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We own just about every parenting book that has ever been written. And then one day a good friend recommended Calmer, Easier, More comfortable Parenting - no question sick of me lamenting my unruly children - nine year old girl and seven year old son. I acquired it figuring which it would finish up on the bookshelf next to the other ones, but instead it sits available by the chair near to the window so I can return to it to remind myself of the magic it works. After a a couple days of using simply a few of the associated with this book our kids were happier, more cooperative, and there is a general sense of ease and fun within out home. This particular book doesn't attempt to change everything overnight. It shouldn't try to change your kids, take away their feelings, and make them little automatons who come, sit, and stay. It teaches you how to better know what your child feels and how to reply to them in a way that makes them want to participate in a well intentioned manner. I haven't even gotten to the second half the book, but we are going to doing this well with what we have implemented that I felt the need to share. The techniques don't even involve sweeping changes to your lifestyle either. They are pretty simple, short conversations and tweaks that show almost immediate results. And it has afflicted every aspect of their lives. It's not just they are more compliant, nevertheless they are in fact happier and more confident and the behavior stems from that, rather than fear of consequences. They are doing better in institution including home. They are calmer, easier, happier people.

It did just the trick for us., This guide details the parenting strategies that I've been looking for for years! I am practicing "descriptive praise" with my two daughters now, and I am finding that it is more difficult than I expected to break the habit of over-the-top, generalized praising (i. electronic., "great job, fantastic! ") and being very specific about what my kids are doing right. When We use "descriptive praise, " though, it means so much more to them!

I will order "calmer, more happy music practice" as soon as I can. If only it were available as a book as well as a CD!

My kids are 10 and fifteen now, and while We wish I had found this book earlier, these techniques are still very effective together. Thank you so much for your invaluable insight!, worked with my 11 and 13 year old who will be both at that very moody phase of their teen years: ) It is also the first book that my husband was able to put into practice without much trouble. A must read for each and every parent, teacher (I am a teacher), care-giver, and grandparent!, GREAT publication! it really hits the nail on the mind! I would highly recommend if you are looking to learn calmer parenting skills, A great book. We were having some major challenges with our 6 year old daughter and after putting some of the techniques in place as described in the publication, she has calmed down considerably. The techniques worked well from day 1 which is really encouraging and gives you the motivation to keep going. Thanks Noël., We know Noel personally, and for many years the lady has done really excellent work with children having combined behavioral and learning difficulties. She has got outstanding results with the woman operate both UK and here in america, where the lady now practices for part of each year. The lovely and very helpful book!, absolutely wonderful publication!! worked wonders in our house!! i have recently been looking for a parenting book like this for a long time-- effective, positive, with concrete strategies. i am actually buying three more duplicates to give to friends. just can't say enough about the parenting knowledge seen in this book. SAY THANKS TO YOU!!!, Every parent can use a few helpful hints to easier parenting. This guide makes so much sense and helps us focus on all of the wonderful things our children do each day. It's to easy to focus on the negative which book helps us focus on everything that is right and helps to live in a more positive light. Thank you for helping me see that their is an easier way. Can't hold out to see what long term impact this will have on my family!

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