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These kinds of new books are a breathe of fresh air in the world of butchery and Slaughter. Not only are they clear and well thought out, but provide a much needed guide for the rediscovery of a prodigal art. Portion of the problem in our country is the lack of quality small scale cpus for local farms. it is impeding the progress of the real local food movement and avoiding livestock farmers from totally realizing their potential and being able to provide their encircling communities with their high quality products without taking on extra costs for transport to slaughter and grocer, thus allowing greater on farm income and progress. These types of coaching manuals and reference materials will hopefully inspire a fresh younger generation of skilled culinarians and butchers to consider the reins and keep the art alive. I suggest these books daily to each culinary minded personal i know, be it professional chef, avid home prepare, or young startup farmer. They have become an indispensible part of my educational library and possess increased my knowledge of a topic i thought i understood quite a lttle bit about. Hersker has taken it to the next level with this undertaking. Bravo!, of course I havent used it to actually grocer an animal yet but have wanted a publication that is detailed enough to take me through doing it when I get to that point. Ive read a lttle bit from it and it seems clear slice so am looking forward to putting some of that info to good use soon enough!, I can not say enough great things about this guide! In today's world there is such a disconnect between humans and what happens to their meat. This guide bridges that gap. I believe like it created a more soulful connection to animals and their purpose for my family. We have butchered our own chickens and rabbits many times over, so I honestly thought I didn't need another guide to tell myself how to. Man, was I wrong! There are so many great details in this book. And the previous review was correct, it is as helpful as an encyclopedia, but you NEED that if you are going to carry out the take of butchering. The photographs are amazing, the important points are easy to follow. For each section of the book, you will know the structure of the animal, where each cut of meat comes from, and which tools you are going to need for the task. I don't feel that there was details that I wanted (or needed) about the process that I didn't find an answer to., perfect for the home processor of quality home raised animals or a comprehensive comprehension of what is going to happen to your animals when they are delivered to the processor. a must for all homesteaders. great illustrations. easy to understand. gives that you simply break down on all the cuts you should expect and reminder that it is important to get your collagen rich bones again for making your own broth. something i wish i had formed known before i took in my last pigs to the cpu. i did not get my back but you can wager i will next time thanks to Adam Danforth and his great book.

Tammy Sheets
Virginia, I have reviewed another publication in this series. In that review, I opined that almost all of us would also want to own this book. I purchased it. Adam Danforth offers the best currently available series on the create of professional butchering. I have been 'cutting in the kitchen' ever since Merle Ellis had a column on the subject and I also own his books. This is the 'next generation' look at 'how to' prepare and creature for the most gentle slaughter possible, how to 'do the deed' and how to break down a carcass into a variety of usable parts and never have to prepare the tendons and sinews and silverskin or some kind of greasy tissue you may think of as unwanted. The particular pictures here are 'first-rate' and they show the process in a creatively instructive step-by-step manner.

In case I thought that all my children and grandchildren would be enthusiastic about this exemplary look at where 'supermarket' cuts come from, I would buy everyone of them a set of Hersker Danforth's books. For my specific interests, this one on Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat and Pork and one on Beef addresses my 'waterfront. ', Beautiful detail, great information. I am buying Danforth's other publication on beef. You cannot go wrong buying this book. Amazing. Other butchery books just give you pictures. Some pictures are hand drawn and other books have detailed photographs (like Ryan Farr's Complete Beast Butchery, which is also a great buy). The great thing about Adam Danforth's book is as opposed to recipes he consumes the time suggesting why certain cuts of meat should be cooked at certain temperatures. Of course, that's not all this individual talks about. The chapter on sanitation and food safety is worth the price of the publication, in my opinion. I have purchased and used many books about butchery. Butchery by Adam Danforth is, I think, the best publication on the market., Got this from the recommend of others in a homesteading group... great helpful pictures, deffinately a must have for the at home grocer. As a visual learner this book would get 10 stars from myself if I could. Its also a great read with alot of helpful tips. Tried it to help with Chickens and Rabbits so far. Look forward to using for Goats and Pigs in the future. I have also applied some of the tricks for Deer., Awesome awesome book... i was able to use this book and butcher our own birds safely at home. This specific book is important for anyone who raises turkeys, birds, ducks, rabbit and other small game. Everything was so easily explained and the illustrations really help.

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