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This book is exactly what i needed. I've done the roller coaster of dieting feeling good, gaining weight feeling terrible... very rarely able to get rid of my " inner vit bitch". Lisa's approach of reflection and self-care are extremely insightful and relaxing. It makes the journey of the life time of feeling at peace with my body feel possible. This is a great book!!, Simple but really helpful., Love this publication it makes a great deal of sense and love the authors down to earth philosophy!, Loved this book. Easy ready and to the point, This publication is excellent. It takes on a much more alternative approach to weightloss, and really enables you to change your belief systems included in learning to live differently. I absolutely enjoy the fact that she encourages you to not eliminate anything from your diet so you don't feel deprived but that you look at foods different such as more often, less often, or rarely.
This is a really great book!, I don't know about you, but I'd pretty much satisfied for eating my 3 meals a day and throwing in a munch occasionally and dessert nearly all of the time because that's what we do. Period flies by and I'm not longer my high school weight. Heck, I'm not even my wedding dress weight after twenty six years of marriage and possessing a child.

I've generally been eating to make it through. For comfort. And, away of boredom. Can you relate? Please show me that you can relate. All that eating causes low self-esteem and comments from people like, " You're such a pretty lady, if you'd only lose weight". Because, that makes me want to fall a dress size, thank you very much. P. S. go mind your own business, busy-body.

In Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!, Lisa is the first person who I actually feel completely understands my relationship with food. You are able to tell she gets it with her subtitle - Relax, Ditch Your Inner-Critic B*tch, and Finally Determine Out What Your Body Needs to Thrive. YES!

Lisa promises you this: In this book, you'll learn how to be able to free from traditional ways of thinking about your mind and body and lastly give yourself permission to enjoy healthy and feel amazing.

The book begins with Lisa's own story. She isn't much different than most women. Young, married, working, mom, occupied, busy, BUSY. Until some day, she actually collapses. She started talking about how exactly not wanting to eat made her feel. Can you say, " You have to have a Snickers, Betty White? " How eating certain foods made her feel. Consider about how exactly you feel after stuffing yourself with your favorite meal. Me? Mine favorite meal ever is Thanksgiving holiday. My mother's Thanksgiving meal, to be more specific. I actually can eat and eat a second time without blinking an eye. And when I'm done, I actually. Am. So. Full! Exactly how is that productive? Possess I even enjoyed what I just ate or did I just stuff it in because it was there? That is a food obsessed response.

Lisa explains that our poor eating habits and unnatural food consumption is causing all sorts of illness. For her it was belly migraines. Yes, that's a thing. More and more we're learning our health starts (and ends) in the gut. Essentially, what we eat is causing illness.

I feel a work in development and i also know I'm not perfect. But I'm okay with that. ~ Lisa Lewtan

She helps the reader investigate their connection with food. By understanding why we want a specific food or why we are hungry. For example, when I'm really hungry, I actually start thinking irrationally and I'll settle for eating rice cakes. Yeah, that's really terrible and really hungry! If I really thought about my thoughts at that time, my sharp tongue with my family, and my irrational thoughts, I'd realize that I used to be famished and I needed to sit down to a good meal that will meet me and improve my mood.

I have to think about the next thing on the list - my triggers. Am i not eating credited to my thoughts (grabbing that pint of glaciers cream) or am I eating due to something proceeding on chemically. Or, like many people, eating due to a habit (but I really do love cake with buttercream frosting even if I'm not hungry). She helps us deal with the perfectionism that the world lets us know we need to model. Helps all of us deal with living like we already are perfect (because we are perfect just the way we are). And I could go on and on.

Let me just say, that Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed! is a good book. A really good publication. If you are struggling with unwanted weight or with food, you require this publication. If you eat, you require this book. If Lisa Lewtan gets me, then she gets you, too. All I can say is that this publication is the one and only book that has ever helped me understand my relationship with food.

I'm a product review blogger and I received this product in return for an honest review., When the title of this publication resonates at all with you, don't hesitate! Typically the book speaks to the core struggle of each and every female's life... and what to do about it! Genuinely loved this book because the author discusses her own stress and food obsession -- and what she did to take herself out of some dark spaces. She's recently been there... like we all have. Buy this publication on your own or for any woman you understand who is burning the candle at both ends (and eating it, too! ). Hope to hear more from Ms. Lewtan in the future!, **I received a free copy of the publication in exchange for an honest review**

Busy, Stressed and Food Obsessed! is helpful information for helping you split the cycle of your obsession with food.

This looks at the causes right behind your obsessions and shows you in six, simple to implement sections how to examine what makes you obsessed and to then eat too much.

Lisa has invested the last twenty years perfecting this guide, through a lot of trial and error, and believes that she has got it just right now, and is ready to share it with the general public. I assume that she has too.

The book is written in a simplistic manner, so that it is easy to follow, and if you need to dip in and out than it, you can. It isn’t about cabohydrate supply, calories, fats etc it is about helping you, in simple english, establish the underlying causes of your infatuation with food and help you break that design.

The book will show you what certain foods can do to your feelings, and how we can become captivated with foods : the number of make books, cookery shows, food pics on Instagram/Pinterest do not help.

At the conclusion of every section is an assignment that you should complete : don’t panic it’s absolutely nothing complicated, and won’t take you forever.

I personally will admit to becoming a little obsessed with food : I don’t crave dark chocolate (although I do like somewhat now and again), sweets, crisps, fried food. I do however have a weakness as it pertains to a decent piece of cake (not your superstore acquired stuff, proper bakery fresh made cakes), oh yea and Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate.

The book offered me an insight into why and how I actually should manage my obsessions, and I have never ingested a slice of wedding cake for the last week, although I did indulge in one hot dark chocolate, three days ago, but none since.

For those who are fed up of dieting, efficient etc and want to learn about themselves and the food they eat, this book is a must.

Reviewed by Stacey at Whispering Stories Book Blog

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