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Being a nurse, I particularly cherished the stories of taking care of all the neighbors in this unique community. Nevertheless, the best parts of this book will be the descriptions of this wild and beautiful place, and the woman inhabitants in the Hebrides off Scotland, Loved the stories but wish creator had not ended the woman stories without explaining why she and her family left. For her heavy love of the land and its people are evident but made me thinking why they left. The girl epilogue has her expecting she will return one day... and I hope that has happened... but it did leave me thinking what pulled her away., This was An excellent book. The writing was very lyrical, and easy to learn. The stories were participating, funny, heartwarming, and the prose put us right there in the room foul-smelling the smells and viewing the people.

I give it only about three stars for a few of reasons. First the language. I don't know Celtic I don't know Welsh I don't know Scottish, a pronunciation Important would've been very helpful. I would've liked a chart, even if it's a fictionalized area a chart would have helped myself to visualize the places and their relationship to each other. But mostly the about three stars are for the flow of the book. I feel like we started out in the middle and skipped back-and-forth and finished with no conclusion.

I still liked it, and would wish to read more stories and will recommend it to anyone for some light reading, Typically the Hebrides, which are two groups of islands laying just off the western world coast of mainland Scotland, provide the setting for this charming collection of anecdotal experience of a country nurse during the 1970s. Throughout the book, MacLeod is so intent on preserving the level of privacy of the islanders that she refers to the "wild, exposed" island which she and her family made their home by the name "Papavray, " so don't try looking it up on any map--you definitely won't find it. Despite her use of such a pseudonym, nevertheless , the woman experience are made not merely one whit less real to us, her readers, who readily come to feel part of her intimate circle of friends, so welcome and beguiling is her approach.

The delicacy and vibrancy of MacLeod's text resonates with the warmth and keenness of the Hebridean islanders among whom she worked. Anyone who has ever lived near to the sea, and who has savored its sodium tang issues lips, are not able to help but become enthralled by the sensuous wonders of the landscape that she describes in such vivid and glowing phrases. Almost at once, one feels near to her, and becomes intimately concerned with her very own concerns, as she cycles her way around the island from one patient to another. The girl description of the surrounding environs is near to mythological in the poetic mouvement of her speech, fringing in the mysteriousness on much loved passages of Daphne du Maurier: "The skies had cleared and the winding road was bright in the moonlight, while the dark waters of small lochs sparkled among the reeds. "

Typically the appeal of the islands and island life permeates the text, from where MacLeod explains how she, her husband and sundry children decided to give up the hectic pace in the south of Britain, together with all their stresses and daily stresses, to become "middle-aged dropouts, " living on Papavray, to where they become so enmeshed with island life that they themselves commence to seem to be an important part of the rural landscape. Despite needing to, at first, conduct negotiations for land "through a fog of half-understood cultural variations, " they soon warm to the generous food of the island people, with the latter finding MacLeod's husband's electrical skills and her very own nursing ones ever more indispensable. Somewhat akin to James Herriot's experience in the Yorkshire Dales, the author recounts her experience with the locals in tones of mixed a/bemusement and value for endurance and versatility to the relatively tough environment through which they live.

The number of adventures upon which the MacLeod family embarks are recounted lovingly and with consummate relieve, much of it being in direct speech, so that one feels as though one were there, your scenes unfolding before one. The pace of Call the Nurse flows smoothly and eloquently through the pages, with the reader becoming ever more engrossed with the ebb and flow of island life. No matter how jaundiced a view of individuals you might usually, you will not neglect to be drawn into admiring the close-knit functioning of human interrelationships in the family member backwater of Papavray and to come to view others around you in a kinder light, aware, but at least a smidgeon more tolerant, of their foibles and failings--such a humanizing effect does this book have on a single. Completely recommended for both old and young, next time you have a break and wish to escape the rat race for merely a short while, do try reading Call the Nurse--you will not be disappointed., This is interesting since it describes life on a remote Scottish Region several decades ago; upwards to fairly recently. Typically the author, a public doctor, tells us of the inhabitants, their oddities, and humble homes. She identifies several medical situations and just how they were handled in this limited setting.

While it lacks much writing skill, costly inside look of a community much removed from us., Certainly one of my most favorite books I've ever read... type of a James Herriot but Hebridean Islands nurse... a lot of interesting stories of just one family's move to this small island. Many interesting characters. I went on to read the second book because I couldn't put this book down and couldn't wait to notice more stories but the second book talks about the family's proceed to european US and in not almost as interesting. Get a copy, you will love it., I are not able to believe what an important part this nurse played in the lives of the family members on these isles. Great stories and a good introduction to the old Gaelic language and way of life. We are a nurse and visit my patients in their homes, also. I believe that the author should receive a medal for her bravery in the face of challenging weather, roads, and customs. Ditto for Dr. Mac. Will read again!

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