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This guide is basically Mark's free blogs smooshed together into an e book you can pay for. I possess no problem with a blogger finding ways to earn cash on his work but you should know that going in to your buying decision.

The majority of of his empire building experience seems to be in the years following the casing crisis in a market that is very beneficial to rental property customers. This book could easily be called, " Just about all my free blog articles put into a book you can pay me for about why you should have committed to Colorado real estate following your housing collision when everything was dust cheap and there was a ton of money to be made". Despite the fact that he talks about his strategies as if he's learned the golden goose that will keep laying those eggs indefinitely as long as he keeps growing in the corn nourish, it's clear his success is largely based on favorable market conditions. Within fact, the tiny bit of reading I've gone back and done on his blog shows that he's having to change his strategy now as it's no longer working after casing prices rose but rent didn't.

I'm giving it about three stars because the information is valuable but much of it is no longer relevant until we see a market shift., Very helpful, mostly common knowledge of everyone in the business, purchased it thinking I was gonna learn a lot of stuff, found out my father had already trained me practically everything I read in this book. Very good to see if you don't already know a lot about real estate. Several good methods of the trade that I did pick upward on though., I started off reading a few of Mark's article on investfourmore. com and i also really loved the content he was putting out. I liked how his content had real value and specific details pertaining to real property. From there I knew I had to buy his book " Create a Leasing Property Empire" in order to actually understand how to build wealth in real estate. This book surpass my expectations! Mark covers all topics in relation to creating a rental empire. He explains why this individual believes rentals are the best investments, keys to successful investing, how to assess and run REAL amounts of owning a rental, different types of rentals you can buy, clever ways to finance or commit with little money down, and much much more. I really like how this book is assembled in a cohesive manner and directly to the point, you won't have to dig through a lot of fluff... it's all excellent material. This book is a must read for anyone interested in building true wealth through rental properties., Repetitive, sometimes a little basic, but a good read and a good primer for folks which may have never thought before about going into the rental business. This guy FOCUSES on single family residences, and explains why he does so. I purchased it for the financing ideas because that is where my bottleneck is. It was helpful., Very interesting perspective compared to most real estate writers. The majority of the books I read you do not have the Realtor side of things also it was a breath of oxygen seeing the other side of it. I especially like the fact that this individual emphasizes buying deals that get him equity very early on and protect him from down swings on the market., As a newbie or novice to the real estate game, reading this book really makes me personally want to dive directly into the potential possibilities that Mark has shared. I would LOVE to be able to BUILD AN EMPIRE! I always say it ain't over till you in order to last breath. Thus to me being in my 40's... won't tell you how old exactly, I am willing to try Mark's ideas over anyones else at this point. I was even considering joining one of those real estate association organizations. Actually I came across this book more informative then wasting my time being out classed, out financed and out witted by the best leagues at these associations. I purchased this book before I ever received an additional email from Mark after stumbling onto his website, investfourmore. com. I would DIRECT anybody that wants to get included in real estate or that even wants to collect research like I'm doing to begin with this book 1st!!!! I would love to get my hands on any of the 2 new books that Mark has published. Best book, most sage advice, best knowledge. Is actually even better the " Insider Trading" but it's ALMOST ALL legal. Thanks Mark and keep up the work!, I own some real property and considered knowing the majority of the secrets of the pros, until I picked up Mark's book from Amazon. com. He has 2 great chapters in there how to Finance real estate which were eye openers. Great job and I would recommend this book to everyone out there ready to buy or even thinking of buying real estate., This book is precisely what every real property investor needs to get started out or continue on the journey to financial flexibility. It really is packed with practical tips how to find real estate deals, finance them and manage them. Mark covers so much; you definitely need to see this more than once. I suggest this and Mark's fantastic podcast if you are interested in building your own rental empire. Great read!

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