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This specific publisher (Adams Media) let Dave Canterbury down, and Dave admits that in his review of his own book. Because of ignorant editing, parts of this book are completely useless. Within the trapping section, there are not any pictures, diagrams, or everything to show how to set these traps. I know that Dave knows how to do these things because I enjoyed watching him or her on " Dual Survivor", but his stupid publisher cut out the diagrams, rendering this section COMPLETELY useless. I really hope that Dave finds a fresh, COMPETENT publisher for the next edition. Other reviewers properly pointed out that some reviewers gave high ratings to Dave Canterbury himself rather than truthful ratings of this guide. IMPORTANT THING IS THAT THIS SPECIFIC BOOK PROVIDES ALMOST NO INFO THAT YOU CAN REALLY USE, due to the ignorance of the publisher., So, I sat down with this book, some scotch, and one of my completely manly canines (read: Pomeranian). Then I actually surrounded myself with cutlery, snares, axes, saws, and other various implements of survival. After about a page and a fifty percent, I realized that this book was great. After two pages, I had been learning. After ten pages? I actually was making modifications to camping gear and even getting rid of some. Halfway through the guide I sprouted a brand new mountain man facial beard. Flannel sprang forth from my chest. and the scent of pine leapt forth from my skin pores. By the ending of the book I got constructed a fire, a lean-to, and was cooking a rabbit, all while in my air conditioned residing room.

If you ever before have any questions about bushcraft and survival in the wild, this guide is a great way to start (thus the 101). With that being said, if you're new to the idea, read this book before you start buying gear as you'll save yourself a lot of unnecessary expense, and you can start practicing a lot of what is in this book before you ever go outside the city., Just finished reading Bushcraft 101 cover-to-cover and overall We are impressed. Dave covers a variety of woodcraft related subjects, from tool and gear selection, to establishing up camp, to enjoying food.

In Part just one he covers the "5 C's" (Cutting, Container, Cordage, Cover, Combustion) in-depth. These types of are the items that will most directly affect your your survival and ability to maintain your core temperature outside. They are also the hardest to reproduce in the wild from natural materials.
2. He lists many different options for each and every category, historical and modern, and listings some pro's and con's for almost all of them. This individual gives his personal preferences for each, which usually favor sturdiness and long life over weight and price. Getting the best bargain, as it were.
* He addresses gear maintenance and repair which is nice.
* The knot section is well done, with clear illustrations. There are not really a ton of knots here, but the ones listed are multifunctional, and useful in many different scenarios.

If looking for an ultra-light walking guide you may want to look elsewhere, Dave does usually go a little tool heavy. But if you would like solid choices that will last for many years and serve you well, his advice are a great guideline. Also remember that they are just that, recommendations. If weight is a higher priority for you, and you want to choose a Sil-Ny tarp over Oilskin, go for it. If you need Titanium as opposed to Stainless (and can afford it), go for it. Your experience in the woods is owned by you, go with what will associated with time more enjoyable for you.

In Part 2 he gets more into the camping side of woodcraft. He covers matters ranging from how to setup your camp, navigating terrain, and trapping.
* The setting upward camp section is well done, with a lot of advice on the way to get the most enjoyment out of your time in the woods, and can help avoid many of the pitfalls that could lead to a negative experience.
* The navigation area covers Map and Compass use in-depth. He also gives recommendations about how to generate your own maps of your local area.
* The trapping section is great. He addresses several types of barriers, modern and primitive, and provide advice on placement and baiting to help you achieve the most success. This is a little of an advanced topic to be in a '101' guide though.

Some things that could be better:
* As others (including Dave) have stated, the book could use more illustrations and/or pictures. There are a great number of illustrations in the guide, but some of the sections like Trees and Plants would have been a much larger benefit with some pictures. Words alone can only go up to now, and a picture is worth 1000 of them.: )
2. Some sections could be expanded on a little more. They felt a little 'rushed', and not covered as deeply as they could be. For example Fishing is mentioned a couple times, but not really covered in depth. In many cases (if near appropriate water) fishing can be a much more reliable way for catching food than trapping.
* I actually wouldn't really label this as a 'survival' guide. While many of the matters covered could help in a survival situation, they are presented from the perspective of Wood/Bushcraft, camping, and just generally being comfortable and having fun in the outdoors.

A single thing to keep in mind here though is that this is a "101" book. It is an introduction, a 1er to get you fascinated and get you out and enjoying the outdoors yourself.

Overall I love the guide. For my experience I've been an outdoorsman my entire life. My parents had me out outdoor camping when I was only a week old more than 35 years in the past.: ) And I've been camping/hunting/fishing every chance I actually get since. I have also watched all of Dave's Youtube videos and am watch/read many others from the Bushcraft/Survival field as well. I have a real passion for this stuff. Actually with all that I actually still picked up some new knowledge from this book. It's good to get a different point of view on things to help in evaluating your own choices. I think this book deserves a place in any outdoorsman's collection.

-Dark Jester, book has proper cover & binding to be your tramping friend. loaded with useful info for the beginner and moderate bushcrafter. well written in easily understandable english my 12 yr old great nephew understands but a good book even the most experienced can learn something from.
this guide should be a obligatory read for any young adult prior to traveling lessons and hunting permit. the info it has could save a life.
it will probably be in every stocking i stuff this year., This guide has helped me so much in my desire to start bushcraft. I have used it each and every time I get a piece of gear, I actually look to see what the book suggests about that specific type of equipment.

It does seem to be pretty basic at times but it is an intro book in fact. I plan on buying the advanced bushcraft book since I actually enjoyed this one so much., Well written and easily understood. I would, however, prefer a few more drawings as much of the instructions would benefit from the improved clarity an image provides. Also, while most of the substance truly does apply at any bush adventure, a perceptive reader will notice the author's concentrate on Eastern American woodlands., Dave Canterbury is an outstanding teacher that has very competently and enjoyably covered a whole lot of ground in this guide.
Similar to any how-to book, especially one that is teaching the principles to follow in order to get the ending outcome, (rather than follow step 1 and then 2... etc) there are some areas where If only he would go deeper to the subject. But I also understand and respect the fact that his knowledge of many of these subjects could fill other complete books.
I see that Dave has carefully selected how deep to go so that he could leave the remainder up to all of us. It is our job to follow the path to reproduce the basic result, but also to have enough knowledge of the principles to be able to dig deeper after getting our hands dirty.
He even includes some recipes in the back of the book. How awesome is that?
Nice Work, Mr. Canterbury

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