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So many people are most familiar with Tezuka through his 1960's anime Shows, Astro Boy or Kimba, the White Big cat as those are the works that received the widest world distribution. All those shows were inventive with strong references to Disney but also a jarring sense of anarchy. Several of Tezuka's manga reports are the same plus he frequently breaks the fourth wall especially during scenes of high drama with goofy comic slapstick or having his figures tear up the amusing panels to express rage. What I found amazing was that unlike others authors Tezuka didn't feel that he needed to change his style when dealing with the story of Buddha and this takes some getting used to. In later volumes Tezuka actually places himself into the story questioning the liberties he is taking.

After I received beyond the anachronisms (characters referring to modern products) and the attempts to use modern idiom (example: the use of the phrase "my peeps"), it was hard to put the guide down. In fact I actually read a volume per day. Tezuka draws the way he feels like and that means that the characters range from traditional semi-realistic manga to Western comic style to pure Disney (especially the crocodiles) all against realistically attracted backgrounds. The female figures are almost always drawn half-naked, just like Indian sculpture and paintings as a result period. This may be a little hard for the Western senses to have semi-naked women included in serious spiritual discussion but that's our problem not the story. The dialog is in the percussive manga style nevertheless the ideas of Buddhism are available and you could follow the road of Buddha's conflicts as he or she reaches his final viewpoint., I possess just finished reading the whole series for the 3rd time. I was always amazed how Tezuka managed to produce a guide about Buddha which is funny, touching and without pandering for religious groups. This is just the amazing trip of a man to find within himself the promise of peace and self preservation.
Tezuka has made the book very witty, and even adlibs here and there with funny figures. If you want to add some variety to your reading, this ultimate series by the excellent master of drawing, server scripting and framing, Osamu Tezuka is strongly recommended.
Just read it for fun, without too much of an expectation, or looking to find flaws in the guide, since it is associated to a man that becomes enlightened and starts off a faith. Tezuka does not proselytize. Having been at the finish of his life, when writing this series, so he could give a flying fuck. The series is fresh, and has some purity into it, a quality that is so hard to find these days... I'm sorry if the review sounds very one-dimensional, but I had not read anything by Tezuka, and this series was one of the best comic book series I possess ever read., Not that much about Buddha. Lots of filler about other people and beings., Top notch artist. Inspiring story. Great comic book that has the ability to reach into the depth and pull something profound away of something ordinary. I actually found mgself reading and rereading simply because I actually wasn't sure how Tezuka had pulled the rabbit out from the hat.

Not so much a historical account as it is an in-depth look at Buddhist principles and beliefs. Tezuka doesn't focus so much on the life of Buddha, but rather on the people, places and drama that surrounds Siddharta as he struggles gaining, receiving, and teaching enlightenment.

I actually highly recommend this course for anyone interested in either comics or Buddhism., We've been reading the eight quantities from beginning to finish in our Tezuka fever. Buddha certainly seems like a major work and I actually would recommend it both as a dedicated approach to the figure of Buddha and as traditional of storytelling. But Buddha is most importantly pleasant to see Tezuka establishing a number of his most irreverent and private jokes, interwoven in story.

However, given the subject it lacks the sensationalist and gripping (if repetitive) taste of some of his one large serialized volumes such as MV or the Épigramme to Kirihito. Buddha is published in English in 8 volumes and things really take condition towards volume 3 or 4, and become quite amazing in conditions of the medium towards the ultimate part. If you are not in for the entire ride I'd probably recommend other works from him or her., I will be Buddhist, so I actually might have a biased viewpoint about this series. I actually honestly am not a huge comic book/manga fan, but this series caught my interest. I ended upwards purchasing the whole 8 guide series and very much enjoyed reading them. These books aren't for young children, as there is obviously adult themes, language and drawings of violence and sex in them. These books are not for individuals looking for serious Buddhist dialogue either, nonetheless they are fun and a new and interesting way to view the life of the Buddha. I originally got them for myself and can keep them to share with my children when they get in the mid to past due teens. They are really worth a read and I actually recommend them to all interested in the Buddha's life, but from a fresh and not so serious point of view., interesting read from Osamu Tezka.

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