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An excellent translation of an extremely important variety of suttas. Gil's commentary points to many important nuances that could be missed in a single reading of this collection or missed if one is not fluent in Pali., Great food for thought about the Buddha's teachings. Deceptively simple, yet it completely overturns the great majority of religions' (Buddhism included! ) claims to the "truth".

Gil does a great job explaining very much of the Who, When, and Where's of the guide isn't really known. Having said that, he provides context for the writings and brightens the more esoteric ideas by relating them to other common vedic ideas that were going swimming at the time.

I found the book to be both facsinating on a scholarly level and uplifting on a personal level. Definitely worth a read!, Good!, worth perusing, but excessive historical detail, to me, tended to detract from the whole of the effort., Fronsdal's book brightens the core of the Buddha's teaching by masterfully explaining this key earlier text, & how it contrasts with other texts from the Pali canon. Highly recommended, particularly if you want to understand the Buddha's method without the layers of supernatural & metaphysical thought it offers gathered., This book is a brand new translation of the " Book of Eights, " a collection of quick poems from the Buddhist Pali canon. The poems have an easy message: that the Buddhist sage achieves inner peace by not clinging to anything at all -- not even to religious and spiritual doctrines. Appropriately, the poems exhibit little or no doctrinal baggage about karma, rebirth, the Four Noble Truths, the supernatural powers of the Buddha, etc. Instead, they offer a extra, gem-like, and eloquent picture of what human liberation looks like. The comments by Gil Fronsdal does a great job of placing the poems in the context of Indian culture in the Axial Era. Fronsdal thinks it's likely that the poems get the original early teachings of the Buddha, but this individual admits that we can't know for sure because the chronology of the canon is obscure. This guide is excellent but complete newcomers to Buddhism shouldn't take the poems as the final term on the religion., This is an outstanding guide. The Atthakavaggo Sutta is considered by many Buddhist scholars as one of the oldest texts of the canon. It lacks almost all of the doctrine put into the canon by later monks. Although you will never know very well what the Buddha actually taught, it is possible to surmise it from the earlier works. Mister Fronsdal's commentaries of the sections of this sutta provide us with excellent teachings how to live the Buddha's way. I believe the book is focused to those of all of us who are Secular Buddhists, buying a way to live on the current life without all the speculation and make-believe of Religious Buddhism. In case you want to think for yourself, try on Secular Buddhism. If you want to expand your understanding of Secular Buddhism, read this book. Right now there is much good in it., Great writing of short, crisp, concise Buddhist proverbs that does not disappoint after reading Gil Fronsdal's excellent translation and commentary on the Dhammapada. I only wish that the book contained a little less commentary of the modern Buddhist viewpoints this individual provides and let the pithy, poetically rhythmic words stand on their own. Otherwise, wonderful early Buddhist scripture.

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