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Excellent tie-in to the second book. It makes you crave for the next one.
Can not wait for the next book to come out, Worth the money and more. Simply a great read with plenty to savor even as a revisit great work.

A fan, An improvement over Book 2 and good writing like in Book 1. I used to be ambivalent about picking upward book 3 as I felt book 2 really didn’t move the tale forward.

Continuing right where Book 2 left off, the plot actually techniques forward and while the initial half drags a bit, we find out more on the armaments, the problem with Gwen gets resolved (finally! ) and what’s going on with Heaven with Dred.

Arthur is not nearly as whiny and is also more focused on getting his Contractor abilities back. Uncertain what the behavior change where he turns mean in the last chapter is all about - seems inconsistent with the rest of the book.

Enjoyable, now I will want to read the next publication.

Recommended., This is the 3 rd book in the Legendary Builder series and readers are in for a surprise. Arthur has awakened Lucifer and she has given him a selection but not a good one. Also, he needs to fix his sword, and he must go on a search for find the best person to fix it. But, Dred is conquering Heaven at a pace that is unforeseen, and Arthur’s compatriots may be next on his list. Among the things about this series that keeps me personally coming back is simply how great it is. I have to admit that while I’m not a big fan of LitRPG works of fiction, and while this isn’t quite one, it really does have a few things that are similar, but the plot is simply so much fun, I can’t help but read it. Mr. Cipriano is a fantastic article writer, especially in details, and I love his works of fiction. Sure, there were a couple of places I had to roll my own eyes, but I can ignore those places. Yes, as I’ve stated, the books are fun! If you’ve read the others, you will love this latest addition as I think it’s the best one yet. Recommend! Thanks to the author for the e-book which I reviewed voluntarily., And thus continues the story of Arthur, who even after two prior books of character developement has about all the backbone as an invertebrates. This individual keeps getting pushed around, from Buffy setting your pet up, to the dwarfs taking him for a ride. In a pursuit to save people who do their damnedest to keep him from saving them. Because when attempting to catch up to someone who has hundreds of years of a headstart and who comes dangerously near to being a villain sue having those who are supposed to support you constantly tell you that you need to step up your game before then acting as if they had all the time in the world and everything was a game is precisely what you need.

Specially when the villain is apparently capable to granted established story rules at large. From supposed restrictions on the armaments not to particularly needing them in the first place. Remember dear author, in the last book you told us Dred could not take heaven without an additional armament, then he did it anyway. The armaments were supposed to be restricted and for Arthur it won't work. Dred just makes it work effortlessly.

Dred is hailed as " putting in more effort", and " being stronger" than anyone. When from the backstory we know he basically got spoonfed almost everything. Some uniformity would be nice., It’s getting so much better lots of things you want in this next book, action romance lust yes lust and more ass kickery the series is simply ramping up I cannot wait for book 4 to ramp up. Thanks to the author for keeping up with the books good job, Inside this latest book in the Builder series, Arthur and his harem of fallen angels continue on the quest to gain The Armaments in order to defeat Dredd & The Darkness. There have been a couple of spots at the beginning which i found to be total change offs, but after those rough spots all of those other publication returned to the snarky, action packed storyline range I expect from this writer. There are some interesting twists that made me personally glad which i persevered in reading it. Definitely not his best work, but an entertaining fast read. I read an superior reader's copy in exchange for an honest review., *Sexual themes and sexual intercourse scenes in the story*

Lucifer, angel of pride, able to overpower Mammon is free. Instead of taking over or being the ultimate villain, she has just another demon who would like to get into the MC’s pants. Then the book is business as normal with the MC attempting to get all the magical armaments that the author is using to extend the series.

RPG mechanics are limited to a few item descriptions of the armaments he gets.

Felt like a replication of book 2. Publication 2, bad ass devil princess arrives, MC has to convince her to give him an equipment and her support, then at the very an even larger threat pop upward and then cliffhanger.

Publication 3 follows the same formula. It just really does it with multiple devil princesses this time. Yes, there are still humorous, action moments, but it felt like the same story. Plus this time there are fewer RPG mechanics.

Score: 6 out of 10 as fantasy tale. But 4 out of 10 for not being LitRPG.

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