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Not long ago i had the chance to interview Timber Hawkeye for our Inspire Nation Show also to discuss his Buddhist Boot Camp book and he did not disappoint.

Buddhist Boot Camp is simple, it's easy to read, it's enjoyable, and each page, each topic, each entry is fun... or dare I even say, delicious? It's like mindfulness candy. On each web page is a brand new parable or lesson on how to live simply, fully, with increased meaning, more presence, plus more peacefulness.

I love this guide, and think it's a welcome additional to anybody's desk, or coffee table. Note, maintain it in close by and reach for it daily. No matter what page to turn for, you'll find something beautiful to reach... reminders or lessons which help you simplify, breathe easier, live better, and bring more joy into your life!, I like the truth that it offers 1 or 2 page chapters which make it fine for a quick idea jolter before meditating. I believed some of what he said was a bit too much of just his opinion, although he stated as fact. Continue to, really worth having., I am Buddhist, but I am definitely not a Buddhist scholar. I found this book to be a good primer for many of the basic concepts of what it means to live and think like a Buddhist. Several reviews speak to how it is " oversimplified", but I do believe it conveys what Mr. Hawkeye intended, which is mainly to get people to think about their lives a little; to prevent and look at and consider handling a situation in a way they hadn't before, the way a Buddhist would. I enjoyed reading it and see myself reading it several times over, because the first time through, I identified many things that spoke to myself, but I seemed, " I need to see the actual rest of the book says". Now, I want to go back again through and spend more time considering each of those things, because they are a good reminder of how I want to live living., I bought the Kindle edition a few months ago but only now finished reading it while waiting for my doctor who is running 3 hrs behind. It could not have come at a more opportune time.

I had developed a bad weekend break dealing with family and their lack of conforming to my ideals. I felt overwhelmed having to do several things by personally while others just was idle. After keeping peaceful for some time I became livid and indicated my anger in a shouting manner.

The theories in this book have enlightened my view on how I deal with situations in my life and in working with others.

I cannot say thanks to Mr. Hawkeye enough for writing this book and sharing his activities and beliefs. I will be confident that my life changes for the better and I will find inner peacefulness regardless of what others do around me.

I suggest this book., I have read many textbooks on spirituality which is by far one of the best. Everything is laid out in very simple, short chapters with clear messages. Nothing is so " new" or odd that you have to spend time wrapping your head around it. Personally i think like it was all stuff I already knew, but just explained to me in a manner that I can truly apply them to my life. This book is like a reminder of the way to live a more meaningful and happy life. It is not hard to read which is my number 1 reason for recommending it. I find that many other books on spirituality can be hard to understand and too " flowery". I love the brief chapters so even if I only have one or 2 minutes to read, I can get through a chapter and feel renewed. Definitely recommend this!, Although a instead small book, it is filled with so much. At this point I do believe it is a beautiful starting point for more pursuit. Love all the quotes scattered throughout the guide. I want to say thanks to mcdougal for his thoughtful and considerate explanations for those of us who find Buddhism slightly overwhelming. I would call this book a useful handbook for mindful dwelling., "Buddhist Boot Camp, " by Timber Hawkeye is a beautiful hardback guide that is compact and ideal as a perfect present for all those you know, love, and/or care about. If you are feeling lost, stressed, out-of-touch, or suffer with PTSD... this book can be an especially endless source of solace and peacefulness for you, and providing strength. As the writer notes, this book is not religion-based; you can be any religion (or religion-free) and be able to fall into these webpages.

If you are not sure if this guide is a good fit for you, do your quick favor and Google his TED Talk (in another window so you won't lose your spot here). After you listen to his (Tedx Honolulu) information, you will gain a succinct summary of which, in part, his guide is based. "Be grateful. " Do yourself a favor; keep his guide close by every day, watch his Ted Talk often, 'friend' him on Facebook, and keep practicing the seeding of good thoughts and actions.

I want to note that there is no synopsis which could completely encompass how truly far-reaching and uplifting his message which book are, so please, if you must, take a leap of belief, do yourself a adoring favor and order this book. Changing and bettering the quality of your life commences with one small step; will you keep in mind that if I tell you that this is a step in the right direction?, A good easy read. Read it in one night, but will read it repeatedly. I had many " ah ha" moments, and related to many situations. Lots of " pearls". Will share the guide with friends... but not merely yet!

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