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I had heard, as I think all others has, that Enterprise Adventures was a favorite book of Bill Entrances and George soros. I go through the ebook, and am realize a print version may be forthcoming in Sept. 2010.

This book makes myself feel as though Now i'm sitting at the knee of my grandfather, listening in order to wise recollections.
A writer of content articles in the 1950's in addition to 1960, many for the New Yorker, the writer intelligently and thoughtfully methods through 12 events, one per chapter.

In the beginning I thought perhaps I had been particularly dense and had not been having the message. What kept these stories together? At some point, I realized that the author is not generating home a point, promoting anything, or giving guidance. His observations leave room for the reader to think about events, their connections, their particular parallels to today, the importance of character, and the question of morality in business. It was refreshing not to be told what to think.

I enjoyed the stories of Ford's Edsel, Piggly Wiggly, Photocopied, Goodrich vs Latex.

The chapter around the federal earnings tax is particularly appropriate, given the wide-spread discussion about taxes and modern conversations about the 1%.

John Brooks' perspective is usually firmly rooted in the past, when the publication was written, and gives readers opportunity for a new sense of omniscience since we can consider implications the author himself could not be aware of, at that time.

Times may change. Individuals do not., I go through this book because I liked the thought of a collection of New Yorker content articles from the 1960s in addition to because of Bill Gate's blurb (" John Brooks is an unbelievable business writer" ). And the finest essays in the collection are indeed excellent. Brooks are at his best when he will be able to tell stories through the experiences of any tiny number of people included, and when he can preserve an tone of detatched amusement as he describes points going wrong. Including the piece about Texas Gulf of mexico and advances in insider trading case law in addition to the piece about Piggly Wiggly and stock corners, and the piece on Goodrich, Latex and intellectual property law. The wholly (or nearly wholly) well intentioned pieces about the Ford Edsel and the history of Xerox were also superb. A couple of the pieces were, for myself, clinkers. Unless you possess a special interest in the subject matter, you may find yourself skipping the article about the history of the U. S. earnings tax and, similarly, the closing article concerning the 1964 devaluation of the Uk pound.

New Yorkers inside the 1960s were, perhaps, smarter than me. Brooks casually uses words like mulct (" to remove money from somebody through taxes or (especially) fines. " ), reticulated (" having the shape or even appearance of a web" ), gelid (" really cold, frosty" ), expatiate (" to speak or even write at great size on a topic" ), ukase (" originally, an edict from a Ruskies tsar having the pressure of law, now even more generally an arbitrary command" ), etc.

One could easily imagine how very much John Brooks could have loved writing about the violations of modern modern structure, including the 2008 corner that will Porsche ran on the shares of Volkswagen, or even about LIBOR manipulation by simply big banks, or Harbinger capital as well as disastrous investment decision in Lightsquared Inc., I just received this guide in addition to haven't finished it, nevertheless so far it is usually really fulfilling its high awards. Engaging and charming composing style, from another time, but nonetheless deeply relevant today. Easy to see why it's a new classic., A fantastic collections of some amazing business activities from the 1960's. Truly timeless in their appropriateness in a business circumstance. I highly recommended this particular book to anyone interested in business and ethics to a large diploma., Brooks is a excellent business writer. Gets quite indepth with the tales he talks about nevertheless is very entertaining and simple to hop around among chapters., A favorite of numerous business leaders numerous classic lessons for business people. Well worth a buy and read., Well composed, educational and entertaining. Of which more books were like here. Edsel was just an abstract word meaning " clunker" to me in addition to to learn the details of that fiasco was fascinating. Trivia like that the name " Xerox" had been supposed to suggest " Kodak" (two syllables that will begin and end together with the same letter) had been interesting. The tongue-in-cheek strengthen made me laugh at times—not loud laughs like when reading THE EXTREMELY MINUTE MANAGER, but fun nonetheless—and made the publication an enjoyable journey. I can see why Warren Buffett sent Bill Entrances his personal copy., Exceptionally well written tome of short stories covering firms, people and geopolitical activities in the mid 20th century. Great detail on each of those 12 typical business stories.

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