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Reading this article book was not without some inner cringing and some depression. There is a very evil aspect in this book, which all the main characters got to endure and package with over a 20 12 months period of time. The plot involves children, and it is challenging to read what the children experienced. Fortunately, the author didn't enter into specifics as to what the children put up with, but what my brain conjured up since the story unfolded caused me some distress. That being said, it was a very well written book, with good, strong characters driving the story line. It absolutely was just a difficult read to me, and I'll await awhile until I read another of her novels. It really is for that reason, We give it 3 superstars., I tried to browse the second book in this course, got a chapter or two in and decided to skip it and move on to this guide. Really happy I did, because I enjoyed reading this one. This book delivered back Michael, who was a lttle bit of a jerk in the first book, and gives him a little romance and a great deal of mystery. It's a mystery about along with children and the kind that grabs me and retains me interested. I liked Michael a lot better in this, enjoyed observing him create a relationship with Jamie and enjoyed the mystery (even if We called the ending one or two chapters into the book). An excellent mystery as I'm winding up my summer., Twenty years ago, a college bus taking nine children home from a field journey vanished. One child on the bus, Daniel Brody, is younger brother of Michael Brody. Michael was introduced in Hidden, the first book in the Bone Secrets series. He is powerful and spontaneous, as an investigative reporter so that as a man. His astute reporting has resolved innumerable cases but not the the one which matters most, what happened to his brother?

Two years after the bus disappeared, the only survivor, Chris Jacobs, emerged from in a bad neighborhood. From thirteen, he was badly beaten, emaciated, and close to death, with no memory of the atrocities that he had endured. His only memory about his nightmare is usually that the Ghostman do it. At 18, Bob goes into hiding out there of fear that the Ghostman will find and kill him.

The remains of the driver and the children, with one exception, are found by using an abandoned farm, eighteen years after Chris Jacobs steered clear of. The missing child is Daniel. Michael's parents do not have recovered from Daniel's disappearance at Michael's emotional expenditure.

While carrying the pain of his dysfunctional connection together with his parents, he vows which he will find out there the reason Daniel's remains are not with another children.

Michael's only wish is to find Bob Jacobs and question him about Daniel. Unfortunately, Chris' whereabouts is unknown. Michael's only lead is Chris' sister, Jamie who does not know where the girl brother lives. She convey with her brother by departing voice mails and he or she calls her back. Jamie has not seen him since he left home.

Michael has some leads as to where Bob lives. Michael wants Jamie's help. She cannot comprehend just taking off to find her brother until her house is ransacked and she is assaulted by a person the police believe may be the Ghostman. Worried that the Ghostman could find her sibling, she goes with Michael.

During their search for Bob, they discover their common attraction. The characters have their issues but are very amiable. Jamie and Michael are diametrical opposites. She requires an organized, non-spontaneous life. He is impetuous. Eileen quickly decides, nonetheless, that Jamie is the 1. Jamie adapts to Michael's lifestyle. But , it will take her a little longer to discover her thoughts for him.

Unfortunately, therefore of their search, mayhem develops. Eventually, the motive for the kidnapping and the people responsible are found out. The twists along the way are great and extremely unexpected.

The growth of the characters is believable and befitting. They all are able to heal in various degrees, as well, uplifting the viewer with the ending.

Hidden is a somewhat uneasy read, in the beginning, since children are involved. Yet , Kendra Elliot handles a horrible matter about the children with a light pen, not any easy task.

Although Buried is the 3 rd book in the Bone Secrets series, it is a stand-alone read.

I prefer to read books in a string in order. We would definitely recommend the first two books, Concealed and Chilled, respectively.

We highly recommend Buried to any reader who truly enjoys Romantic Suspense, that is, a balance between the two genres., this lady's books are amazing. I really enjoy them and already acquired the rest in the series.
already located one of the author's other series and will definitely read them as well. We buy the book and the audible narration as its great to listen closely to while working out there or on the drive to work.
so glad i found a new author I really enjoy.
Plenty of plot twists, impresses and suspense., Should you glimpse all the books in this series, the covers are obviously similar. While the artwork is enticing the story inside is less than.

This specific is my first publication by this author and I am not impressed enough to buy another. One of the things that grabbed my attention first in her writing was her overuse of "Christ" or "Jesus Christ" among many other key phrases but particularly that one. I am not a prude and I may mind slightly foul vocabulary in a novel. It adds some realism to the story. But Ms. Elliot has some issues creating separate and distinctive personalities among her characters. I find it hard to believe that every person has a "Christ" problem. I did a lookup and came up with that phrase 44 times in the book. 44 is quite a few. It's just incredibly repetitive.

The story is very elementary to me. While I appreciate the mystery encircling the missing children, who called the order and where is the missing brother; without spoiling the story for a viewer, some parts just escape reality. Specifically the last two missing boys.

Last but not least I had formed an even greater issue with the romance. It was fairly light which is fine, I am not out seeking erotica or anything; it was the unrealistic writing of a woman that stands out the most for me. We are not male. But We (and the solicited opinion of my husband) find it hard to believe that a man would stop to think about how he would like to spend the relax of his natural life with a woman while he has a couple guns trained on him while gazing at a man holding a knife to the woman's throat. The romantic feelings would be the furthest from my mind in a situation like that. Fear for the girl and myself would take over yet the figure in this book always has time to think about his future and powerful love her.
His passion interest is amazingly gorgeous, so much so that individuals on to. v. that catch a glimpse of her want to "tap" her, she gets the most stunning eyes that no-one else will surely have, her boyfriend loses all train of thought at the very sight of her, etc, etc, and so forth, on and on and on. This book screams female author and it repeats the same ol' and building plots that all these female mystery writers pump out there. The male perspective is far too feminine and exactly what I mean by that is the men seem to always be thinking what every woman would want them to think. Sorry but it's just not that way. I love thinking that my hubby is enamored with me too but I know that he certainly isn't thinking half those things these writers put in their books.

I don't recommend this book for avid secret readers. You will notice too many holes and weak points.

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