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I got myself this book in this year. At the time, it absolutely was just about the simply thing out there to help a non-engineer hobbyist or woodworker seriously dive in to the project of building a CNC machine for typically the home shop. Used to do commence the process of building my own machine and got as far as eliminating all the MDF parts and obtaining some associated with the mechanical and electronic parts. But the additional I dove into typically the project, the more We came to understand that the knowledge of things just like Scalable Vector Graphics, G-Code, and of digital electronics in addition to computer-programming in general had been lacking, and in addition far exterior the scope with this book. I started playing around together with Arduino, C++ programming, analog and then digital electronic devices, a local robotics community, and another advanced diploma program, and I ended up putting this guide apart, but that is NOT NECESSARILY the fault of this specific book. CNC ended up upon the back burner while I pursued other projects, great I am back directly into it again.

Currently We am building an X-Carve machine and should get it running in a number of days. That caused me to go back in addition to re-read this book, in addition to to borrow several other people from the library, in addition to truthfully, despite some excellent advances in the home shop/hobbyiest CNC arena, this specific is still a quite good book on building and operating a COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL machine in your own home shop. Yet it is important to understand that learning to make use of a CNC machine, or any other high technological innovation endeavor is like old an onion, no one book is going in order to answer all your concerns or tell you everything you need to understand, and each thing you learn inspires several new concerns.

I view this book as a good summary of CNC. It will keep you using a clear understanding of how might be found job. It will provide an individual with instructions that a literate, mechanically inclined, person with an intuitive understanding of basic engineering principles may follow. It is NOT NECESSARILY a cookbook. You will certainly have to do added research, maybe even struck the library, the Intergoogler, or if your local maker space for extra help. But this specific book could possibly get you started out and allow you to definitely inquire intelligent questions when you develop a machine of your own.

I do hope of which Jim Kelly writes a good updated version, but this specific book will set an individual on your way if you really want in order to create a CNC machine., 1st I must thank the authors for putting this with each other. I think it has taken alot of time and energy to build this machine and typically the book that shows us all steps to make it. I'm also sure that they are not really getting rich using this either, but do it because they are passionate about it.

We have desired to build something like this for ages but just haven't completed it, but when We saw the article within MAKE magazine I has been inspired to buy typically the book and commence the project.

The companion website, [... ] is a huge help too.

The only criticism We have is approximately the technical details. You will find several insufficiencies, such as a full and accurate bill associated with materials, and several problems or ommisions on typically the drawings. You may download these types of things from the web site but there are many versions with contradictions in between them.

Were the authors to make changes, I would recommend that they include a section to typically the back of the book using a bill of substance, possibly with suggested websites where each item may be purchased, at the very least for parts that are uncommon. In this section I would provide a complete in addition to accurate set of drawings. Consider this a cliff notes section where those with associated with an engineering background or aptitude within this area could move and have all typically the information they need in order to complete the project. In the meantime, I'd clean up the website together with the contradictory material.

Getting said this, my complaints are minor and would, and have recommended typically the book to others., We echo what others have got said. This is a quick go through. I am also happy to say that We have built the device and it works. We have now cutting parts, producing engraved panels, and pretty proud of the coolest machine/power tool I have got ever owned soaking in the garage.

First I'll commence with the...


- Visit the websites typically the book recommends you visit.
- Likely to need to see the complete book. In fact I would recommend several times. If an individual are like me you'll inadvertently do this. So, cut once, measure 2 times, and read thrice. In the opposite order.
- You simply need to be a good woodworker once, then you can start cutting better parts. But "whoa to you" if an individual don't take care to square things up. The timber requirements (4x 24x48x. 75 MDF) are forgiving so you can re-cut pieces which you were careless upon.
- The particular total cost is closer in order to 1500$. You can nickle and dime your method through the structure in addition to you will with several trips to your local home improvement store, but typically the electronics invariably is an expensive buy. No making your way around it.
- In some of the chapters you will have to wing it at least you will sense like you are. Today, you do get a good explanation of what in order to do... but the custom made measuring is going in order to be entirely up in order to you.
- If you aren't buying custom ACME/Hi-Lead screws through somewhere... just go right to the 1/2" 13TPI threaded rod deals from your home improvement store. You may use smaller sizes, but you shouldn't.

My particulars:

I was able in order to build my machine within about 2 months. We found many used things that were required like the computer, monitor, Craftsman chamfer bits and router upon craigslist. I didn't have a very table saw... so We created a circular noticed jig which served me well. I didn't have got a drill press... and so i eyeballed it. When We had the machine develop I was in a position to make parts and cut products completely with open source software. Cpanel EMC2, PyCAM, and HeeksCAD. Regardless, my machine functions. It really really does work. It's as cool when i thought it would be. This book helped me 百分之九十 of the way.

The particular book:

It really really does explain how to develop a working CNC device from the ground upward with wood, bolts, in addition to fairly common items. It can not the latest DIY model. There are simpler and probably better techniques to skin the felines this book skins... but those ways are more costly. You should no uncertainty investigate those options. Become informed. However, if an individual need to get accustomed to a CNC machine either because of budget or time or because you just like to do things your self... this is the book for you... this is typically the machine for you.


- You should be able to read, examine, and study pictures.
- You need to be somebody who is able in order to push through the very last 10%. Several times. There will certainly be times where an individual wonder what have We gotten myself into in addition to the fog will come down upon you before an individual know it. STOP! Move back and read. After that keep building.
- You should enjoy the web videos of typically the author building the device in his living room and bathroom for motivation.
- You should have a humble set of tools within your man cave in addition to know how to utilize them. Safety glasses, masks, T-square, measuring tape, screw motorist, socket sets, clamps, noticed. Power versions of resources are better if an individual are of an inpatient humor.
- You should be able in order to keep your eye on the prize. A working CNC machine associated with your very own.

The particular book:

The book is well written, there are some inaccuracies (basically you must appearance on the internets for your errata notes and a good updated shopping list), there exists humor throughout, and well-timed recommendations to read typically the entire chapter/book before an individual begin (already! ). This barely covers what an individual need to know regarding CAD, CAM, and typically the electronics... but while an individual are waiting for parts to arrive in typically the mail you can look close to the net and make use of that time to acquire yourself accustomed to what is available. This book is about building the machine. This machine. Which is now ubiquitously called in the community the "book machine".


I purchased the kindle version. Nevertheless, in hindsight, I probably should have bought typically the paper book version... because I could have experienced it out inside the garage area with me. I has been too worried about having my kindle all MDF particle dusty. However, together with frequent trips back directly into the house to double check things on the kindle fire... I was still able in order to build the machine with typically the kindle version. I would recommend this specific book and the device that you could ultimately build through it.

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