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This guide is a very helpful introduction to Buddhism. The particular author made sure to make clear things clearly and carry on and define words through the complete book, just to help the reader stay on track. It provided a great overview of traditional Buddhist viewpoints and beliefs, and answered virtually every initial question We had. It is simple to read and easy to understand, and helped explain many points that often cause confusion. We would highly recommend this book to everyone who is considering learning more about Buddhism., EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE!!! Perfect for the beginners. I love this publication so much. Common Sense and works within our daily lives, I don't see how EVERYONE should not become Dharma. I am proud to be reading this book, if someone asks me personally at the gym what am I reading We proudly show them. Many want to know if this is how I am so calm being a military wife (husband always gone), 4 kids (little ones) and always so positive. I tell them, it will help: ) The relaxed state and meditation does help. I strive to always stay positive throughout my days and not grumble about LIFE. I was a changed woman because of this book and I would read it OVER IN ADDITION TO OVER AGAIN!, This publication is just what I was hoping for! It's written in understandable vocabulary, and is not packed with 20-letter words! It's exquisite for the newbie (my friend is one), and may not cause your pet to get discouraged before he gets through the first chapter! Oh, and I received it way before the estimated shipping and delivery date, which I was thrilled about! Thank you, and Namaste!, I acquired this book because We wanted to learn about Buddhism. I had questions, and this book included them all. It even covered questions I did not have. Once We was done reading, We was left with a few questions which were produced from just reading. Which the great thing about learning. This book influenced me to dig further. I already knew that this book might have a Tibetan twist to Yoga because it says downright that the author is a Buddhist nun that follows the Tibetan tradition. Simply put, I was not surprised nor disappointed to find out that I was right. What's wrong with that, though? It is not designed to answer every question that can be asked, the goal is to provide information for someone that is new to Buddhism. This specific book did exactly that.

Anyone that knows practically nothing about Buddhism should start here. There is a lot to learn and this is a great spot to start. Just do not make it your last stop. I started out here and moved on to Budhism Plain & Simple by Steve Hagen, personally.

Expect to have a few questions when you're done. Anticipate to feel like there is more to learn. The truth is, there is. That does not mean this book should be overlooked. It is simply a great spot to get started the search., Great product. A+++++Service. Thank you, I am on Chapter 7 of this book and I was struggling to get through it because the good examples and writing leave a lot to be desired. It is almost written in a child like manner and I appreciate the simplicity but sometimes the author loses focus and make sense. Chapter six especially makes little sense in my opinion. I find personally zoning in and out there while reading it and I am not experience much inspiration in the written text. I just read  Buddhism Plain and Easy   which is beautiful and poetic. We would recommend that publication over this.


We updated my review to 4 stars because this book answers questions many other books don't. Some of it is actually good to know and essential. I recommend it for getting answers to some oddball questions or even common questions one could have. Since always the only que incluye is the writing style., I was looking for a good beginners book on Yoga. I obtained really over-whelmed at all of the selections. But this one by Thubten Chodron is a great choice to me. This is a very easy read and it is plain and also to the point language. We was able to get a good insite on the practice of Yoga. I will certainly look for more writting by Thubten. I would recommend this book and the seller., This book is a great introduction or refresher for anyone considering Buddhist philosophy. I have been practicing for several years, and used out my original backup of this book, so I had to purchase a new one!

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