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this is a must read for everyone
one of the best books I've read. I read " Call Me Tuesday" first, then this is the followup. Can not believe parents can treat their kids like this. She certainly deserves pleasure the rest of the girl life. I thank Our god that my parents never treated any of us all like this. God bless you Leigh.
You would never actually think of bullying anyone after reading these 2 books., I enjoyed part 2. It absolutely was important to really know what happen to Tuesday as an adult. She describes the feelings feelings of each and every person she comes into contact with. And to those close she explains the girl past, not because of pity since it was part of her. Being a victim was not who she ever wanted to be, whether she realized or not... I do want to really know what her brother thought or knew, they owe Tuesday that much, but is Tuesday okay without ever knowing from them?... and why one person that she felt safe with" aunt Macy" did Tuesday lose contact? Difficult important for me personally to know the responses. What is important and mattered was Tuesday tale was real, and writing it made me thankful. Each child abuse is similar yet different because no two people are alike... from the abuser to the abused..., I read the first book in the past. It was one of the first publications I read on my Kindle, and am loved the storyline. The things that child had to go through! I cannot picture how difficult it was for her! I failed to know there was a second book until lately. This book was just as good. I didn't want to put it down! I suggest reading the first book first (because it fills in the blanks), but this guide can be read alone also., Study this book in one day. Couldn't wait to discover what happens to main character. Loved learning about the girl life, she's a fighter and hope she comes to an end up happy., This author again portrayed brilliantly what it is like to be a child trapped up in child misuse! I read her book, " Call Me Tuesday" as well. Child misuse is a continual problem throughout all countries of the world. It absolutely was first seen in Greece and has a long association with priests. Being an mistreated child having gone through therapy for over 30 years, I can relate thoroughly with the author and her portrayal of this child. It has been months since I read this book however I believe my memory acts me right that mcdougal wrote both of the girl books from her storage of her own misuse growing up! Leigh creates vividly that it takes the reader through what it seems like to be abused by another person (in this case, the child's father)! Well Composed! Thanks!, I hate to use the "enjoy" after reading a book about child abuse but it was so well written. Say thanks to you for sharing all the little details of your life., There were times that I thought I could not keep on reading... the subject matter was so intense! The idea that a mother could treat a child in this manner made me feel physically ill. But Tuesday was a survivor and against all odds the lady survived. Her survival and eventual happiness... are what make this book worth reading. It offers hope to those who find they have suffered abuse... think that the will never be adored or have joy in their lives. Tuesday may have survived like a cockroach would but she the lady managed to turn the girl life around which is a miracle in itself. Extremely recommend., Call Me Cockroach was well written and facinating. I kept reading to hopefully discover the redemption of the horrendous anuse this young lady was forced to endure, and found none. I did appreciate the author chronicalling the family validation of the girl past. perhaps the payoff was the fact the tale was successfully made into a book by mcdougal which can bring consciousness to signs of child abuse.

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