), back-testing various investment and retirement models, and even doing some correspondence with a reasonable number of leading academic researchers and bloggers in the current associated with retirement finance. Now, I believe (I hope) I have a healthier sense of humility and respect for the risk I required which was quite a bit bigger than I realized when I started. This is something I could have achieved a little sooner with some of the help offered by Mr. Kirkpatrick in his new book. In the end, I realize that many of my own self-realized conclusions and what Mr. Kirpatrick offers in the book have a very, very significant terme conseillé (not 100% but which maybe a quibble over and above the domain of the book).

There are a lot of different resources that over the final 10+ years have attempted to come at the complex and open finished retirement problem from a lot of different instructions with varying degrees of success and clarity and conflict-free-ness, people from journalists-commentators to academic researchers to financial advisors and practitioners to self-taught and well-informed retirees. Here are some examples I could think of off the top of my head that I have encountered recently:

• Journalists/commentators: Jane Bryant Quinn
• Academics/researchers: Wade Pfau, David Blanchett, Moshe Milevskey, Michael Finke
• Practitioners: Michael Kitces, Joe Tomlinson, major advisory firms, etc.
• Well Informed Retirees: Darrow Kirkpatrick, Dirk Cotton, Ken Steiner, Mr. Money Mustache, etc.

All of these (and more) are really great sources for insight on retirement, of course. I pay particular attention to the last category, however. The men and females that are in this final group have " pores and skin in the game" and personally know the real connection with a human being living inside a dangerous retirement. It's all about trust and I have a tendency to trust someone that is working through the same issues I am in particular when they have their family's future at risk. Positive, there are books to sell and sites to pitch but " Could I Retire Yet" is a book I trust. It truly is both common sense and real lived experience with a partially obvious supporting layer of high quality quantitative thinking and analysis that does not overwhelm the common sense.

The unclear truth on retirement math, as I have found understand it, and as the book confirms for me personally, is the fact: " …no matter the number of numbers you chuck at the choice, you and an advisor will finally be making a belly determination based on numerical probabilities, personal values, and what you want away of life(p 169). " I can think of no better companion on the first leg of that journey than " Can I Retire Yet" especially for early retirees who have an completely different road to follow (my opinion and page 13) than traditional retirees.

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