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This guide tells about the biography of one of the notorious emperor Caligula. He or she opened the way for other emperors. This guide is well written and has information about Caligula, his family and the empire., Decent read. Fairly repetitive. Overall worth the time to read., Nicely written and factual. 1 of the best written in this series., Hard to follow sometimes., I was a little surprised which a book about Caligula would, apart from a short introduction, not commence the story of his life until over a third of the book had been read. A better title might be “The Julio-Claudian Dynasty, ” as the book contained a lengthy history of the time before Caligula was created.

Even so, I experienced little disappointment, because the creator has created an outstandingly written history. Beginning at (approximately) 49-45 BC, the rise to power of Julius Caesar is touched upon before we learn more about Augustus and Tiberius. Germanicus (the father of Caligula) is featured in a few paragraphs before we being to find out about Caligula. This brief history of Rome’s generals and leaders was interesting and provided a background for the story of Caligula to begin.

The author of this Hourly Background demonstrates his talent with descriptive sentences and little waste of words. When he gets started, a satisfactory overview of Caligula is provided, creating this a good book if one is searching for the highlights of this Roman innovator. As always, the Hourly History books can easily be read in an hr or less. Four stars., Caligula: A Life Through Beginning to End was an interesting mini-e-book about the life and times of Caligula. The most interesting thing that I discovered about while reading this book is the power of the leader of Praetorian Guard Lucius Aelius Sejanous who essentially dominated Rome during the final years of Tiberius’s reign. This e-book gives a short history of the Roman Republic and its finish. I am unable to imagine what life must’ve been for Caligula under Tiberius and how he avoided execution. Thus I can understand why Caligula had a chilly attitude to the people. Clearly, after his illness, he became mad. The e-book explains the brief life and reign of Caligula. This particular e-book supplies a bibliography of Caligula and the background of Rome briefly and concisely that can be read in one hr., Caligula by Hourly Background describes the life span of a man and ruler who became a monster. Simply when you thought you had read it all in phrases of apprehension, in this short summary of history you can find the real-life horror that rivals a number of the strangest fiction written by “extreme horror” writers today. And you can even feel good about yourself because you are reading non-fiction and increasing the amount of your liberal arts-based extensive knowledge.

When many think of Caligula they think of atrocities but in his first six months, Caligula was admired for reinstating the popular vote and establishing transparency in government spending. Ledgers detailing the use of government funds would no longer be private. He raised salaries and provided bonuses to the military. He issued a general pardon for people who had been convicted of treason. Records of studies for treason were to be destroyed. (loc 285-286).

What went wrong? Right now there could have been a physical illness, encephalitis which brought on Caligula to become ridiculous. (loc 294-304) This could have led him to the great events that he became known for such as ordaining a horse as a member of the priesthood or forcing a section of the audience into a stadium to be eaten by wild boars as they was bored. (loc 363).

What You Can Learn from This Book

What is the difference between the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic? Who supported each side and why?

Tiberius, an emperor in absentia for much of the time, didn’t like Caligula. He could have killed Caligula’s father. So why did Tiberius support Caligula’s ascension to power?

Claudius was a disabled and overlooked member of Caligula’s family. After Caligula’s assassination and the follow-up attempts by almost all parties to wipe out Caligula’s staying members of the family, how did Claudius become emperor?

Why really does everybody seem to be to have “Julius Caesar” somewhere in his name?, A quick, thoughtful read about Calilula's family/political history, giving viewers some human insight to the 'making of the man. ' The over-view of the change from republic to empire is interesting and informative. This guide would be good for young readers as a 'sidebar' to the history school, as while it is sympathetic, it is usually objective. All of us hear the sensational reports and see a marbled bust... without personal views
You possibly can almost be sympathetic in a different culture. As the author points out, there were some family factors that could have validated the man's political action. Health conditions could have explained a number of the major personal behavior.

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