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This particular battle has always recently been of great interest to me so I read whatever I can on the battle and, of course, watch both of the old films, Zulu (1964) and Zulu Dawn (1979), at least yearly (btw great films! ). James Mace gives one a education on the fight while also being amuse by his delightful story. It's a true and sad tale of politics and power, empire and arrogance. And, what is more shameful is the cover up by Full Victoria and Prime Minister Disraeli afterwards. It was an e book that I failed to want to end and wanted to hear more and more details of the people involved. That leaves one with a bad taste for many who must have been identified such as Capt. Younghusband were not while those that were, for example Coghill and Melvill, received much more than their due and those villains that should have recently been held responsible, namely Lord Chelmsford... well, nothing occurred to him due to his position. It's a great read and even 100+ years later the questions and debates continue. You'll definitely be entertained... and educated., Rarely been so realistically put in events as I was with this reading. It is an absolutely brilliant depiction of the actions and the people within them. I truly felt as if I had not been a lot reading about it all compared to if We was being a part of it. Indeed, when it was over, We felt like one of the survivors.
Well done, well done, indeed!, James rekindled my long lasting desire for the Zulu Wars. From your videos " Zulu" sometime later it was " Zulu Dawn" the period was always fascinating to me from a military perspective. James attacked the subject with his usual tough and gritty soldiers perspective. Regardless of whether you were a Both roman Legionary or a contemporary Time Soldier, he has just one way of capturing the soldiers way. His historical detail is always spot-on. He weaves the storyplot between both sides of the conflict effortlessly. The book was a pleasure to read and it's really now peaked my interest to read further on the subject also to await the next two books in the series. To comprehend a soldiers life... you need recently been one. From one enthusiast to another..... keep writing these kind of books. A great read and highly recommended., I am a history enthusiast and especially enjoy reading about conflict and foreign intervention through the 18th, 19th and twentieth centuries. This book was extremely well written since the time put into study and research of the Anglo Zulu conflict pays off for the reader. Mister. Mace you wrote a gem. Many thanks!, I'm very glad that the historical records are being restored regarding colonialism in Africa. We am equally glad to see the valor of soldiers and warriors pictured so positively. A cautionary tale of the frequently calamitous intersection of motive and opportunity., Interesting publication in regards to a historical period that is an interest to me personally. Well written, good details, and has human interest stories., Enjoyed this publication, pumped up about the next one in this series. A history of South Africa is fascinating and this fight is an important part in the story. In case you like military history, you will love this book., You know how it ends basically, but the creator does a real good-job of so that it is interesting.

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