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Strongly written by someone who else knows every nook & cranny; warts & elegance. Able to convey a great astoundingly complex world in a riveting style, Amazing Portrayal of Cairo, history and present. Intelligently written together with tremendous insight of Egypt psyche and language. Fascinating account of history focusing on social history, customs, habits and customs. Together with Egypt's long history, the particular social history often will take back seat to significant events, battles, temples in addition to achievements.
A new huge amount of severe research and very knowledgeable analysis of trends developed an excellent work that runs easily like reading a great article on the pages of good newspapers yet has the backing of tremendous research of history.
Sadly, however, there is an over reliance on work and research of discredited Orientalists, nevertheless the author's clear love in addition to understanding for Cairo provides saved the work from being colored by the particular arrogance in the racist historians he relied heavily upon., Very enjoyable book together with sufficient detail and a new lively style. I would definitely recommend this book in order to anyone travelling to Egypt., great city and the stories and history usually are fascinating, having lived there I can confirm the wonderful storied roads in addition to lanes filled with secret... the book brings this to life...., This will be a generally well-written in addition to decently translated great the particular Egyptian capital. There is certainly more information and detail than you want at times, but the personal stories in addition to narratives compensate for the more than verbiage. Worth reading in case you're planning a journey to Cairo., I'll become visiting Cairo next month so i wanted to read something special in this city. The particular book is not negative when it comes in order to history. The author explains the political, economical in addition to social changes with reliability and insight. However he lets out, what i believe, important history regarding the city. He doesnt go into details concerning The Citadel or the particular islamic buildings in the city. He just mentioned all of them when it is related to the storyline his telling. I felt that, since i was going in order to become a first time guest to the city, i wasnt getting all the particular neccesary info or within scoop on the typical monuments, buildings and landmarks of which makes Cairo a fantastic city. I think the writer falls short in this specific regard. But as an introduction to the town itself is incredibly good and gives shade for the account., What a new pleasure it had been to read this book! Mr. Rodenbeck manages to cram a lot of fascinating information into simply 267 pages. The book ranges over an enormous time frame, from the days of the pharoahs right up until the existing. Obviously, in such a short book you can't go really in depth but in some way after you're done reading you feel that you really understand Cairo in addition to the men and women who reside there. I learned several interesting things. Did you know that 1000 yrs ago Cairo was filled with apartment buildings that ranged from 7 stories up in order to possibly 14 stories high? The city was so tiny taking into consideration the size of the particular population that they experienced nowhere to go but up! Another fascinating fact is that when the pharoah Cheops had his pyramid built at Giza the particular specifications required 2. a few million stone blocks of an average weight of 2. 5 tons to be used. In order for the particular pyramid to get completed in the course of the 30 years of Cheops's reign this resulted in a stone block needed to be into place every two minutes! I could go on and on. You learn something on every single page: about the physical layout of the town in addition to how it has changed over the centuries; the relationship to the Earth; the way the wealthy and the middle course as well as the poor live; the value of Islam and the particular struggle to locate a equilibrium between religion as well as the high-end world; about such market leaders as Farouk, Nasser in addition to Sadat; the occupation of Cairo by Napoleon in addition to later on by the particular British. One of the particular best things about the particular book is that Mr. Rodenbeck would not let himself get in the method of fantastic story. He describes the way in which things possess been in the earlier as well as the way they usually are now and he does not preach or predict or else feel the need in order to insert his ego into what he's written. This specific is actually an excellent book!

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