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The particular writer gives an up close and personal view of Alaska and all their grandeur together with the sleezy undertones of the criminal component who would rape the land. What I particularly liked his explanation of flying there giving great detail to other pilots who understand his jargon of flying. It is a great escapist read and makes you want to make the trip for the experience of a lifetime. My only issue is that there are absolutely no pics for example here. What a better guide it would have already been had he given all of us pictures to illustrate beauty of this raw and fierce, ferocious and yet beautiful country. I still rate it at 5 stars, but the insufficient pics is a major disappointment.

The particular reviewer is the author of the new Kindle guide entitled: SEX EDUCATION REGARDING ADULTS SECRETS TO INCREDIBLE SEX
PLUS HAPPILY EVER AFTER TOO, This little jewel is one the actual few textbooks to be awarded 5 stars (by me, anyway) this year. I uncertainty it will appeal to a wide audience, but t was drawn into and engaged by this little collection of memoirs from the first page. 1 reason may be that l have a deep love of Alaska and visit when l can, even though my circumstances don't allow for a move there. Nevertheless , just because the subject involves a spot l love, it doesn't necessarily follow that all books that t read about the express are worthy of remark..... l have slogged through my share of stinkers!

I have tremendous respect for the bush pilots of Alaska (and other places as well). I will be a notoriously bad hazard, yet l have felt properly at ease with each bush pilot trusted with my safety and living. It must have to do with their attitudes.... they can mean the difference between life and death, a sobering responsibility considering the conditions under which these expert men often fly. Mister. Reynolds' aircraft of choice seems to have been Cubs in their various forms, while l have only flown in DeHavillands, which t admire greatly.

Mr. Reynolds has a lovely way of writing.... coherent, entertaining, sobering, plain and simple poetic on occasion, yet sensible and eminently readable. He comes across as a man which includes traits l enjoy.... candor, intelligence, common sense, humor, and fairness. Just someone l would enjoy knowing. Mr. Reynolds, you tell a great history, thanks for showing me personally., I just finished this guide for the second time. Required to absorb more of the smaller details. After retiring from the Alaska State Troopers over 20 years ago along with collateral duties as a pilot, a couple of the stories jogged my memory. Dorrie Reynolds gave these tales a more in level account of what occurred because he experienced them in person. It's something to relate stories from others, but it's something different to have lived them. The writer passed his knowledge in the area of safety when piloting a plane. Whether you are a pilot or a non pilot We am sure you will enjoy this guide. A great read. I look forward to the release of his next book., I read a lot and so We read a lot of low cost self-published Kindle fire books. Most of them aren't very good and many I never even finish. During these book there is usually lots of poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation but in particular the authors have bad writing skills.

Not so in this book! Get ready to be entertained from cover to cover. The writer writes a word picture that puts you in the plane right next to him. Great stories, well told with riveting the entire. I suppose the years of riding a desk and writing reports paid off in a great guide.

I could hardly input it down and was apologies when it ended. We wish it were part of a series. I'm ordering Beyond the Eradicating Tree as soon as I finish this review.

Appear flying stories or Alaska stories you'll love this guide!, I enjoyed his stories of working / residing in the "Bush". That is something I avoid think I would enjoy. But more power to him and people like your pet who can do it - survive - and enjoy it ( although I recently came across Inside the epilogue he did not retire there).
I really appreciated his stories when, a few days later, I happened across the National Geo TV channel where they were filming Alaskan Stare Troopers at work in many of the places he or she describes. Made it far more "real". Scary how TV makes it real. Really, the TV made his tales far more "real"., I obtained a true sense of actually being in the plane with the initial. The author really is aware how to describe things. I read almost all of the book with my Atlas turned to Alaska, so I could locate the mentioned areas. So it was very educational from a geographic stand-point and also the particular pilots must go through. It was a very smart presentation of what We believe to be a true story. I really enjoyed this guide., From a Bush Wing takes you right into the Alaskan backwoods. Reynolds paints detailed pictures of life in Alaska, with both its beauty as well as its hazards described vividly... and enticingly. I've experienced friends who fell in love with Alaska and never got over it; now I know very well what they noticed in Alaska. The author's a real story teller, and he's got plenty of stories to tell about Alaska's wilderness.

But there is more to the guide. I've got copious information on the author's techniques for undercover investigations, and I'd recommend the guide to any writer who wanted to know more about working undercover.

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