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Awesome book! I'm excited to begin this new workout program. I really want to gain some lean muscle mass and the exercises in this publication look like a great way to do that! Not to mention each exercise hyperlinks to a video that demonstrates how to perform it correctly!, This book helped me personally a lot and taught me lots of effective body weight exercises. Really, I had a huge interest to find out more about Calisthenics and bodyweight exercises. My best friend recommended me personally about this  Calisthenics: 30 Minutes to Sculpted - Get Your Desire Body Fast With Body Weight Exercises and Calisthenics (Calisthenics, Body Weight Teaching, Bodyweight Strength)   book and by reading this book I have learned a lot. This is true that calisthenic is one of the most effective ways to workout.
By simply reading this book I have learned all about the most effective body weight exercises perfectly. The author of this book has described each exercise very plainly and step by step. By reading this publication, I have understood about nutrition & diet facts. I am already seeking to practice these exercises regularly and trust me by practicing these exercises, within a week I obtained a huge improvement over my body. Definitely this is a helpful guide book and by reading this publication I am super pleased., After reading throug this book that was a perfect fitting for me in lengts of pages, it really made me understand how Calisthenics people that have excess fat related fat problems. At this stage of writing I'm not fat at all, but there have been a darker time in my life when everything was the opposite, and I acquired this publication in hopes of curiosity. I think it is quite functional, and could really help you get started with simple things. Me me personally could definitely benefit from the practical tips and excercises in the publication, but I think it would be a smart thing to contact a personalk trainer that can help, motivate and push you, and also go to a professional so you could tell the person about exactly how you are feeling, and what thoughts you might have, and so forth

But back to the book... This is not a long book, but , I very much liked the functional aspects it raised!! Thank you for a good reading: -), Overall it was a good way to easily learn about the calisthenic workout. There was nothing mindblowing, but if you wish a quick guide on calisthenics that provides a set of work out exercises you are able to use then this is great! Not really to mention it shows you videos of just how to do the exercises., I consider this to be one of the top two or three books on bodyweight training. You will understand how to perform many different types of push-up, pull-up, core exercise, lower body exercise, and conditioning movement, and in the process develop the strongest and most capable physique ever., This publication is informative, insightful, and motivating. The book provides information that can advantage all folks and is a great way to jump start your weight reduction and exercise regimen.... highly recommend for everyone to read. The 21 day challenge is realistic and achievable., Reading this book made me aware of how Calisthenics will aid me personally with my fat problems. I'm not actually " fat fat" but I have fats on some parts of my body like on my sides and on my arms and I would wish to eliminate them in a safer way. This book certainly gave me great ideas and I attempted to do them already and it's really as if I feel lighter. Great read really!, What I love about this book is the 21-day Challenge! They are very creative and beneficial to me. I actually started with them and I am proud to say that they help start my day right by making me feel lighter all during the day in particular when I feel that I lost some calories and fats on my body.

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