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This can be a very helpful book. However, it may not totally replace the help of a competent therapist or eating disorder specialist. The principles in this guide are true- that reducing contributes to bingeing and that a major key to hambre recovery is to follow a structured eating plan. Many sufferers of hambre will need help with root emotional challenges and there is no shame in asking for help from a real live person beyond what this guide provides. I do recommend this book to those suffering with bulimia nervosa., I can't tell you when my disordered eating really commenced because it was a gradual process, but it's safe to say it's been a part of my entire life since before the age of 16 and I am now 33 (the most severe from ages 26-31). I remember when I first started looking into recuperation because it was what I thought I should do, not what I wanted to do or was ready to do. I was flat away told in those days that if I didn't really want it, I shouldn't even trouble because it was going to be hard and I was clearly not ready for it. I continued with this way of life for a few more years. I avoid know very well what the final hay was, but I was finally done with my life revolving surrounding this secret. I started researching everything I could get my hands on about the subject. I discovered the bulimiahelp. org website and applied many of the strategies. It helped me offer with the initial bloatedness, introduced me to organized eating, and made me feel like recovery was possible. I made progress but I wasn't recovered.

Presently there were ups and lows and ideas that did not help whatsoever and things that helped a little. The progress was progressive. It was so progressive that I didn't really realize I'd made improvement. I recently commenced having a hard time again and I got really down about it. I felt like I'd tried everything and nothing was working. I felt out of options. I seemed there was no solution and also this was going to be a monster in my life permanently. About this time I obtained an email that this book was available. I put the thought in the back of my mind and didn't ultimately bite the bullet and purchase it until the next round of " slipping up. "

In order to be honest, there was not a lot of information in the book which i hadn't read before. Because I've mentioned, I put over every bit of recovery information I could from the beginning. I appreciated the fact that the information was all in one place and easy to read. I revisited ideas which i had overlooked about in the two years since I uncovered BHM. What I think this book really has been doing for me though is make me see the incredible progress I've made. Reading through the excerpts of other people's success stories and struggles reminded me of former obsessions that were no longer a problem for me. I've come Up to now, and I just did not realize it until I sat down and read this book. In reality, I was feeling almost hopeless because I thought I'd never recover, when really, I'm in the last stages of the recovery process. I'm never to the finish line yet, but I am now confident which i WILL get there by using the strategies presented in this guide., I have been struggling with EDNOS and self esteem issues for as long as I could remember. I have gone for help and read numerous memoirs a great number of times, in hopes that I would come across literature or a reference that would help me personally jump on a more healthy path. I am grateful to have found exactly that in this book! The Bulimia Health Method has given me insight into separating the issues I have with my previous and the issues I use with healthy eating practices in my present. I always thought one had to come before the other, but the Kerrs have written a beautiful guide that made me realize I can get healthy by treating my body the way it should be treated. Presently there are no demons I need to exorcise. I just have to be educated on what healthy habits are and trust them. This particular is the best I use ever spent!, Lastly, a book on bulimia that I didn't feel like I had to " extract" the relevant components and ignore the relax, for anxiety about believing all the stuff they say. Other books or articles on bulimia and my experience in therapy all appear to focus on curing emotional pain and building self-confidence, but since it's bad eating patterns that caused my self esteem to plummet it seems extremely backwards and futile to try to fix do it yourself esteem without fixing eating. By having clear, particular steps to follow, this guide provides a more practical and for that reason hopeful approach to recuperation. I'm still struggling with my eating disorder (my main issue is chew and spit disorder, but i would class this as a form of bulimia), but this book has given me more hope than anything else I have tried out. I'm going to carry on and fight, and i'm certain that the steps Ali and Richard lay down will allow me to achieve my goal and to come out of the finish a better, stronger, well informed person than ever., I cannot thank enough to Ali and Richard for their program align with their book. After so many expensive programs after programs, this is the only method it made it possible for me personally to regain my life. I never write a review but it just worth trying and i also avoid want people to stop trying their hope and want them to realize that a life you would never be even able to imagine will be waiting after Bulimia. Healing is possible. I started out this program as skepticism, of course, but I provided it the opportunity. It's alright to start from doubt, but trying may be worth, I have to say., I was unsure what to expect from a bulimia recuperation book when I have tried every last thing that I can think of on my own. From the beginning of the guide, I had been given clear, simple guidance how to restore and not manage this disease. This book offered a beacon of light in the darness of ED. With each web page, I felt guilt and shame leave my by and be replaced by hope and empowerment., fantastic book, read this starting to finish in one struck. it makes perfect sense! i am still digesting the information and processing it and am very enthusiastic about my own recovery using this powerful tool! i encourage anyone suffering from BN or any other eating disorder to buy this book and embrace the method outlined therein and take comfort in the shared encounters of others who have gone on this journey before us! i am very positive going forward and am enthusiastic about my future and what it keeps. thank you so much Ali and Richard Kerr!

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